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Looks fun! Good luck!

Hi, is it for iOs or Android I didnt understand?

Yes. Ads are integrated in the app

great, purchasing

Hi, I try to run the program and it gives an error- RevMobAds.h not found? I am just a beginner a this, so any insight of what it can be done will be helpful. Thanks

Hi, Do i need to change all the graphic?

Yes. Skype us on guru.technolabs if you want us to change all graphics

Hello, what’s the max resolution for the sticker?

It is 200×200

Nope. We can add admob at some additional cost for you

Nope. We can integrate admob ad at some additional cost for you. skype us on guru.technolabs if you want us to integrate admob

which ad networks are integrated?

1. iAd 2. RevMob

Please give me a link of live version of this app

first error :error- RevMobAds.h not found after I delete all revmob code to fix first error, second error: can’t return to first page (choose other photo and use camera) , it just loading and can’t return back to first page!

I had follow document and add back (RevMobAds.framework) which still have first error. also how about get the photo form gallery not in Proportions? if it’s not in proportion, this code is useless!

Please give us team viewer credentials

Add us in skype: guru.technolabs

“when get the Gallery photo, the photo not in Proportions”,I have the same issue, anything I can do about it?

i keep adding Revmob. framework and when I run the app after a day, it still says I have to install revmob?

Can you please add us on skype ? guru.technolabs

Can you please add us on skype ? guru.technolabs

confirmation on buying


Is this updated to handle the most recent version of the Revmob SDK? I followed your instructions to install Revmob, but I get even more errors.

nevermind… You need to add a few more frameworks with Revmob’s update.

1) Go to Build phases 2) link binary with libraries 3) + AVFoundation.framework and corelocation.framework add and build the project

Hi, what program is needed to edit the app? Sorry, never edited an app before.


You can edit app using Xcode.

This is problem in Ads Revmob, please update with SDK Revmob because i wanna download SDK in http://sdk.revmobmobileadnetwork.com/ios.html but i get Revmob IOS SDK 9.0.4, i cannot get Revmob IOS SDK 8.1.0, or please give me tutorial to fix this problem.

i like this code also. pls confirm for it also if app has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

Yes. This code also has 64 bit support and iPhone6s plus screen resolution support.

This is not working I have a problem with the revmob sdk can’t get it to work I’ve done every solution on the internet still nothing can you make a clean version ? please help me asap

Please send us your source code to sales@gurutechnolabs.com. We will solve your issue and send you the updated source code.

Or you can contact us on Skype also. Our id is: help.gurutechnolabs


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I too have a problem with revmob, can you send the updated version? or without revmob at least?

Sure. Please send me your source code and screenshot of issues to sales[at]gurutechnolabs[dot]com so that we can solve your issues.

Or you can contact us on Skype also. Our id is: help.gurutechnolabs


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It is the usual problem with Revmob as since I bought the code. I cant understand why dont you update the code here, as this issue keeps occuring

Yes. We will surely update it on codecanyon. Thank you for your feedback.


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Does it support IOS 9?


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Build error !! ‘RevMobAds/RevMobAds.h’ file not found how can i solve it now ?


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never mind i solve it

Okay. Thanks. If you need any help, you can add us on Skype. Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs


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Does this support iOS10? Xcode 8?

Yes it support iOsS10 and Xcode 8.

I love this app, I suggest you add a photo editor option (filters,crop,etc) thanks

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will try to implement it in future updates and if you want us to add these features for you then you can contact us on Skype.

Our Skype id is: help.gurutechnolabs