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Nice! Might as well add some background music that doesn’t turn off when browsing other pages :)

great look and very useful :) good job, I whish you good luck with the sales !


@rphrus2, arrch…Music? Pls dont .. i hate it when i get music on websites. i immediately leave those sites and i know many people do.

Nice plugin btw…. i always use the free easy backstretch script for that from github. But nice you did put such same scripting in a plugin. Great work

Goodluck on the sales !

may i ask though what the overlay pattern setting does as i cant seem to see a example of that in the demo.

Best regards, B.

Hi, I’ve added the pattern overlay to the demo, right now there is 15 pattern options.

Why it not random for my website:

Hi, do you put the delay time in the setting? You can drop me a line with your WordPress account via the contact form in my profile page, then I can login in to take a look.

Duplicated reply. removed

Please help me to check it sir


Can the height of the background be limited to the upper 600px of the page with the remaining area of the background displaying the default site background color/white?



Hi, right now it will resize the image to fullscreen here.

Hello there – A little help please – I have loaded it all in and have placed all my images and previews well – then when I go to site it is not to working but the loader is spinning – I am using the theme Sterling – Responsive Wordpress Theme – had another BG slider going but didnt like it – this one is better – is there something I am not doing here – thank you

Hi, you can drop me a line with your preview and WordPress account via the contact from in my profile page.

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Hello Sike, congrats for your plugin. I’m using it for this site: But now my client asked me to get rid of the background on the blog page ( and on the posts (all the posts) How can I do that? Cheers!

Also, can I select more than one page on the “Display only under post/page” I tried using commas but it didn’t work. Cheers

Hi, you can customize it in the cq-fullscreen-background.php, at about line 35, in the add_content_frontend function, you can change the condition where to display:
For example, this will display in the non post page. And I’ll try to add the multiple page support in the next update. Right now you can use something like:
is_single(array(17, 24, 80));
To decide which post/page to display.

hi, i’d like to use the slider on the home page only, while using a static page. i tried to use the pages id, slug and title as well as the sites address. it works as long as the page is not set as start page but disappears then. so what to choose @”Display only under post/page:”?


Will your plugin allow me to set one image for the main background and a different image for the body/container background?

I have problem in backend (admin page) all change to small after active your plugin please help how to make it normal.

Please help to fix Wordpress Admin it not well support size too small.

Nice one! Just bought it :) could you please tell me how to activate it for more than one page? I would like to have it activated only in two different pages. THANKS!

See another comment reply.

Hi there. Could you tell me how to use multiple pages? All the best and thanks! D

Hi, I’ve update the file with multiple pages support, it’ll available here soon. After this update, you can add multiple pages via the post id, something like, 886, 616, 234 in the Display only under post/page

Hello i want to buy your template, but i have a question : i will use the template “Stockholm” , and i want to make a homepage (with a portofolio, text ect.. on it) And with your slider in fullscreen in the background. You confirm me that it is possible mix the two : to keep my structure of my homepage (with the template “stockholm”) + to put the background of this page with slider ? thanks by advance