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Demo admin ?

want to see admin panel,

good work. very nice :)

Demo admin please with a better information on the features of this app.Does it allow multi hotels listing system with each users have separate admin to manage their hotels?

Hello Imbuit, Thank for you interest Funny Hotel Booking, it is purpose multi hotels listing system for each user. We are still developing for multi user permission and some of the function. We will update this item when finished. Thanks, Saw Maine K

How are listing uploaded?

source include php admin ?

Thank for you interest, we could not say how much now, sorry for this. We will best service for our buyers.

I Want buy if you can provide source code admin first please send detail to me by my mail thank,

good service you can buy now! thank,

can you give us demo user to test the admin panel ??

username: admin@gmail.com password: 123456 Thanks

Is admin panel included?

Thank your feedback, It will include admin panel and website like app in the future. We are doing premium admin and website (eg. user permission, etc…).

Look promising! many people will buy from you.

Yes, can buy.

I guarantee no one want to buy this code if you not include admin panel too!

Thanks for the products. It’s look promising. I want it for my resort. Is that possible to set for default location and hotel I mean only for my resort. Please update .

Thank you very for your request and feedback. It is possible to set only one location but you need to change some coding for your customize app. Thanks


vmejia Purchased

Where is the administration panel and the database script?

Hello vmejia, You can download admin panel source code from this https://github.com/SawMaineK/FunnyHotelBookingWeb link. Thank

On page my payments if not logged in app Force stop.

Sorry but i can’t, and where is menu icons?

If you did changed application package name, you need to more change that name in File menu> Project Structure > app > Flavors> Application Id. You can see screen shot following link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzKjkWh8WiMJbGFtZDJTeEduTVk/view

Hello xejay, Sorry for reply message. I was wrong you purchased customer. Please download apk from this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzKjkWh8WiMJbDRDRExLV3BGSVU/view . Thank you very much.

I am interested in buying the app but I just wanted to know that whether the admin panel is available with it or not and instructions to run the admin panel also?

Sorry, I was wrong debuge app published to play store. Please download apk from this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzKjkWh8WiMJbDRDRExLV3BGSVU/view Thank you very much for your interest. We are developing premium admin panel.

I am in urgent need of the app with the admin panel. How can I get it?? And how much will it cost?

If you urgent need app, you can use current admin panel. It is almost complete but i think you will need to some changed for your requirement. This admin panel is free so you can pull from github link https://github.com/SawMaineK/FunnyHotelBookingWeb. We are heavy changing for admin panel so it is to long maybe 2 month or 3 month for new admin panel. Thank you very much!

can this work with phptravels.net ?

If you get APIs from phptravels.net, it can work by changed APIs. Thanks,

Hi guys,

Great app!! I would like to buy the app but i would like to know 2 things:

1. Is the admin panel script now available with the apk source files? Can you send me link to the zipped admin script and database files please. 2. Is the app Admob ready now? Can it run adverts now?

I look forward to your response.



Are you still offering support for your template because i have not recieved any response from you for over 5 days.



Sorry for too late reply. It is ready to use with our this admin panel. You can download from https://github.com/SawMaineK/FunnyHotelBookingWeb It is already included database .sql file.

Thank you very much


Thankyou for replying me. I tried to download admin files from the link but there are too many seperate files. Please can you create a zip file with all the server files so that i can download. I want to buy your template as soon as possible but i can only buy if can create a zip file to download.

Thank you so much for your assistance. Please create a zip file for us to download.

Thank you.


Hi Sawmainek90,

Thank you so for the zip file link. I dont think it zipped correctly because after downloading it, it doesn’t display as a zip file and and when I try to unzip it, I get an error. This normally happens if the files were not zipped correctly.

Please may you kindly zip the files again and send me another link. Im so sorry for this but I appreciate all your help.

Thanks so much.

I look forward to your response.


Hi Saw,

I managed to unzip the files you sent me but now that I have uploaded them to my server, I cant get the admin site to function. Please help. It would have helped a great deal if you had instructions to set up your admin panel.

I have changed my database credentials to your database config file but the admin site still will not work.

Please may you help. Thank you.


Hi Sawmainek90,

This is the 3rd time I am emailing you trying to get your admin panel files so that I can buy your template but I am no longer sure if you want to make sales because it is so difficult to get the admin panel and instructions on how to set it up.

Would you like us to give up and look for other hotel templates because it is very difficult to get all the server files from you.

Why dont you just put the server files together with your source files so that when we buy, we get everything because its very frustrating and yet you have such a good product. Please help!



Hi Saw,

I am not getting any error messages but when I visit my domain I just get a message that says “Index of”...and then the list of server files on my site.

Please may you kindly help me install my admin panel. Please give me your email so that I can email you my ftp details if it is ok for you to install laravel on my server because I tried but it is very complicated.

Thank you so much Saw. I look forward to your reply.


Hi Kumali,

My email is sawmainek90@gmail.com

Thanks, Saw

Hello Kumali,

I got your ftp login account but I can’t find configuration settings. I think it is need to configure for each site in your cpanel settings. So you need to find out configuration in your cpanel and right permission for more configuration. If you can’t, I can help you so I really need to right permission for more configuration (etc.. laravel 5 config). Laravel site is really needed some configuration (etc… .env, and storage permission). It was not processed like pure PHP site. Index of/ is not error. It is really need configuration for that in your cpanel.

Thanks, Saw