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Hello good Morning. I wonder How remover the effect appears the slider without the fade effect when the page loads .

In the slider settings set expandDuration to 0

Hi, I’m trying to install fws and have the following questions: 1- how to add the images directly in an UL for example without using addSlide function?

2- how to disable the initial slide down?

3- is it possible to show a preloader animation with css instead?

4- when there is only one slide, it’s kindda buggy, at the end of the slide time the image disappears and then shows again….

Thanks a lot for your support


1 – Not possible. People were complaining they have to write/edit html so I removed all the html. I’ll add your suggestion in future update.

2 – In slider settings set expandDuration to 0

3 – No but it’s idea for future update

4 – Yes, we never thought the slider will be used for 1 image only. Is that a problem? I may take a look at this as well if it bothers you.

Hi, Thank you very much for your reactivity ;)

3- that would be great to be able to have arrows and bullets only in css to avoid having different HTTP requests

Looking forward to the future updates.

Hi there, how do i disable slider title, desc, link from js


Open file js/fws2.js and comment lines 87,88,89


Couple of Qs before i buy.

1. Dose this support picture element? 2. Can we customize the Pager, tat indicates slider number? 3. Also can we make full width and height?

Regards Harish

No im sorry

Hello Stachethemes,

Is it possible to add more than one link to each slide?

I would like to use your slider for taking orders for photos in different sizes – therefore I need a link for each size.

Cheers Maxplay


No, sorry. Just one link per slide.

OK and thanks for your fast reply

Hello, can you tell me how to change/remove the dropdown shade animation when the slider first opens? I would like it to just be stationary or fade in. Thanks, great slider!

Hi, set expandDuration to 0

                expandDuration  : 0               


HI, just wanna ask if it’s possible to add a navigation/logo on the top or bottom of this slider?

can I have your email where I can send the screenshot?

Sent. thanks


Will your slider support reading images from a folder, instead of hard coding each URL?


No plans yet since this would require PHP.


I want to add the title of the slider to the link. But my idee title ” ...=””> did not work, is there maybe another way?

Thanks a lot and best regards



Sorry, could you give me an example what you want to achieve?

Hi there, I just bought your plugin and I would like to change caption to the right and bottom a little bit. How can I do that?


You will have to play with the css settings a little. Example:

/* expand to full width */
.slide_content_wrap {
     width: 100%;

/* move title */
.fws2 .title {
     position: relative;
     top: 100px; /* 100 pixels bottom */
     left: 100%; /* max right */

- I´ve just have wrotten about an issue, but I´ve forgotten license: