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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks a lot mate :)

Nice! Can it load posts or custom post types?

Thank you for your comment :)

Currently the plugin does not provide this feature but it is planned for the next version.

:) It’s definitely on my buy list for August. Very nice feel.

You’re Welcome :)

Do you have this plugin without WP?

No, not us. But you could use animatedModal.js for that purpose :)

Can we export JS to use on non Wp sites? Demo of Wp backend? How is pop up triggered? Timer, scroll?

What options are there for timed pop up, scroll, leaving page (exit)? Can we grab a JS snippet and export to a non WP site?

Hello @netgain4020,

thank you for your interest on our Plugin. We do not offer any kind of support for non WP version, but you could still use animatedModal.js for that purpose.

For WP version, we offer a lot of customizing options, here is a screenshot:

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information, we will be glad to assist you.

Hello, Can i add an iframe in the Modal?

Hello endurancescience,

Yes you can.

We added an example in our demonstration website:

Hope this will help you :)

Awesome job, its great!

Thanks a lot :)

Hope we will count you soon among our customers :)

Hi is it possible to create a gallery with adsense like this one ? Please click to any photo in post

Hello, interested in purchasing your plugin, just wondering if it supports shortcodes. I ideally want to display a Revolution Slider in the modal. thanks D.

Hello dimitrim,

currently it does not support shortcodes.

p.s: Sorry for the answer, we don’t know how we missed your message.

Great Plugin! How I can launch modal window with an image instead a text button?

Hello JerryDa,

Thank you for purchaising our Plugin :)

Currently, this option is not available, but it is included in the next version that’s coming very soon. You will be notified by email once it is ready :)

Hey I’d like to know if its possible to put a pop up “button” in the menu since we were planning on using it for a fullscreen menu. Is that possible? A quick reply is greatly appreciated since we’re kind of short on time. Thanks

Hello digalo,

thank you for purchasing our plugin.

Yes, no restriction from the plugin side. You could simply use the shortcode where you want to place the button. But you have to check your theme if it will accept the shortcode on that place.

We hope that this will help you. Please dont hesitate to contact us for more details.

Thank you.


Question before purchase

1) Possible to create a link without the botton? For me to add simple text

<a id="?" href="modal" class="">Conditions générales</a>

2) Possible to have the modal window at the middle of the page and smaller?

3) Open a popup window automatically after loading a page. Ideal for displaying a banner ad. Once a day and per ip.

Thank you

Hello hostingames,

we explained to you everything, detailed our answers and supported you as much as we could. If you could not manage it in a specific way with your theme, may be you need to get in touch with a professionnal WP developer in order to adjust it the way you want. Envato STUDIO is a good alternative for such situation.

We responded to all your queries here, before and after purchase as you could see on the comments.

If the plugin do not contain some features priviously listed here, you could ask a refund from Codecanyon, we will approve it. But saying that “button is not beautiful”, this is something that we could not manage as you had a Real Demonstration accessible before purchasing.

The “link” feature is NOT available with this plugin as we said before. The plugin is based now on buttons and this is well described on the documentation and the Real Demonstration.

Anyway, our technical team will be glad to support you again and again. If you need specific developement or theme compatibility you still be able to get in touch with one of Envato Studio Developer. If the Plugin bugs or is selled with inexistant features, you could ask a refund of $9, as said before, we will approve it.

Good luck :)

Thank you very much for your answer No refund, I want to have a plugin that works properly. I will test it on another template

The plugin works correctly and properly.

All features listed here, in the description or in the documentation are working perfectly.

Any other feature that is NOT listed here, means that it is NOT available like making a “link” instead of a button. It is not a feature described in our documentation or description.

We still be glad to support you with any feature that this plugin offers. For specific developement, you could get in touch with a professional WP developer in Envato Studio.

Thank you for your understanding.


cavtec Purchased

Pre-Sales Questions

1. Silly question…. we have a long webpage, does this plugin move move with the scroll of the mouse?

2. Is this compatible with Visual Composer?

Many thanks,


GlobalB Purchased

There is some way to trigger the modal with a button that is not automatically generated. Eg, I have a button created by me inside my web, and I want that when you click on the trigger a modal.

I ask because the buttons that your plugin generates do not match the style of my website.

The modals are great: D

Hello GlobalB,

sorry for the late answer, we miss your comment somehow. This feature is not yet available but it is interresant and we already planned to add it in our next version.

Meanwhile, you could make some CSS trick in order to modify your button.

Sorry again :)