FunFeeds- Complete WebView + WordPress + RSS + Radio and much more

FunFeeds- Complete WebView + WordPress + RSS + Radio and much more

More Features

  • Multipurpose – You have the app with multiple functionlities and that allows you to use app as only webview app or use app as it is now.
  • Awsome code quality – Code is clean and very well structured. Commented most of the thing for better understanding.
  • Step by step Documentation – From the documentation, you can easily setup and configure SDKs and the app in just few minutes.
  • Easy customization – We have lots of options to configure the app. It takes just a few minutes to configure and allows you to make an app as per your need. You can change theme, app icon and much more and design it easily using our documentation.
  • Admob – The app supports AdMob banners & interstitial. You just need to configure AdMob with banner & interstitial ids.
  • Notifications Support – We have 2 options to send a notification. By OneSignal and by firebase.
  • In App Purchases – App supports In-App purchase to remove ads from the app. *In-App purchases require an extended license.
  • WKWebView – App uses WKWebView to load content in webview that offers consistent API.
  • App Rater – This functionality will help remind your users to review your app on the App Store/in your app.
  • Deep Linking – App supports deep linking that allows you to load pages from a safari to your app with same url.

Any questions / Feature request?

If you have any questions or feature request regarding this app, you can ask in the comment section.


Minor bug fixes
Setting button bug solved

Initial release