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Hi, I s this working with any background as well HTML5 Support ? Can we use two watches same time on same page ?

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Yes, you can use any background you want. You can use unlimited watches on the same page.

Good day,

Please forgive me. I thought this was a wordpress plugin. I would still like to use it though, if you can guide me as to how to on Wordpress?

Thank you for the support.

I sent instructions on your mail.

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A couple of quick questions please;

- How easy / difficult is it to set up with Wordpress? - To customise the look and feel? - Would like to achieve a transform functionality where the dial color turns dark during night time. Is this possible?

Please advise as am considering this for a project.


It is easy for someone familiar with WordPress. It is possible to switch dail background but it is not part of the plugin.

can you send me all of background images by email? i can not find other background images . my email is ahnjj@myegm.co.kr .

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thanks a lot~

nice work gud luck