Funny Face Changer

Funny Face Changer

Funny Face Changer Integrated with Admob Interstitial, banner and native add.Fun Face editor contains stickers divided in different categories like Eyes and Noses Contains many special eye types like cartoon style, cats, zombie, staring eyes (looks), clown noses etc. Presents various mouth expressions, mustaches, beard cuts, etc. Contains colorful stickers like, crowns, smiles, tattoos, a hero costume etc. Presents wild animal muzzles, some bloody weapons, road signs.Really cool bubbles to communicate something or create a comic story by writing some fun stuff into bubbles. Changes the color of your photos, making them appear, bluish, reddish, green, and black and withe, etc.

Funny Face Changer - 1

Feature list:

  • Take your Picture from Camera or Gallery
  • Adjust Sticker using one finger like zooming,displacing ,deleting etc
  • Adjust the zoom and scale, rotate,zoom and place the Faces anywhere for perfect placement
  • Add/Update Faces and Sticker From Code
  • Add Stickers
  • Adjust the zoom and scale, rotate and place the Images
  • Change Background Color
  • Save or Share Photos
  • Without Internet can also use
  • Easy to use with very beautiful user interface
  • Easy To Customize
  • Android Studio Base Project
  • About Us
  • Well Documentation
  • AdMob Integrate(Banner Interstitial)