Discussion on Fullscreen Navigation

Discussion on Fullscreen Navigation

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Hello, great plugin! Easily integrated in my wp theme. One question: why menu animation works only for the first 4 items and doesn’t work for the others? check it at:

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to easily remove the button from the menu and directly launch the animation when the page is launched. I searched but I can’t find the element that manages the click on the checkbox thanks in advance Regards

Hi, just wondering if this is still working well on devices in 2022? If so I have a couple of questions: Is there an option to make menu toggle sticky for desktop and mobile? And can the toggle be positioned inside a container say 1200px wide instead of to the far right/top of the screen? Thanks.

Hey there, it still works great. It is made with flexbox. Your case is specific, unfortunately within demo I don’t have such a case. But you can make it on your own by using “position: sticky; top: 0; right: 0;” declarations. It works within body tag or any other container ;)

Thanks for the reply. Hey thought i’d let you know on your demo page under “Navigation blocks” the vertical & horizontal images are mixed up. :)

Hi, is this plugin menu is made with WordPress build in menu like Primary menu or I have to create different menu inside plugin panel? Regards, Tom

Hey there, unfortunately this isn’t Wordpress plugin. You have to added it manually.

Hello, I like your work. Could you tell me if I want the menu to open automatically when I open the web, what should I do? Thanks.

Hello there :) Of course, you can do it by adding “checked” attribute to checkbox input. Here is an example:

<input id=”e-checkbox-trigger” type=”checkbox” class=”e-checkbox-trigger” checked>

Thank you! works

Hi I bought the plugin and tried install it on the wordpress, and it says the plugin can’t be installed. Why does it happen? I tried add new plugin and uploading the zip file that I downloaded after purchase.

hello i’m interested in your plugin. but there is something I want to ask. Can this plugin be like the menu on the website below?

Hey there! Could you please be more specific, what part exactly? If you mean moving navigation to the left – I can add that option. Hover changing images is tricky as it done with javascript, plugin is CSS only based. At the moment plugin supports only what’s on demo page.

Hello, where can I get the HTML Code from?

Hi there! All HTML file are located in the root folder.

I need this! no updates?

Hey there! I am preparing an update, but it will be more like some new demos with images and different graphics. Basically, functionality and code won’t change much. You can check current demo. Do you need something specific?

can activate the menu in the beginning? I mean, on when people arrive to the site?

Yes, you can and it is super simple. It’s just simple addition of “checked” attribute to the checkbox menu trigger. I can guide you if you’ll need any help with it.

Hey I’m not too familiar with LESS. Trying to include this on a Wordpress site exactly the same as the horizontal blocks demo.

Do I need to add a LESS compiler plugin?

Sorry for the dumb question, just realised I was overthinking things and it’s very simple to install. Great job

Hey there! Great, I am glad you solved it :)

great job!

Hello, I tried to apply the code to my website built with Smarty PHP template, but it does not at all appear like in the demo. I’d like to share links and screenshots privately. Thank you, DM

Hello, could you help?

Hey, yes please send me links/screenshots on email otopic [at]

Done, thanks! Looking forward

Hi, i am using wordpress and just bought it thinking that i can install it.

Please advise if installation of wordpress is possible


Hey there, unfortunately this is not Wordpress ready menu. Integration with Wordpress is possible, but you’ll need some Wordpress skills to make it done.

Hi I’m working on a big project and I’d like to know if this menu will work across all mobile devices. I.E phones, tablets ect.

Hi, yes it is working across all mobile devices, you can check it out on demo site.

Hi. Can Fullscreen Navigation be used on a wordpress site?

Do you have this menu available as a Wordpress Plugin?

Hey there! Unfortunately not yet, I’ll try to make it ready for Wordpress as soon as possible.

Hi there

Did you update this to include 5, 6, or 7 menu items my client has chosen the vertical style?

Hi i can’t see the six accross vertical menu can you please add it or email it to me i need it for tomorrow thanks.

I can only see 4 accross in the demo files v1.3

In demo version it’s only 4 items as preview, but you can add as many items (<li /> elements) as you want.

Excellent Work Otopic! but i have a problem….To click on a NavBar, link works well, but NavBar does not close and stays open … How can I make it to collapse?

Please let me know if everything works well :)

Hi, otopic….we are not received any mail from you…..I´m still waiting….

You’ve got my e-mail with explanation that you have to use JavaScript to get this work, as it is not possible to make it with CSS:

$(function() {
    $('.e-navbar a').click(function(e) {
        $('.e-checkbox-trigger').prop('checked', false);

What’s the best way to send you a private message?

Hey, I received your PM. Please send me your e-mail address as well on PM, I’ll send you back updated files. Thanks.

Hi Otopic, I didn’t know you received my message. I will email you my email address now. Thank you.

Hello, how would I add more than 4 menu items?

Hi there, you have to add more <li /> elements in HTML + update LESS/CSS file for another <li /> elements (animations and positions). If you need help with that please let me know which animation you are using and I’ll send you updated files.

Anyway, I am working on new plugin update which will support more menu items.

Thank you Otopic! I think I got it figured out, however I am having an issue with the animation. I will PM you on it tho.


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