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Could you maybey provide the .psd files?

Yea but i bought already this one and i dont even gonna use it lol

Thats why we provide the demo try before you buy

No problem got plenty of money ^^

Yes banner and interstial

cool but i sugesst user set items over photo NO auto!

The concept of the app is to surprise the user with the output and using face detection if you prefer manual addition we have another app photo stickers check our profile

is it easy to add more or our own hats, ties and bows to the app? just drag and drop images to the folder and no additional coding required?

You need to drag and drop images and copy and paste one line of code provided in the documentation

Hey in galaxy N 7000 your demo does nt work, when i click a snap it goes off

Hi thank you for the purchase please send us an email to itdevmobileapps2@gmail.com to help you with the issue

Easy and cool thank’s

Thank you :)

¿I can test this app before buying?

Yes sure check the demo in the dropbox url

Thank you. What is the difference between Photo Sticker and Funny Selfie?


Photo Sticker you can add the text or stickers to your photos Funny Selfie will use face detection to detect face and add a funny hat,glasses,etc

Hi I tested your app with Huawei G750 & Huawei P6 and the app didn’t work. It was ok on my sony M. Can you help me pls?

Hi thank you for purchasing our product could you please send us log cat error log to itdevmobileapps2@gmail.com thank you :)

I’ll send logcat. Thanks

[2558-01-10 00:13:28 – FunnySelfie] C:\Users\Administrator.KKDV2-20140830Z\Desktop\1234\FunnySelfie\AndroidManifest.xml:45: error: Error: String types not allowed (at ‘configChanges’ with value ‘keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|uiMode|screenSize|smallestScreenSize’).

Project > Properties > Android > Change ‘Project Build Target to the maximum value

can you make android studio version?

(required XML attribute “adunitld ” was missing ) can you explain how to fix this please <3 waiting your reply

Your demo apk is not working.

App is dead and we see the “Author” never update it so i will buy another place :)

Hey I thought it an android studio project but I figured out it’s eclipse project is there a way that I can run it on android studio because I can’t use eclipse ?

i tested the apk application in my phone but it crashs after clicking to take picuter