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Hi, xcode? And supporting iOS 9.3.1 version?

Hello,yes :)

is it a buildbox project?.

are you also sharing the buildbox file?.

Can open and edit with last Xcode? Can change the Skate to other image?

Yes you can :)

What is the restore purchases button for (top right on home screen)? Are there any in-app purchases in this game? Can we remove this button?

Do you have ID of the first road end obstacle? Some settings of the position, so I can find it in xcode?

For anyone else who wants to remove the invisible obstacle on the first road where you crash and dont fall naturally. Remove these entire lines in the PTModelAssetObstacle file. <dict> <key>id</key> <string>895</string> ...... </dict>

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Where is the step by step guide to reskin?

hello, is looks like this game : click here

It is possible to change the skateboard to our own custom animated character?

So the answer is no?

Where is the easy step by step documentation that you promised?

i saw it in the othe comments, but this is not a documentation, nor a step by step. and the video shows google not ios, and where in the game is the purchase button – remove ads? – the pencil is just to restore obviously … and … and …

where in the game is the purchase button – and the remove ads? – the pencil is just to restore obviously …

Hello ,

i need know what is the configuration for GameCenter, Have to config something into the app ?

In Submision process, for add GameCenter, it asking for:

Reference number: Id Formatter Type


Hello, to config GameCenter go to Project File \assets\data\PTModelGeneralSettings.0.attributes.xml and search for “leaderboardId” and change it. Good Luck.

OK, thanks a lot, i will update it,

Thanks, don’t forget rate the item from your downloads page.