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elementpz does not currently provide support for this item.

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Wow was going to buy this but it show Washington and i am in Miami

The demo is set to static city (We’ve chosen to be Washington). When you have the plugin you can turn on the automatic detection – which is provided by external API. A leader in GeoIP databases.

Ok good enough. Thanks

Same problem here, shows Washington, tho live in The Netherlands.

Same answer as to DeeMac. The detection to the demo is turned off. Which is kind of performance optimization. Soon we will add different sources for the weather and GeoIP APIs. So you can choose the best API for your location.

Can we have different weather module on different pages?

Like page New York with weather in New York and page London with its own weather info.


Unfortunately it’s not included in this release. The manual personalization for pages, posts etc. will be included in the next update with the API selectors.

Will you have for PHP and non wordpress sites?

There is pure HTML release planed for this week, I am not sure when exactly, but it can take few more days – we will also release an update for the WordPress version.

Nice design!

However, did I get it right that at present, the script will not automatically set the location of the visitor & the weather for that location?

Otherwise nice work!


This is just the set up for this demo. Here is a screenshot of the current configuration: http://i.imgur.com/V8GLBiu.jpg

As you can see the 2nd option enables the automatic detection for location & weather.

Great! Purchase pending…..


I just purchased this item and love it! It installed easily and is working almost perfectly! The only problem is that it has removed my header and footer. I verified my settings that both heading and footer are in fact, enabled, but while using your plugin, it poofs them. :(

Could you please let me know how I can fix this? I just need my header and footer to return. Many thanks!

Hello, please use our support system – to give us more details and help you fix this. http://support.gamebird-studios.com/

The plugin is loading ‘bellow’ the web site not interacting with it. So if a design is coded properly it will popup above the weather background. Nonetheless some templates use to style footer,header and other elements using the ‘body’ or ‘html’ tags which causes the plugin to break your design.

Contact us to help you fix this.

I’ve contacted the designer and they are going to make the corrections necessary to ensure the footer and titles appear. Thank you so much for your response. :)

I’m glad to hear that. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Have a nice day.

hello the video is changing recognizing the city weather and clock appear the video responsive for weather condition?


Hello, could you specify your question. I am not able to understand what you mean by this.

Our live support is online if you need any help with configuration: http://support.gamebird-studios.com

Thank you.

work with portuguese? Brazil? Cities?

I see no reason why not to work. It’s using advanced APIs for detecting location & weather that works worldwide.

how to install? Its like normal plugin? and other this plugin is heavy? lets blog slow?

With the new version we’ve increased the performance by another 150%. It now uses WordPress functions to get the data and cache it instead of more calls using JS like the old one. The performance deppends mostly on your connection to the Yahoo servers. The installation is like any other plugin (it has complete install instructions inside the plugin). For more we’re offering live support desk on our web site: http://support.gamebird-studios.com

Is this for wordpress only?

There will be HTML/JS version, but it’s not yet decided when to be released. This one is only for WordPress.

Is there any way to see the 40 video weather backgrounds? Can we also upload our own? Thanks, elemtpz!

You can replace them of course, but manually. There are 3 video formats for all kind of browsers.
Unfortunately you can’t see all the videos for now.

Has this plugin been updated to allow for setting different locations for different pages? I have locations listings on my website and want it to display the weather at those locations.

Yes, you can check the changelog.

I just purchased this plugin how can I enable on for a single page, purchased it for a weather page only, but enabling it enables it site wide and has to disabled on a page/post basis I have over 19000 articles, To disable them all manually is a no go. What can I do to fix this, not being able to manually chose a single page will make the plugin useless and as stated to me. Thanks

Rated 1 Star till people actualy respond to emails or support requests

Last try before I admonish this plugin

Avoid this no support pluggin

why don’t you let the plungin to detect location ? so we could see that it’s really works or not..

also did you check your demo page on Pagespeed Insight of Google.. there are a lot thinks which you should fix..

Great plugin,

I would also purchase this if there was an option to enable it for just a single page.

I opened a ticket on their forums over 2 months ago got a reply saying they would help, nothing happened. Pretty sure this is a dead addon other then on everypage

The demo link seems broken cant get to it.

demo dose not work