Discussion on Full Tenancy - Domains, Database, Users, Role, Permissions & Settings

Discussion on Full Tenancy - Domains, Database, Users, Role, Permissions & Settings

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JFOC Purchased

on the new version what the payment flow were change?

We chnage checkout designs

Hello, i want to change the domain name of purchase code

Please fill this form with new domain:

i have some pre purchase questions , can you -please share email . I am interested if you can convert an existing lavarel code to be multitenacy and create a SaaS model for it.

in our case each tenant has standalone tenant db and the main central db can list all tenant .. let say i add a project model on central db and i need all this project to be accessible by each tenant like i create job on central tenant and each tenant will have accesss to all this list and they can applied ?

do you mean the plan free gold premium right ? but my question its like that when a create a project or plan i need the other tenant to see it and make actions like submit data to this project so where its stored and which multi tenancy package are you using composer require stancl/tenancy

Hello, I would like to have a full documentation about this project because I didn’t know how to install 2fa auth and I didn’t know what to do with

Database Permission Deactivate Database Permission For New Users.

and somtimes I see some errors and I don’t know why

I would like to know if there is any API support in this project thank u

Hi, Please create support ticket at: for support.

We didn’t intigrate apis for this project.

Hello There, We have different client domains, my primary question is can we add different themes along with yours themes and manage everything under one roof? Basically, we wanted to provide multiple sites to our customers such as booking, portfolios, stores, travel etc.

Can you please suggest if we can add more themes and how we can do that? Do you have other themes that we can purchase and accommodate in sass?

Regards, Ranjeet.

Hi, We did’t have multi theme funcation yet, but we can develop it. Please create support ticket at:

I would like to know if each user has it own database tables or not

Yes, every tenanct have it’s saperate database.


JFOC Purchased


i have not use this script yet, but i read from your other customer comment, now there is a license callback ? is there more hidden ?

What will happened when someday i am use this and need change a domain name and your services is down or you out of the business? Then my site wont able to running anymore because of this callback and restriction :O

We manage it if the server responds return error then the script will not check the license.


JFOC Purchased

do you mean if your server is not available then the script will skip the checking?

quick question: for the customers of regular users, when will they have plans they subscribe to and access to other modules as regular users?

Hi, can you please explain me the requirement here:

Hi, quick question:
the admin tenancy: when will you add the ability for the to use a custom domain or assign their sub-domain to a custom site?

and for the customers of the admins/tenants, when will they also have their own blog, payment gateways or basics more than user: example:

Hi, can you please explain me the requirement here:

Rubbish, absolute rubbish.

Hi, can you please explain me the issue here:

Like others I think it should be explained here. I have been able to fix most of the issues already. My biggest thing now is the way you implemented the license check you can “pull the plug” anytime. We are at your mercy as it always checks the license online every time an admin tries to login instead of storing it in a file or the database. I am confident I will remove it for myself but I feel everyone should know this before spending money on it. The licensing is hidden pretty well, quite sure it is in one of the obfuscated node libraries, just haven’t cared enough yet as I am still deciding on using this or not. I can bypass it should you pull the plug but it is tedious as I have to disable javascript in the browser to login and then reenable javascript so the admin panel will work. In either case this has made developing and running a live site impossible as you have to register the current website since there is no internal check for it being in a dev enviroment such as a domain ending in .test or similar.

Hi, We have to add lisance checking for avoid piracy, I hope you understend.

You can update your lisance domain after you move in production, you just need fill form with new domain.

Reply on ticket 1662614339 please

Please check ticket

replay on my ticket plase 1662380141

Please check ticket

Do you have pending delete like in Also the database of the domains updated all the time?

Hi, Sorry i did’t get you. please share your questions on

tenant are created automatically with their database during the registration ?

Yes, but for that your database user have prtmission to create database.


JFOC Purchased

any plan for new features releases on this August?

I delayed it today please check after some time.


JFOC Purchased

thank you.

is your demo running the latest version?

APP_DEBUG is set to true while APP_ENV is not local

This could make your application vulnerable to remote execution. Read more about Ignition security.



syntax error, unexpected ’=>’ (T_DOUBLE_ARROW), expecting ‘]’ (View: /var/www/vhosts/

Solved this error

hello how is the integration with my laravel site done? do you have any documentation for this? can you provide some documentation now?

Hi, Please create support ticket at:

How are the changes in the structure of the multiple databases updated?

Hi, Sorry i didn’t get you. Please create support ticket at:

Will it be possible to login from the main page ( and be redirected to my domain ( I try to do and it gives me permission error

Hi, Sorry i didn’t get you. Please create support ticket at:

each tenant is allowed to add and point multiple domain names to his account and from where he can manage it ?

No, each tenant can point one domain name to his account. If you want to add multiple domain then create support ticket for custom worl:


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