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How to embed the project with existing project in android studio ?



i face this problem “No implementation found for boolean” BASS.BASS_Init(int, int, int)

kindly advice


Dont change anything with package name u4seenbass

Hi.. I need some help. I’ve sent the detail to dotrungbao@gmail.com..

check email

When running the code does not work, what is the solution? (Eclipse)

OK , I’ve sent you the APK in your email

check your email please

Let give me account and password of teamviewer.DO you ever use teamviewer ?You only give me id.WHat will i do?

Hi there Great documentation by the way one of the best ive ever seen. Im facing an issue when building apk i get 99 errors “package R does not exist” “cannot find symbol class R” could i have some help with this.please.

You used wrong way to change package name.That why it has too much errors

I followed the documentation are you able to fix that and send source back to me?

How do i give you a rating i cant seem to find any option?

Can you share the voices you create ?

of course man.you can share it ij gallery of app or when you created done in effect screen

Hello bro ! i Don’t see any banner or interstitial ads in demo apk !

if you buy i will edit for you.it is too easy

I will buy it but i don’t need interstitial to show when you quit the app and when you play it immediately

no problem bro.let me know when you want to show ad


Is it support android 6.0 (marshmallow)? And has support android studio 2.2 ? Thank you

support android 4.0 and up

Hi I found a lot of error like 1- “Error:(132, 17) error: getColor(int) in DBFragmentActivity cannot override getColor(int) in Context overridden method is final” 2- “Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:compileReleaseJavaWithJavac’. > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.” and more … I have tried a lot I did not find the solution please help me

Thank you I will be waiting for you

give me your email, i will invite you to download newest source code.If not you can wait codecayon to see update.I will update code it to codecayon now

I sent it

Hi, great app there. I have a question, how are the effects applied in code? I’m asking because I want to develop an app I saw on iOS and it’s not on android but I don’t want to start from scratch. So I wanted to know if it is possible to add extra effects or copy one and manipulate it.

i want to add more voices woman ,Duck , Child …. and other effects how can i do that , it would be better if you can make this update , and i’ll bonus you ..

PLs update a new voice effect

how to add privacy policy ?

why privacy policy.you should add it on playstore

Hello, thanks for this great work

Please review this project https://codecanyon.net/item/voice-changer-pro-with-material-design-and-admob/19541789?s_rank=6

I this he stole your work

thanks for supporting.i will report codecayon

Please Sir Check Problem App Stop After Recording Voice ” https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muskantechproductions.voicechangerfun

ok man i wil review it

Buying this template, will I have access to the native code? C or CPP?

I realized that your code uses a native library written in cpp. Audio effects are processed by it. Do I have access to this? Can I add new effects?

I realized that your code uses a native library written in cpp. Audio effects are processed by it. Do I have access to this? Can I add new effects?

I am using library which i bought, it is powerfull library for audio processing so you can not access CPP, i am also selling app with 40 effects , if intertesting, let call me

I Buy Voice Changer From Here And I Am Using Android Studio And I Add Admob Setting But Ads Not Showing Now What I Do ?? Please Tell Me Setting For Admob ?

give me code i will fix in next week for you to see what happen

yes i send you code on email …

ok bro i will check for you

Can you add more voice effect in this app?

Hi, i’ve purchased ur app a while ago. Now i;d like to add some new effects. As far as i’m concerned it’s about manipulating the 4 values, i.e. pitch, rate, flanger and reverb. Is there a description concerning values scope which may be assigned to the give ‘variables’? Moreover is there a way to test out some new custom mixed effects without having to debug the app, like an external audio editor?

Regards, Jakub

Yes, i will add it in next week.Please wait to see

Hi, can i still count on the update for the problem with user-friendly permissions handling?

sorry, i am too busy, it will send you code tommorrow, give me your email

I’m very interested. Kindly reply to this comment if new update has been released, thanks!

we will update for android 6.0 and 7.0

We have updated for android 6.0 and 7.0 bro.If ok you can buy app.Thanks so much

The item has updated for android 6.0 and up.You can buy my app bro