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Interesting menu, I like it.


Awesome plugin and very well documented


Kaspersky says Trojan.Crypt in the demo. please check

Sometimes karpersky fires an alert because of an obfuscated scripts. Don’t worry, the page is entirely secure.

Hi, i have a pre sale question, it is possible to replace the button with a hamburger, and is possible close the overlay screen by select a menu (About Us or Services) item, not only by click the close X, thx for feedback, piXel

There is a method named “hideNav” that you can use to hide the overlay screen. You can use a custom class and bind this method to your element. You can replace the “x” button to your own element and bind this method using the “click” event, for exemple. The documentation explains how to do that.

How would I close the modal in a link when the link is clicked. I have it working on desktop but it’s not working on mobile.

Hi, I am having a bug on Firefox – when you hover over the nav menu the background flicks colour? I have private messaged the URL. Thanks

I was able to fix with basic CSS change.

.full-screen-nav-menu li:hover a { background-color: #333 !important; color: #fff !important; }


Right. Thanks :)

Hi there, Your Plug-in looks great. I am considering buying it and using it on my website. And here comes the question for You – my site is a one-pager and I need the navigation for jumping to a certain section of the page, rather than jumping to another page. As far as I know, a conventional full screen navigation usually doesn’t work for this kind of purpose. Would Your plug-in work?



For this type of interaction, i guess this type of navigation is not properly good. Thanks for the interest.

Thanks anyway!