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Hi, nice app. Are you plan add support for Custom Post/ Taxanomy / Custom filed? Thank you

yes, we are working for this


hostoms Purchased

you app is for android, ios? how do for ios?


hostoms Purchased

buy use windows no mac

Window can not build iOS app, Apple required MAC OS

Hello, is it possible to remove the buttons in the settings? like log in/bookmarks etc. Which file are they saved in? Thank you

nevermind I found it :) great app!


hi if i buy this can you create it for me because i don’t have developer experience ? if yes how many days you need ?

yes, you can buy more service: https://goo.gl/lPZOhD We will do everthing for your site

Hi, The app is very much needed support Apple Watch! Do you plan to do?

we will plan for this feature


I am interested to buy this theme. Just few pre buy questions.

1) Does it support custom post types and custom fields? 2) Will you provide plugin to manage notification for Android and IOS, package inclusive? 3) Do you have any demo for WordPress admin so that I can see how it is working in CMS level, like for notification, including or excluding posts/categories. 4) Can I see your documentation of the theme before I buy to understand the work flow of your theme? 5) My server is Linux – Ubuntu, does it need to install any software to run your theme and to develop with some customization. please detail everything I need to have before I buy.

Thanks and waiting for your reply.

you can read our description for all your question.

There is nothing described about the above question in your description part and your above comment isn’t helpful by any way.

Please reply with a professional attitude or can say you are too busy to reply.

1 – we are working for this
2 – https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/rest-api/
3 – We use https://onesignal.com/ , no need more anything in your hosting
5 – No, document only how to install this App.

Hello, it’s posible to use disqus comment system in mobile app?

sorry no, our app use comment from Wordpress

I am unable to see swipe to refresh in app , and also waited and opened app 5 times but new content never comes until i remove the processes in android mobile and then start app again … please assist

all our source in www folder, you can read source at there

For your kind info whatever i am doing is because of google search, because your package dont have any info about IOS. whatever

I am now stuck at this point , Fail to install ios-deploy , search many websites but no help , please assist

this issue is in your IONIC platform on your computer, NOT in my app. We only support any error from my source


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Is there any update on our Ticket?

Ticket ID: 2090

Our Problem: When user logged in to app, user e-mail are viewing instead of first name and last name.

we are working for it

Please share the documentation or intro video how to build ios app , i am having mac also. I am able to build for andriod but need info how to for IOS. thanks

Also please create a basic app for IONIC: http://ionicframework.com/getting-started/ then build it, if this is working but our app has an error, We will check this.

I tried everything but still just one issue (Ionic build ios plugin errors (exit code 65) can you please help me ? If all goes well i will buy 2 extended licences same today

this issue is in your IONIC platform on your computer, NOT in my app. We only support any error from my source

offline feature is already available? Are bookmarked posts available offline?


Hi!in categories shows only 10 posts/ How i can show all posts incategories ?

in default: category only show 10 posts/ 1 pages. When you move down, it is AUTO load more posts

all category have load same latest post, all tab have loads just latest posts?

How can solve this problem ?

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your APK file
so we can tracking your issue

hi good script and like to purchase some pre purchase questions. 1) is the package contains with word-press back end also? 2) can we load multiple pictures with single post? 3)is the apk stable in windows and blackberry? 4)can you provide customization service ? 5) is it support other languages like hindi ,malayalam from India? 6) is it suitable for a monthly based magazine ? please share the details we would like to purchase multiple licences …