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Hi its have online shopping module?

Hello. there is a shopping area included. A simple shop where you can pay using paypal. Please watch our presentation video.

Link Wordpress Woocommerce to the app?

We didn’t tested Woocommerce. But I will run some tests later today and I will get back to you.

Ok. We are using http://wp-api.org/ for Wordpress. And it seems that for WooCommerce you can use WooCommerce rest api http://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-rest-api/. Fortunately, we will release an update with this functionality soon, but I cannot promise anything. Thank you.

Where is the LIVE Demo?

Hi there. There is no demo so far. You can watch the demo video. But i will upload the app on ionic view soon and i will send you the id to preview.

Sorry for the delay, all you need to do in order to test the app, if you have an iPhone, install Ionic View app from the Store and enter 1E5B2C01 for the app id. Here is the Ionic View link http://view.ionic.io/

hey guys, i am missing the documentation in my download…


Hi there. Give me a few hours to get to my office and i will see what happened.

Hi there. Here is a link with the doc http://inhd.ro/fully/Documentation.pdf Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Thanks.

Hi guys,

i have a problem with paypal. I have the loading but nothing after… I have the same problem with your app on ionic view.

I have correctly completed step : “Let’s setup PayPal too”

Where does the problem ?



Hi Julien. To clarify, PayPal is only working in xCode iOS simulator and real devices. Did you tested on a real device / iOS simulator and is still not working?

Hi, i try in Andoird on a real device and is still not working :/

Can you send me your skype id at ask@skinstrap.com

Hi! I hope it will support WooComemrce!

thanks for your nice work!

Hi. Thank you so much. I will release a new item soon, way better with a better design, many elements and features / sample pages. Hopefully I will integrate WooCommerce. I will let you know once it will be available.


Hi there. These are onky warnings because that files are not there. We want to improve Fully adding more stuff so we left in there for now. Being a framework, you can easily remove the warnings deleting the calls for the selectbox js in your index.html and for the cart error, inside app.js file remove the route for the cart. Im not at my office right now to tell you exactly wich line are these, but let me know if you did not managed and i will tell you exactly what you need to do, but later. Thanks.

Hello, after all, I want to thank you for share your work, and then I appreciate if you can help me with the paypal module, because I can not get it to work correctly on my samsung note 3.

In advance thanks a lot

Hi there. Send me your skype at ask@skinstrap.com

is this application working with webservice?

There is no webservice integrated. I can help you if you want. Let me know.

Can we disable the shopping features or hide the shopping menu?

Sure you can. Let me know if you have other questions.

Hi when I run application, I have 2 files missing js/selecBox.js templates/shop/cart.html

Hi there. Yes, I know about those files, you can remove the <script call to selectbox at the bottom of index.html file and from js/app.js remove

.state('app.shop-cart', {
    url: "/shop-cart",
    views: {
      'menuContent': {
        templateUrl: "templates/shop/cart.html",
        controller: 'ShopCtrl'

I was planning to work on an updated version and I left those in there.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Hi can i use static pages + blog post + shop with paypal all in one app?

Hello. Sure, you can use all the sections if you want. Let me know if you have other questions.

Hello.You can see a link to documentation?

Hello. Docs are included in the package. Thanks.

I’ve bought klasy file

1. I import it on Android Studio or Eclipse? 2. Which file should I import? 3-how to connect to the database What is it?

Please send me an instructional video if possible


mehrdadghadermarzi from iran (mehrdadghadermarzi@gmail.com)

I’ve purchased this program to $ 7 (with taxes)

Please send me your source other applications (android) At the same price

App for Android and relevant advertising

Hello. You are free to purchase a different item. Thanks.

Hi, Is there any option where user can choose a date and able to view blogpost of similar dates?

Hello. No, there is no such an option included. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks.