Fundly - A Donation Platform

Fundly - A Donation Platform

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Fundly - A Donation Platform - 1

Overview Of Fundly

  • Asking for money is hard, so now go to Fundly & make it easier. Fundly is a crowed funding donation platform where you can help the helpless by your valuable donation. You can use online fundraisers to raise money for charities
  • Fundly is an innovative, cost-effective online fundraising website for personal fundraising pages and non-profit fundraising.
  • Fundly is very user friendly & most trusted fund rising website for all users. It helps you to collect fund for several event. You have no limitation to create more campaign as a user.
  • Campaign owner/creator can easily create the campaign to raised fund for any necessary event. Any registrar user can donate their valuable donation by PayPal/Stripe payment method to your platform.
  • The main features of many are Campaign update, Donation, Payouts, Account settings, Commission & Payment method (PayPal & Stripe). Platform owner also can Inactive/Decline the campaign. When date will be over campaign will be auto stop to take payment from donor.
  • User also can be able to see the new created campaigns. They can share campaign in social sites like Face book, LinkedIn or Google plus. The platform owner has privilege to set the commission amount. There are also many important & necessary features which are so advantageous and favorable for users.

Demo Site info:


Admin Login:
username  :
password   : 123456


User Login:
username   :
passwrod    : 123456

username   :
passwrod    : 123456




Key Features

Create Campaign

Before creating a campaign, at first every user has to be a valid register user. After completed successfully registration,a user can able to create campaign on different campaign category.

Account settings

After login each user account, user can set their accounts. They can change their password, contact no and others info from account settings option. User also can change that info from user profile and they can view their own profile with last login time.User can see donation and payout details from here.


User can donate from Discover Crowedfunding/ Support campaign. In donation, each user can see the donation details. If campaign creator also a donor, he/she can be able to see the details of donation. User can see the campaign Goal, Status and Donation date. From website user can see the percentage of Donation amount with currency.


Payout is the source of getting campaign amount. Campaign creator should setup the payout preference at first, by which way he/she want to get money, Paypal/Bank? Admin can see the all payouts from payout history.


Campaign creator or Admin can update anything about campaign. User can see the each campaign update from campaign updates. Admin also can see the all updates from admin panel.

Campaign Info

From Campaign, campaign creator can see all campaign details. They can edit campaign information. If have any necessary updates for campaign they can update from New update. Admin also can update/edit any info regarding campaign


Backers and donation are already same. User can see the total donor amount from Backers. All users can see Backers amount from website for each campaign. Platform owner can also see the Backers details from Campaign.

Unlimited Campaigns

One user has privilege to create more campaigns.

Auto Campaign End Up Option

After reached at the target goal campaign and campaign donation will be automatically closed. Even when date will be end campaign will be auto stop to take money from donor.

Create Dynamic Pages

You can create different type of dynamic pages in your websites. When someone creates any category it will show in Explore category, new campaign will show in New campaign section. When anyone funded any amount that time it will show in Recently Funded Campaign

Payment Gateway

Two types of payment gateway used here. Platform owner have to setup the all necessary info from Settings-> Payment Gateway Settings like as paypal username, password, paypal mode etc. For stripe steps are same.

Social Icons

Social icon can choose from admin panel Frontend Content. Only, first three content will see as active.


Dashboard is the details of Fundly. From here Admin can see the latest detail info about all user, campaign, recently payment, payment report etc.

Multi Currency

Can change the currency with adding each country proper symbol and ISO Code


By which method (PayPal/stripe) how many amount a user donate, admin can see the donation amount by payment option.

Payout History

From Campaign option, when a campaign reached the goal that time Admin will payment to the campaign creator. That payment history will show at Payment History. There will show a payout status.

Multi Language

You can translate any language if you want.


Any percentage amount can set by platform owner as commission. Campaign creator will get rest of amount as commission.

Role & Permission

As a platform owner he/she can create other person as an admin. That time, he can give some specific permission.