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Hello, I am very interested in buying your app, however because I need a solution that I will be able to implement very rapidly I am hoping you can answer the two following questions for me please:

1. Does this support Video messaging? 2. Do your instructions provide guidance on how to set up the Database security rules on Firebase?

Looking forward to your responses.

Thanks in advance


1- no 2 – yes, it included in our document

Hello Tdmobile,

i would like to know if you provide customization for this App,because i need more additional features

yes, you can customize it for your app.

Does the application contain a voip communication ???

I will be very happy to buy this app if you can make one that does not require internet. I also have some other app which I think you can make for me. Please contact me on skype with skype ID: Brun0L3z I will love to hear from you.

Our app must work on Internet

Hello @tdmobile what I need is a custom SMS messenger app which will not need to work with internet. if you can build an SMS messenger app please contact me on skype ID: Brun0L3z


do you use Skype ?

sorry no

not available for android studio?

it is IONIC platform for android & iOS

Hi, do you have a video tutorial on how to install it in the documentation? Is it easy to install?

Yes, video included in document

can you add voice and video function on it?

sorry no

Hi, i would like to purchase this, My question is

a) can i use it also on a desktop app? i see you have php files included. its a php based application.

a) PHP only use to active a NEW account. backend is firebase. thanks

my question is what does it use for backend?

We use Firebase for backend


the app are complete? Do you make changes for your customers?

Thank you

yes, it is full app

Okay ,

So I have several questions:

- Can you modify it (modification) for money (features + design)?

- Should it host the application? If yes on what?

- What does it take to make it work, is an admin panel available?

Thank you .


- Can you modify it (modification) for money (features + design)?
>> Sorry we do not oursourcing.
- Should it host the application? If yes on what?
>> We only use hosting for upload active.php to active NEW account, ONLY a PHP file
- What does it take to make it work, is an admin panel available?
>> admin panel is Firebase

hello, im testing your app but i have a problem, when i close the app ( full close) i not receive push notifications… and when receive notifications its only a basic, not name or something else

What is “basic”? you only recieve notification from your friend in contact

Basic its a notification : you received a notification from hichat… real notifications : name of sender and message like facebook

Yes, when someone send message to your account, you can get it


Bresdel Purchased

I would like to buy it for my website https://bresdel.com but I do not know anything in development then I said you will help me to sycronise with my website if yes please contact me at skype: Bresdel.Network

This app does not need website, this app work for connector to firebase database my friend !!!


slay3r Purchased

Hi I’ve some questions before buy it!

1- Can I add custom emoji or stickers?


you can do any from our source.

hiii bro… do you plan to upgrade to ionic2 or ionic3??

Yes, we will do this later