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You think you can update the software?


Major update has been uploaded. Sorry for delay.

hi is possible add history i try to go back with button javascript but not work

Yes I think so

You know how i can add history ???

I have to configure samething in setting.ini ?

Any news about the update?

Do you think will release an update ?

I put now on another computer with cable network, and have the same problem. White screen and freeze. Do you think will update to auto refresh? thanks

Wow, great update. Honestly, much better than using a typical browser. The only comment I have is to add a right mouse click for previous page. No support for flash but if you are using flash you must be old!! Excellent update.

Thank you very much. I lost the original source code, so I had to rebuild it. On the plus side, making updates to the app will be a lot easier this time around :)


And about the refresh time? Its possible?

I have uploaded a new binary that should fix the problem, and added application caching for another user. CodeCanyon will E-mail you once it’s been approved. Should be less than a week from now.


It’s taking a little longer than expected. Please contact me through my profile so I can send you a direct link to the update.

Hello, do not cache or save cookies? I need him to keep cookies, but after trying it he does not do that. How can I solve the problem?

I have uploaded a new binary that should fix the problem. CodeCanyon will E-mail you once it’s been approved.

Thank You

What happens if there is a popup on the website? Will it show?

Still nothing., its really frustrating, I am using windows 10 I have chrome installed in it, When i try to open fullscreen1 the cursor loads and nothing happens,

Ok, I have a couple of questions based on this…
  • Did you setup the computer yourself, or is it managed by the IT department?
  • Are you running any security software that would isolate and block unknown apps?

One more question; Are you using a Surface RT with Windows 10?

Its possible in the future have watchdog? Like Xibo watchdog, if the app closes, restart.

Could. Is there a problem with the app crashing?

No, but the problem is that the computer is in a place of difficult access. If you have a problem of misuse or crash it would close and it would be bad to reopen

XIBO its open source, you can check the watchdog code there

You think its possible to install Watchdog?

I have not tried so I cannot guarantee.

Hello my friend I have some inquiries. I have purchased the product and I have some notes which are the following. How can I design an icon for my own product? How can an executive file be created after the changes have been made?

I need this and if it can not be updated, this can be requested in return

Thank you

This particular app is not meant for re-distribution. It sounds like you need a custom solution with a colored & styled window, custom icon and installer to package your app to make it official and ready for distribution. Contact me with your needs and we can go from there.

Can you send the source code?

No. Closed source.

How can i go back to configuration screen?

Right click -> Settings

You have the ability to set a password to the application?

In order to change settings?

Its possible to make a white label?

I don’t understand. Can you please explain?

Hello, are there any software/runtime requirements? Works great on my PC but not on a mini PC I bought for testing. It has a fully Win10 home installed on it. fsb.exe starts but “Run” doesnt start. Screen1.exe doesnt start either.

It cannot run on an ARM processor or Windows RT. Can you email me the specs of the miniPC? Sorry for the late reply.