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Nice app. Will the Admin Panel, app source code and how to setup details?

Our admin panel is create using Laravel 5.3. So you can reference laravel installation on your server. And then you can change APIs host name in our app code.

Hello, I want this for a single hotel with an Indian Payment Gateway with admin.


Thank for your interested. I will develop for single hotel in the future.

Thank you so much.

Hi, im interested to buy this app. I need some info, can hotels open and close rooms availability, can hotels manage them self everything from admin panel. Can you add options for room type, like single, double…??

Thank for your interested, you can add room type for each but It can’t open and close room in current version. We will do that feature and user pemission for each thire hotel in future update.

Hi, Can you modify this template for a single hotel? Is there an iOS version of this planned? Please advise.


Thank you very much for your interested.

We will develop for single hotel in future.


OK. There are more customers that want a single hotel version. You will make more sales if you respond to their request instead of saying you will develop it in the future. Why don’t you just do it?

Please can you provide me on email link where i can download admin panel? Thanks


You can download here link



Hi Saw,

I contacted you about your admin panel and you helped me with the link to download it but 8 failed to instal laravel on my system. Please may you instal it for me on my server so that i may purchase the app and start customizing it. I can email you my server details.

Thanks so much.


Hello Kumali,

Yes, I can help you.



ufazal Purchased

hi i bought the app. But i am not able to see where the source for the admin panel is. Can you pls send me the zip for the admin panel source so i can deploy it on my server.


ufazal Purchased

There are few missing tables like reviews in the database. Can you pls send the updated SQL dump file ASAP ?

Hi uffazal,

Thank for your purchased, I just sent all tables structures of hotel booking app and backup table structure file.

Here is database .sql file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzKjkWh8WiMJam8yYVVMeGpYd0M3aGMyYWJSSmU4bTJlbU9B


Hello and congratulations for your product. There is something I would like to clarify: the back office is for several administrators (the administrators for each hotel) or a single administrator? thank you!

Hello briceemry,

This is currently single administrator for admin control. We will update multiple administrator for each hotel in second version.

Best Regards, Saw Maine K

OK, thanks! The application is very cool, do not change anything at the application level. When do you think you can publish the multi-administrator version? I downloaded the demo syr Play store and at each fos I click on the reservation button, the application stops. I checked the administration and did not see where the language and payment systems were configured. If I want to use the single administrator version, can I disable the payment system and just allow the reservations, so that the single administrator set everything up, but the hotels simply receive notifications of bookings by email and/or sms?


Hello briceemry,

Thank you very much for your feedback. For multi-administrator, we will change just only admin control panel. We don’t change anything in application level. I will let you know when we publish multiple administrator for each hotel. For your question, Our language system used Google translation and MS translation and Payment system used PayPal payment integration application level. If you don’t need payment system, you can easy remove that payment system in application and you can easy setup your email/sms system in application.


Could you drop me your support email address. Thanks.


Sorry for delay to reply because this time is our holiday in our country.

As you question,

1) I am looking when click on booking button, I will email soon how to fix them.

2) Yes, you can setup for other payment beside of PayPal payment but you need to develop for that payment.

3) If you want to disable SMS, You can try in our php code of Admin Panel. I can help you how to disable with documentation if you cannot.

4) We are using laravel 5.2 for Admin Panel. You can look at in below link that how to setup for laravel application in your server.

How to install laravel app from Github?

Clone Admin Panel from Github.

Go to the file using cd.

Type composer install.

Type copy .env.example .env if using cmd.

Type php artisan key:generate.

Open your .env file and change the database name to whatever you have, username to root and leave the password field empty.

Type php artisan migrate.

Go to localhost:8000.

If you want to do in CPanel. It is also perfectly work in CPanel.

Thank you very much for your purchase!

Hi.. Thanks for the response!

1. I’ve received your fix by email, will try it out and revert.

2. I’d like to discuss that by email with you for using a banks payment gateway API.

3. If you can send in the documentation for the steps am happy to try it out.

4. I got laravel 5.2 installed and working with the codes yesterday, the trouble was I was using v 5.4 instead and then 5.3, it worked when I downgraded to 5.2 via the composer as the boot (xxxx) command is now deprecated in 5.3/5.4 in Provider modules. Am using a VPS which I’ve setup from scratch.

5. Is an iOS app in the making?

Sorry for iOS app because we don’t have iOS developer team yet.

not able to login via app

send me the login details

send me the login details

Hi, can I turn this into a Tour ONLY booking app? is there a way to process paypal withing the app payment? Thanks

Hi There,

“Demo Admin Panel” is not working. Please help me on on the same. We are very much interested in it.

No updates in over 8 months, especially given the app mostly does NOT work as it claims to or should. No support whatsoever. Disappointed, would ask for a refund if I could.

We have already updated new version with new API request server. It is under review. If reviewer have approved, you will get updated version.

Thank you very much.

Email sent on 7th July – no reply received yet.

Can you share the update details, change log. Our app is heavily customised – so will need to know which files have undergone changes.


Thank you very much for using our product. We are changed only API request in update. There is no change code and flow.