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Does this app include Buildbox file in the download folder after purchase?

Developer please please, add Rate button please, why did not put rate button, this one is the most importance in game

gmail and comment here, why the author didn’t reply me ! please update the app please rate button didn’t have it game sir.

if you don’t want to add just sent me the buildbox file i will add on my own, please sir

please sent me the buildbox file sir, yeansokhon@gmail.com i really need to put the rate button.

Hello, so I download the source code from this game, I ask how to run on Android Studio?

sir, i want to buy your game, but first, i want to know if the source code im buying is reskinable on Android Studio?!

okay, I will be waiting for your update.

dear Author, while reading the comments on this discussion I realized that this game lacks the rate button. so I wonder if the next update will have that problem fixed or not!


USERQ Purchased

hello i can’t import this project on Android Studio !!!!

can you help me about that ?

Hello sir im sorry, due ied adha , i dont work from Thursday , will work on monday and doesnt check my codecanyon dashboard

Please contact me, i didnt update this item yet, will update next week … Contact me to get android studio file thanks

i buy thise code a while ago can you tell me where i can add more interstitial because admob tell me that i should add more interstitial . Thank You

Works for iOS?

Would it be possible to give the characters names?

hello , for IOS you can get here : https://codecanyon.net/item/funniest-jump-xcode-ios-project-admob/18705145?s_rank=1&ref=MobileGTs

if you want change characters name , just email me after purchase . thanks