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I like to ask the followings:

1- Security and hackers, any plugins or help you will assist us in case that happened.

2- We Need RTL format for Arabic Languages. Can be implemented.? Thanks!

Hello… Any updates?

Hello… Any updates on when you will be releasing your next update?

Hello, Hello… Any updates on when you will be releasing your next update?

Miguel, i cannot create campaigns. The spinning wheel keeps spinning but nothing ever happens.


Is anyone here anymore? I have been leaving messages asking about when the next major update will be released?

Is this script a ghost town? No one ever reply’s to my messages or this forum?? What’s going on?

I will never support your scripts again, They are all a waste of money if you do not support them nor update them! Your loosing customers!

Script still alive?

Hello, the script is alive, new updates come, it is attentive

i see only paypal and stripe here.. it is support bank transfer and pay bay cash? i need that. thanks

At the moment only Stripe and PayPal

No, its a dead script!

It would be nice if the script would be updated to bootstrap 4, and also allowed investors to create profiles.

I installed your script and the campaigns are not saving. What could the issue be?

When is the next update for this script?


angga08 Purchased

hallo i can not download all file & documentation

Hello, download again it may have corrupted the file

I was going to purchase this script. I had a few questions about customization but it concerns me that you do not reply to comments and questions.

Hello, I apologize for the delay, but I try to answer as soon as possible, thank you for your interest.

after ssl activation, homepage work only. rest of website show this message 404 – File Not Found

The Page/Resource you are looking for could not be found or is unavailable. Ensure you are using the correct URL/Domain name or contact the Site Owner

Hello, excuse the delay, check your htaccess file has not been corrupted

Hi , how are you doing guys, guys i have a presale question, Is this plugin fully compatible with the avada fusion page builder Thank You very much

I hope you respond quick, thank you very much

What happens when someone donates money, where will the money go to , to the admin or direct to the one that created the compain, thank you very much

Hello, this is a script and it is not compatible with WP


byrees Purchased

You can integrate the payment PagSeguro into the system, how much would it cost andre.rees@gmail.com

Hello, at this moment I am not available for independent work.

Hello Author,

Before i buy this script i want to know if we can integrate this script to our website as added services. We hare already a website and have it’s own Register/Login functionality. Can we integrate your script to our website and use our Register/Login access? Please reply.

Thank you

You can tell me the reason, because you want me to log in with your registration / login

The reason is, our website is the main site and FundMe will be added as one of our services. So our website and the FundMe script will work as one in our site. It is more practical to Register/Login once only to our site.

Ok I would have to see in more detail how you want to incorporate the script with your website, but I kind of understand that an adaptation should be done, because the script is not an add-on as such but a website at the time of being installed.

If you want you can send me an email from my profile with more details to see what can be done.

Thank you.


wakadala2 Purchased

Hello, How do I access HTML Templates, I need to change wording, such as categories to cities, campaigns, to projects, etc. Thanks.


wakadala2 Purchased

Also how can I add a new user hierarchy, such as someone can submit the campaign as a Organisation owner, while another as the Organisation Volunteer?


wakadala2 Purchased

Hello, anyone there?

Hi, I just sent you an email