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Hi, I have pre sale Questions : 1- Do you use push notification thought Firebase or another third party? 2- I’ve seen in comments that you want to upgrade to ionic3 some day, do you have a date in mind ? 3- Do you have any other dependencies beside Firebase and a php server to run the application, like for geotargeting? To put you in context : I want to use that with my php/mysql social network for my school and create links trought API, use your application as a starter app and make modifications. Thanks,

1 – it is firebase
2 – this item is ionic 1
3 – no, server use some PHP file to do it

if I buy would you able to help me to change my app name & logo only ?

hi, Yes


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Hello I send a support ticket on July No reply until today and I re-create a new ticket today , thank you

We replied it

1- The apk error when opening the file should be corrupted, and the ionic view says that the app was not found, please refill the apk …

2- Do you have any plans to upgrade to ionic 3?

Yes, we are working for this


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Two things. 1. Have you considered implementing data encryption to store all of the data in firebase? 2. I can’t create a group within the app when I log in. I put in a group name but can’t push the button, even if I tick to add a member.


What is your ticket?


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ticket no. 3194

We replied

Have u added more functionalities, If YES what are they ?

Sorry no

since i dont know about ionic, how else can I manage this app? audio/video calls supported?

hi, if you want modify it, you should have basic knoweled for ionic

OK fine, its easy to get ionic developers this days but what about its backend? I hate to leave everything to firebase.. You have not given full details of it.. For an app to scale fully, a custom solid backend needs to be in place. Please give me details clearly

Hi Backend is firebase

hello this is android studio project ?

No it is IONIC project

firebase storing my data and everything? that will be expensive.. own server will be better and to take full ownership of my system.. do u have that?

Its free when you remain a baby for ever without planning to be BIG tomorrow..