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hey! i’m allready buyed your app but i have few questions! 1-Picture quality after add item soo bad Why ? how can we fix it? 2-400 px for items not enough how can i change this. for exp:(650×550) or high resolution. 3-My client’s want to transfer the money whit bank wire,how can i change payment selection. thanks for your attention

Replace canvas.toDataURL(“image/jpeg”, 1.0) with canvas.toDataURL() to save the image as a PNG instead of JPG

hi, can you tell me please; ionic shop ++ will be any offline payment selection or custom payment. in my cauntry stripe doesn’t work, it’s realy big problem for us ,then how i can change with backend to custom payment?

Hi there. Sorry, we will not be adding another payment option any time soon. Stripe is the only supported method for now.

Hello how do I install and compile the app is the PhoneGap ?

Hey there. You have to package the app with Phonegap Build to create an APK or IPA file. It’s a standard for native web apps.

The login facebook where to set ?

In your Firebase app under authentication

@noodlio This can be used as Web version too, or must be used as App only?

Yes it is a web based app, so you definitely can use it for the web

It would be able to have payments offline? and PayPal ?

Hey there. PayPal should be feasible by simply replacing the Buy Now button with a PayPal Buy Now button and adding the cordova.inappbrowser as a dependency in your config.xml. As for payments offline, I have no knowledge on that topic.

Where can I find the firebase structure of this app

I could not get. What is dashboard of “v2”.

Is the firebase structure is created by running index.html in admin folder?

Dashboard of v2: https://www.firebase.com/account/ The firebase structure is created when you add a new app and then copy/paste the security rules in “Security Rules”. Left on your dashboard.

why you don’t answer any progress from email or from your own site

Hi! is possible forword an order without payment?

Yes it is. Simply check in controllers-checkout.js and remove the purchase option.

can you explane me please from which lines i must delete

Hi, is there cash on delivery option available?..if not do you provide customization service?

I do provide customization service. Feel free to reach out to me.

Hi There,
pre purchaser here
Can you please tell if I can replace the payment with Send an Inquiry button?
If I don’t want to buy product, instead I need to select category > product > choose options > I’m interested, I want to learn more about this product….


push notification available?

Not yet.

Hi, When I try to login into the admin panel i get this error

Login failed! Error: Projects created at console.firebase.google.com must use the new Firebase Authentication SDKs available from firebase.google.com/docs/auth/

Hi there. Sorry for that, it is because of the new Firebase V3 SDK. I am working on a update and will get back to all buyers.

Please let me know by what time you guys will be updating this item. It would be great if that happens asap. Thank you so much for reply.

does this app support payumoney.com payment getway…....? if yes i will buy it.

Hi. When will you update the Version with Firebase V3 SDK?Any ETA?

is it able to search products stored on firebaseio ? thanks

Hi, I have successfully updated the entire app (client and backend) to Firebase V3, and hosted it at firebase.google.com.

This software consists of two parts, (a) an Ionic mobile app for buyers to use, (b) a javascript angularjs based web app for store admin to use to manipulate products etc. The backend can be hosted in an firebase project which you can create for free at firebase.google.com when you signup there.