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Are you kidding me?! That’s what wypuszczałeś version with bugs ?! How Envato it przepuściło? Why did you give the version with errors? !!! By you and your mistakes in the script I have now only the legal problems !!!!! When you fix the error? !!!!!!!! When?!

Hello, please do not be rude, I’m doing my best to catch up because as I told you I was sick for several days and I was late with my job.

Please, I have a little patience.

  Thank you

Miguel, with the new feature adding end date do campaign end automatically? Haven’t tested this yet! .. thanks

Hello, yes the campaign stops and no more donations are accepted

is this able to get comision for the admin ineach campaing? and will it work in a standard shared hosting?

They have already been fixed but have not yet sent the update, but I can send the files affected with the fixes

bro ill wait until you have sorted this out i like your product but just read the comments and you know is better to wait let me know when is all sorted

No problem

Hi Miguel, been testing deadline noticed in the database deadline query it don’t enter anything!! is this feature pending on next update to work?? thanks again ..

Hello, you must follow step by step what the file Update v2.0 says

Hello, This seems like a really cool script, congrats. I will most definitely buy, from what I understand in your next update everything will be sorted out? Also I have one question, if a campaign ends or gets deleted, what happens to the money raised? Does it include an option to “send it back” if it doesn’t reach it’s goal? This would be the case when you don’t use it as a charity platform obviously and users would expect to be paid back :) 10x