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What font did you use for your icon?

all font use Roboto font, we convert all icon to a font, so you can change COLOR of icon as easier

When i try to upload to Google play the reject the app and they said : Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Device and Network Abuse policy. Before submitting your app for another review, read through the policy and modify your app to make sure it doesn’t enable background play of YouTube videos. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Here’s how you can submit your app for another review:

Modify your app to make sure it doesn’t access or use a service or API in a manner that violates its terms of service; for example, by enabling background play of YouTube videos. Read through the Device and Network Abuse policy for more details and examples. Make sure your app is compliant with all other policies listed in the Developer Program Policies. Remember that additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy issues with your apps. Sign in to your Developer Console and submit your app.

we uploaded our app to google play, it is working https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taydo.dailynews&hl=en Can you reply to google play for more explain that issue? I think you have a mistake while uploading your app, some meta data like age for app, category of app…


MeGreat Purchased

I gave you 1 / 10 stars.


  • For very poor support.
  • Incomplete documentations.

The author does not response to the ticket system he suggested. [http://buy-addons.com/store/support]

If you guys buy this app, you apparently are on your own to solve possible problems.


hello, sorry reply later, your request come while we are metting. What is your ticket? http://buy-addons.com/store/support/

Hi, I want to buy this app, but I want to disable Admob (all advertising). This can be done?

yes, you can remove ID in admod.js, it is easy !


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Hi, can you help me, I already have a new computer.

what is your problem? please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/


hostoms Purchased

Three weeks ago that opened the ticket and I have no support, I can make a refund of my monies, since I have no solution, and send me no more message than the ticket that does not follow the times of losing

we replied to your ticket

I have a few proplem with vendor. They have a bad ticket and support system. I think they do not know how can they help to their client. They request .apk file but their system not upload file… So late reply etc. etc. I hope they can solve the problem.

our developer replied your ticket


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1. Can I change the order of display of the categories on the left side menu?

2. Can I change the top horizontal menu to LATEST EVENTS PHOTOS TRENDING instead of the default?

3. Lastly, can I display sub-categories as “main categories” in the left side menu instead of sub-categories appearing only after clicking on the main category.


What is your ticket? please check your ticket. we replied all


nkodgh Purchased

Accept my apology. Your responses went to my spam. I just realized it.


reply to my ticket 1860


Befor purchase is there a way to set category icons or thats automatic and how do you change the category icon


Can sub menu have icons

no, submenu always does not have icon

Does this come with Full Documentatrion on how to edit so it’ll work for your site? or is a app that just launches your current wordpress website

yes, full document + plugins included in my app. app can work with any wordpress site

is it going to load sites current theme or app based theme?

it loaded them of app like our demo, it does not depend any wordpress theme

Hi, Please tell me how it works the push notification?

we are using this service, it is FREE: https://onesignal.com/

Localization to other languages can be done? That is, I do himself, in the code you can do it yourself?

yes, you can change any text to another languages in translate.js, it is easy

i checked your other app, “Star News” post views are displayed, but not on this version, can this be fixed please

the design of Daily News does not display viewed in mobile app. but you can view all VIEW of POST on backend of wordpress

We will want users to see post view count on our app, is this possible?

Hi, the screenshot in the description of the app is written that there is support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. It’s true? You give the source code for all four platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.)? Or just have the support iOS and Android?

yes you can use source for windows phone and blackberry