Furcifer - Image Hosting Addon For Palleon WordPress Image Editor

Furcifer - Image Hosting Addon For Palleon WordPress Image Editor

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Furcifer is a Palleon add-on and it requires Palleon to be installed and activated.

Furcifer allows your users to access their Imgur accounts directly from the Palleon WordPress Image Editor.

Seamless Integration With Filestack

Filestack’s File Picker, which not only allows you to upload files from your local computer but it also integrates with the most popular social media networks, like Facebook or Instagram, commonly used storage solutions like Google Drive or One Drive and stock image providers like Unsplash.

Creating a Filestack account and using the API is free. Free account comes with 1GB bandwidth, 500 image uploads and 1GB Filestack storage. You can upgrade it to a paid subscription. Click here to view Filestack pricing page.

Seamless Integration With Imgur API is a popular image hosting and sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view images, GIFs, memes, and videos.

Since Imgur is a free image hosting platform, you can use it to store images of you and your users without worrying about server fees!

Your Personal Image Library

Once logged in, users can view all their Imgur-hosted images directly in the Palleon WordPress Image Editor. Users can also upload their images to Imgur, edit image details, and easily create public posts on

Creating an Imgur account and using the Imgur API is free. But the Imgur API uses a credit allocation system to ensure fair distribution of capacity. Each application can allow approximately 1,250 uploads per day or approximately 12,500 requests per day. If the daily limit is hit five times in a month, then the app will be blocked for the rest of the month. The Imgur API also limit each user (via their IP Address) for each application, this is to ensure that no single user is able to spam an application. If you need higher limits or planning to use the API commercially, you may want to consider switching to the commercial API. To do that, you must subscribe a plan on

Album Manager

Users can view, edit and edit Imgur albums, create new albums or delete existing albums directly in the Palleon WordPress Image Editor. Albums can be shared publicly on with just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Free Image Hosting: Store images of you and your users without worrying about server fees.
  • Upload Your Images To Imgur: Easily upload your images to Imgur directly from the image editor.
  • View & Update Image Info: View and update image titles and descriptions. Copy the image URL in one click.
  • Organize Your Albums: Easily organize your Imgur albums. Create a new album or delete an existing album with one click.
  • Share on Imgur: Share your publicly viewable images or albums on
  • Powered by AJAX: AJAX allows asynchronous updating of the data and improving user experience and site speed.


Which File Formats Are Supported?

Palleon WordPress Image Editor only supports JPG, PNG and WEBP files. Other file types such as GIF, MP4 etc. are filtered in search results.

Can I replace WordPress Media Library With Imgur or Filestack?

Yes. You can restrict access to your WordPress media library from Palleon settings. Then, Imgur will be the default image library.

Can I Use Furcifer Without Palleon?

No. Furcifer is a Palleon add-on and requires Palleon to be installed.

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Version 1.1 November 01st, 2023

Filestack integration
Updated documentation
Updated language file (.pot)