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How can messages be encrypted when sending and receiving (end to end) for privacy and security?

you can extend this from our source, we do not encrypt message

Hi, Could you please let me know are you Planning to Launch Ionic 2 version of this App?

IONIC have release IONIC 3 :(, we are discusing this

Hi, do you have a video tutorial on how to install it in the documentation? Is it easy to install?

Yes, video included in document

Hi, I have a problem, I get an error when I am installing hichat CMD – Error – No platforms added to this project. Please use `cordova platform add <platform>`

we replied your ticket

Please can you explain this? Upload active.php (in zip file) to your host and change url config in active.php

Please open active.php, you can see a variable stored URL: $host = ‘https://taydomailer.com/mobileapp/hichat/active.php'; >> change this URL to your domain

Ok thanks, please I couldn’t use ionic framework to develop the app, I used notepad. Hope it’s fine?

you can use any editor for edit source of IONIC because it is HTML


Arsani Purchased

The apk doesn’t login .. keeps loading.. ionic serve works fine though

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your APK file
so we can tracking your issue