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Any idea why it’s not sliding?

I have order correct and the timer set to 3000ms


We bought the slider and have installed it, but it’s not appearing as full width, can you help please?


The slider is not appearing as full width on our website:


Wondering if this plugin will solve my problem, here are my requirements;

a) I need the slider to be full width (not full page)

b) I need the slider to appear below the main navigation, but above the page content

c) I need to have a different slider appear on every different page (except the home page)

Looking forward to your answer…


I really like this plugin, it ist great!

But when I check my website with the w3c-validator, I get many errors, mainly because the plugin creates many css definitions which are integrated in the html code. Is it possibly to use the plugin and pass the w3c validation?

Thanks in advance!



Could you please advice me the following issue:

I have placed the slider into my WP page. The first photo seem to appear, however the arrows and the thumb nav are missing. The actual sliding does not work unless I zoom in or press <- -> on my keyboard.

Much thanks.


Quick presale question: Is it possible to make a responsive fullwidth slider with the next/previous slides showing at a lighter opacity like this example


Hi, Is it possible to change it to fixed width instead of full width from settings?

Hi, I want the slider to be about 500px(or less) in height. I have uploaded 3 images of 348×261 dimension ( example

but the slider is still more than 700px in height. Please check and tell me how can I reduce the height of the slider. Thanks

Thanks for your reply But i want it to be 900px wide , 300px height. Is that possible? I have a wrapper like this

My colleague has purchased the plugin.

It is possible to set the Title Background to some sort of transparency value. I’d like the background to show through a bit. Thanks Nick Rains

Hi, I saw the comment already about making the slide title disappear altogether. I inserted this code into my style sheet:

.slide_content h4, .slide_content p, .slide_content a { display:none !important; }

This works great in Chrome and Firefox, but in Safari there is still a little box where the title would go (whatever color is default—if I change the title background to black, it’s black, if white, it’s white).

Is there any additional code I can insert to make it work properly when viewing in Safari?

sorry site is

hmmm it seems to have fixed itself overnight. Thanks!

I’ve bought it but do not know how to install it

Thanks for that – in control now except it fades from one slide to another but doesn’t slide

Hi, I purchased the plugin and whenever I have five slides, the timer only shows four bars and I cannot change anything when I edit the CSS. How do I show the timer bar for the fifth slide?

This shouldn’t happen. Could you send me link to check it live if you haven’t fixed it yet?

Hi There,

I have set this up on my site and for some reason the slider does not work. It displays all images below each other.

Please could you let me know what has gone wrong.

Hi, I see you have solved your problem.


Great plugin!

How can I change the language of the “Read more” button?

Hope to hear soon.


It’s temporary solution. Next update will have option in the admin panel to change the button text.

Nice. Thank you. I will use the solution and look forward to the update.

Best regards.

Thnx for the update. Nice work!