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how this this latest version where is call and record ?!

we are working for this


roaytk Purchased

i need call and record what i do ?


roaytk Purchased

what about notification also ?

notification auto delivery when your account has NEW message

Could you please provide a group / people to chat in your demo app so that we can try sending messages.. thanks!

yes, our app support chat by group: rename, remove, create new group

I mean you need to include a bunch of sample users and groups in your demo apk so that we can test the chat functionality.

it is working as our demo, you can use 2 devices for test group

can I get the documentation b4 to see the installation style & requirements. also you said video is also included. So that i can decide to install myself or to takeup the installation service. Also I am looking for some additional features, can we discuss on it & the cost. Plz Skype me at PANACYA .So that we can hav a clear understanding b4 i go ahead n buy.

Also in installation service i cld see 3 months mobile update. what does that mean. whn here it says free update for lifetime.

Does it use Socket.io for instant messaging or it syncs with online database always for new messages.

Okie , I tried ur apk..

1. its taking too much time to load the contacts in nearby,,.. a loading text is staying for more time which is quite annoying.. as it show application is slow.

2. I tried updating my Update Phonebook but it still dont show the other contact which is using the Hichat app in another phone. both are connected to net also.

3. my phn book dont show list of people already on hichat and the remaining list to send invite button on to the right to do so.

4.an the we mark the email id as optional, bcoz it is not allowing to register if not entered or if already in use(even we leave it blank it say already used).

5.Can we invite other people to use Hichat with an option to choose any app in our mobile rather only from SMS option, so that its easy to share with frnds on different platforms like whatsapp, google+, hangouts, so on.

6. the date of birth entry field is not so friendly,either a picker helps better and also auto incorporate forward slash (/). once we start entering DD/MM/YYYY. also place a text hint below input box rather inside a placeholder.

7. What abt the features shown in the screenshots, Contacts, Font Size & Language Selection, Notifications so on..

8. Do we get the PSD in the pack, boz i saw the customer saying thy were missing in thr downloaded files.

9. What is the marketing material all about.

10. What are the media size restrictions in the chat while we share. Where it is stored. Will it go into database or media is uploaded to the server in a different folder and the link is stored in db to reduce the db size.

11.Is there an option to verify the account with SMS otp using service like Twillio rather than asking people to enter for a password bcoz, A customer likes to automate things rather to remember to many things for each app.

12.Over all the application is too slow without content also with “loading..” screens. can u please explain this.

13. Can u share the actual screens of the new apk and also state the version..

14. The links in the AboutUs, are those individual pages that can be modified with our own content. Can we add more pages like that in the back end.

15. Invite contacts via phonebook throws JSON Error..

1. Sharing content is dead slow.. dont know whether its uploaded or not and also thr is no option for the receiver too either download it or not. whn we click on the image sent its not even showing a popup/gallery preview in bigger size.

2. The time in the status is not showing correctly.. sometimes justnow, sometime huge time difference.

3. These kind of chat applications shld b quick as Time is Money out thr.. once they feel its slow dats it no one even cares to stick with the app even if we are giving out gold.

4, Sorry but little fine tuning to the app can giv u wonder results. But just don’t drag things in the name of Next Update Next Update for months.


Are you supporting the installation?

we only support in english, my country is in vietnamese

I have done the translation process, but I can not get a notification, can you help me with this?

we replied your email

what is updated in this new version (8 dec 16 update)???

we are working for this

any hope, when it will be done???

you can customize this app for more features… we only update to fix some issue

The IOS app on Ionic view takes forever to load. Please fix. Also, do you only use firebase for pushing notification?

notification will auto delivery when you has NEW message

Can I disable the email or number confirmation?


Will facebook and twitter be connected with?

we are working for this

Hi Great Work Bro,,,, Do you have phone confirmation with this? is so does it use providers like Clickatel? When will you release the Video and Audio recording and talks? Thanks

we can customize this in my app. current version, we are using email to confirm account

Hi, when are you going to add the feature of Timeline in the App? Thanks

we are busy in this time


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Hello, please can I know the exact changes you have done for the 8th december update? I need to know so I can update my app. Thanks

Release version 1.0.1 - hidden some setting do not work Release version 1.0.2 - Fix update contacts from phonebook - add invite friend through SMS - Fix Splashscreen - Update document Release version 1.0.3 - Hidden friends in nearby contacts - add member to group, rename group, change group name - fix online status in contacts tab - fix error for number of unread messages - stop app when disconnect internet - fix Back button on some pages Release version 1.0.4 - areacode in local - disable confirm email when register - fix keyboard ios - update document


selom Purchased

ok thanks


Greetings, could i ask around when the chat version will be updated?

we do not understand your question?

When will you update , to be capabilities for voice messaging?

i think it is NO. it is complex

Is installation service available with WordPress?

this app only work for firebase, not wordpress

If i buy your product, will i get full source code of it?

yes, also All Source is not encrypted

Hi!, this is for ionic 1 or ionic 2?

this is for ionic 1

Hello. I would like to add push and would like to add voice messages. And also the iOS version is not accessing the camera and the camera roll. I would correct that too.

You do? I pay!

Do you want to forward your email to us to talk better?

we are checking this

Why iOS version is not accessing the camera and the camera roll??? PLEASE HELP

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your APP
so we can tracking your issue