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Great work! Congrats and GLWS

Thank you!

I love every time that great modules such as your slider gets released for prestashop!

Happy sales, Marek!

Thank you :) !


We want the module to be effective in specific cms pages.Will it be applicable in specific CMS pages because we don’t want this effect to be effective in our Home Page.

Please reply at your earliest.

Thanks, 1stbuy India

we can just add a condition like {if $page_name == “YOUR_PAGE”} Show Slider {/if}

Can we create multiple pages for Multiple categories.For e.g- we are dealing in books and Cameras.We want to create a custom made beautiful page with sliders for both Books and Cameras.But both the page will not be similar as both are of different genres and categories.So we want to create different pages for different categories.Does your module support such feature or can you bring in modifications in your module if we want these features. Reply at your earliest.

Unfortunately current version don’t have such opportunities.

Using this module, can we use this new theme on specific pages along with the Mega menu of my existing theme (Warehouse) on these pages.

Hi, thank you for the interest to our module. I didn’t test pur module with that theme, and can’t reply you exactly. I can offer you our theme “Alysum” where this slider is already implemented: and the homepage of the theme is

That is then a version of Alysum theme….. You can refer to one of its style… its just same.. If I buy, and found non compatible with Warehouse, would I be entitled with Refund.

The module is 100% compatible with default prestashop theme. Any module can’t be tested with all existing themes. Regarding refund, I don’t know exactly. You need to read themeforest rules about that.

looks awesome. i can create a page with the slider.. and then link to it?... like create a landing page with your awesome slider… it is possible? or the slider work on some hook on homepage only? ty


Yes, slider works on hook on homepage. But it’s easy to change the hook and page for slider.

We are using Prestashop Version we want to know that will it be compatible to our version?We want to build custom page with the help of this module for each and every category present in our website.Will it be easy to do that?Does this module support creating custom pages for every category?Please write back to us and revert back to us regarding this query.Our mail-id is

Hi. Thank you for the interest to our module. The module is compatible with all prestashop 1.6.x versions. but unfortunately it can’t be used for different categories. Only for homepage.


Does it support & properly work on Prestashop multistore multidomain?


Hi. Sorry for the delay. Yes, it works in multistore and multidomain mode

Hi. How can i activate it?

i bougth this plugin with asylum theme but i cant get it work…

Hi, Please write to our support and we will help you. But today is too late, so you get a reply tomorrow, sorry.

Hello Marek,

firstable congratulations to your beautiful fullpage slider. I am very interested in for a purchase. But I have a couple of questions:

To answer my question please see my page

You wrote below in comments, that the slider should work with default prestashop theme. Actually I am using a customized theme from another themeforest author, but the point is, I would like to have my page set up like this:
    1. Header (=contains prestashop mega menu, shopping cart, language selection)

    2. Your slider

    3. Footer (contains default prestashop elements, like categorys, my account, information, contact us)
  • When you scroll down on my main page, you can see that the menu bar gets reduced by its size, do you think it’s still possible to keep this function, after implementing your slider (for me theoretically yes, if the slider works like an hook module)?

    Do you expect any other problems occurring with implementing your slider?

    Please answer my question honestly, I have no problem to give any instructions to my programmer, but firstable I would like to know what I do have to expect for issues.

    Thank you for your reply.

    with best regards


Hi Matthias. Thank you for the interest to our slider.

The slider will not work correct with custom theme from the box, but it’s possible to add modification to your css to get it working. We have described how to do that with default theme in documentation:!/getting_started

I think it ill not be a problem for your programmer.

Best regards. Marek

Hello Marek, thank you for your quick response! Glad to see that there is a documentation. But I have one last question, which I was not able to answer with your documentation. How do subimage animations work? The first layer can be a JPEG and the second layer (animated subimage, i.e. “fadeInDown”) can be a transparent PNG? Or does the second layer have to be also a JPEG with the same measurements of the first layer?

Thanks for providing these information!

With best regards Matthias

You can upload any image you want for other layers. You can also see the settings of sub layers here:!/subimages

Great work friend

Thank you!