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Can I have the .NET source?

This is not a .NET application.. I don’t believe in framework programming.

What is the difference between this and “Chrome—kiosk”?

This is lighter and more focused. All it does it parse web pages and display them.. It’s not weighed down with bookmarks, code inspector, it has no keyboard shortcuts (aside from Ctrl+O). You can prevent it from being closed, you can prevent the right click menu from appearing (which in this browser, right click only shows only Back, Forward, Print, and View Source). You can also disable navigation to trap them within your site (if you have an informational kiosk like a directory).

I built this after having some glitches using “Chrome—kiosk” and (FF with a Fullscreen plugin).. like one where it starts zoomed to 120% for no reason, and when it randomly goes into offline mode, and when it asks to be updated or tells you stuff about “sync error” (what does that even mean?). Basically, this is built for serious industrial use and rapid deployment with a lower chance of failure… and it can run from a USB flash drive.. Which means you can configure it once and then deploy it onto multiple machines very quickly.

What’s the quickest way to deploy this on 15 machines?

You’re gonna wanna make sure all 15 have the same configuration, so here is the quickest way:

1. Setup the App:

  • copy the entire app folder to a USB drive
  • edit the settings.ini file to your requirements

  • 2. Do the Following on all 15 units:
  • Plug in the USB Drive
  • Copy the app folder onto the machine
  • Create a shortcut to the app in the “Startup” folder in the Start menu
  • Eject USB Drive

  • Alternatively, you can have them all set to run from a shared network location… but, uhh… That doesn’t sound very secure.

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