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Hi, I want to purchase this plugin, but I have a question. Is it possible play a video from my self server??



It doesn’t support self-hosted video. You can use YouTube video and hide the controllers. YouTube iframe has many parameters


Hi there, I’m new to coding… I would like to move the css file to my css folder and I did so. And I changed the link in the html head section to ”../css/fullscreen_background.css” and it works but could’t find the icons under the skin folder. Thank you…


If you’ll move fullscreen_background.css file to ‘css’ folder then you should do a find and replace inside it as follows:

find: skins/

replace with: ../skins/


Thank you so much!!!

I urgently need to find out where the CONTENT goes. I have given it the z-index as described but it’s not on the top. I’m following the instructions to the letter I think.)

One div in the right place in the demo would have helped a lot.


It is just one div in the right place.

Please check help documentation, ‘HTML/JS code for implementation’ section. You have there a 4 steps tutorial for implementation.

If you still have problems, please send me on the link where you have the bg., to take a look.


I found it !! Excuse me , I was getting a little hot under the collar there, it’s already after 4am. It’s brilliant, thanks.


I want that plugin dosen’t change the height but always I change the widht of the browser this change its height.

how can I fixed that?

I already add this code but this don’t work


all .js code is

jQuery(’#fullscreen_background_bullets’).fullscreen_background({ skin: ‘bullets’, width: 1920, height: 422, responsiveRelativeToBrowser:false, height100Proc:false, setAsBg:false, thumbsWrapperMarginTop: -60, bottomNavPos:’center’, //left/center/right pauseOnMouseOver:true, autoHideNavArrows:false, autoHideBottomNav:true });

I hope you can help me as soon as possible


Please send me on the link where you have the slider, to take a look



Is the overlay design/html as in the demo also included in the package?




Only the background & slider examples are included



I have bought the plugin, i am using it on a website I’m about to send online, but I have an issue and i can’t figure out a solution.

I’m using it on a dynamic website, i can not know in advance if the image size will be a landscape or a portrait. If it is a portrait i would like that the height adapt to the browser height, centered, and let the width adapt itself function to the height, to be able to see the entire image.

Thank you for your help, I’m sorry I m quite in a hurry,


I wrote an email as well to : with an access to the website I’m working on.

I just bought this but I don’t see the menu option or style in there. please let me know. my email


The plugin contains only the FullScreen background.

The menu or the rest is part of the preview which emphasize its usage


Background hide my content on the website , or a part of it !


Did you set ‘setAsBg’ – true and inserted the slider code like presented in the help documentation?

If you still have problems. please send me on the link where you have the slider to take a look


Great design and lot of possibilities! 5 stars!!!... :-)

I own a Video Production Company. I want to recommend this plug in to my clients so they can upload their video. 1. How large can the video file be to be accommodated by this project ? 2. How can this code be used so that load time isn’t slow ? 3. Any hints about decreasing load times ? 4. Are you available to consult with clients to adapt this to their sites? Thank You ! JULIE : )


1. Because the video is hosted by YouTube or Vimeo, you can put the file as big as you want. Of course, a bigger video will require a larger amount of time to load, but the video will start as soon as it has enough info in the buffer

2. & 3. Are you referring when you’ll use video content or image content as background? Or you are referring at a full width slider?

4, We offer free support for implementation. Also, the product has a 4 steps tutorial for implementation which is a basic copy & paste procedure. We only charge custom script modifications


The images are showing up distorted using Android 4.1 and newer. The features for the plugin say its Android compatible. I contacted support a couple of weeks ago but there was “no device available to test on”. Is there any update or fix for this issue in the meantime? Help is appreciated. Thanks.


Will fix the problem with the future update. Hope it will be available next week



The update was approved. Please download the product again and overwrite ‘fullscreen_background.css’ and ‘js/fullscreen_background.js’ files.

P.S. make a back-up of these files before overwriting them


That is what I was looking for, nice, simple, hell of a use. Great work, thanks!

Thank you.

I’m having trouble with the video gallery—I have two videos in the gallery and would like both to auto play. The problem is that both videos play at the same time. Is there a way to auto play the first video only on page load and once the next button is clicked only the second video auto plays?


I’m sorry, it is not possible. Only the first video can auto-play


HI, I’m trying to adjust the transition speed between the slides but couldn’t find anything in the js options. Need to adjust the time/length of the cross fade itself, not the (pause-) time for a slide being visible. Thanks.


Open ‘js/fullscreen_background.js’ file and search for:


Replace 800 with what you want, like 500 which mean 0.5 seconds


Great, this worked out just fine! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Thank you, too

I’m using the cross fade in combination with left and right arrow buttons (see comment above). This works fine but but when I click a button during a transition nothing happens. It only works in between transitions which makes this action feel a bit unresponsive. Can I make an adjustment in the code so that a click jumps to the next slide even during a transition? Thanks.


The navigation buttons will work only if no transition is taking place


Hey there! I have a small question!

When I open the page it seems that there is a very small possibly 1-2 pixels wide padding on the right side. This small extra space also shows on your demo page. Is there a fix for that or just part of it?

Edit: With the full width youtube video version.


I’ve set enableTouchScreen:false and the problems disappears. I’ve also did this in our example

                skin: 'bullets',
                thumbsWrapperMarginTop: -55,



I just purchased your script. I want to add a button on the slider. Can I do it? Please let me know how to apply hot spot.

Thank you.


In your html file you’ll add a layer which will be the button:

<div class="fullscreen_background_text_line" data-initial-left="550" data-initial-top="120" data-final-left="160" data-final-top="120" data-duration="0.5" data-fade-start="0" data-delay="0"><a href="" class="myButton">my button</a></div>

In the .css file, you’ll add the css class for the button

.myButton {
    border:1px solid #18ab29;
    padding:16px 31px;
    text-shadow:0px 1px 0px #2f6627;
.myButton:hover {
.myButton:active {


Thank you very much for your quick response. It really helps!

Hi, Your slider is working great. Can I ask you another questions?..

-How can I put HOVER action to change opacity to arrows? First, arrow is 50% opacity, then changes to100% on HOVER.

-How can I make arrows unvisitable on iPhone view? I want to make arrows visible on desktop and touch action only for iPhone.

Thank you very much.

-About HOVER action, HOVER on whole slider stage, not just arrow.

Thank you,


You can change the rightNavON.png and rightNavOFF.png images with what you want

Regarding the other two requests, these options are not available


I understand. Thank you so much for your quick response.

hi im close to purchase the plugin i have a question.

1. the bacground image suuport animated.gif?

2. can we set the background to homepage only?

thanks for the support!

Do you have link to user manual? How hard is it to install and config for non coder?


The product has a 4 steps tutorial for implementation, which is a basic copy & paste procedure