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is there an admin interface ? how it works really ? the demo is not CLEAR !

No, but we plan to upload one next week. The main idea of product is ready to use landing page with many built-in features. You can just drop it on your server and start collect people for your service or product. And the big magnet for traffic – referral traffic.

If you have more questions – just ask me :)

We add admin you can check for credentials at product description.

There are quite features amazing. Good luck with sales.

Thanks Soft-Projects.

I am interested to buy it, but waiting to test the admin interface, it’s an important feature for me. Waiting for the next update :) To your success!

Thank you. Yes we`ll have an update at the end of the week.

We add admin you can check for credentials at product description. If you want to see more features in admin just drop us suggestion,

What version of laravel is this?

Hello, The Laravel is 4.2 , but we plan to update to 5.1

Most of the clients servers run on old PHP version, that is why we use Laravel 4 we`ll include Laravel 5 soon in our product.

Can user customize their front end layout easily? Can you provide template editor like page builder (http://themeforest.net/item/launchkit-landing-page-variant-builder/10232103)

At this stage we only have provide self editing of the HTML, but we plan to add page and design builder with predefined templates.

Are there any installation instructions please ?

Hi yes of course – here is the documentation http://resource.microdesign-web.com/docs/?product=referral_theme also script have nice installer. You you again can install the system please contact me via envato contact form.

I must be missing something. Still having problems. I sent you a message from your profile page.

These people have GREAT support. Replies to my questions were immediate and they also updated the Autoloader of composers classes !!

Hi, I would like to buy this but demo does not work in Firefox and Internet Explorer.. form submission doesn’t work

2. The platform collect only emails for now and yes for 3 we plan to add this feature very soon

After such a quick resolution of bug, prompt responses to my questions and good promises, I had no choice but to buy :)

Thanks, if you have some other problems – just contact me.


seems to latest update is buggy. It´s not installable at all on my localhost. Both, installation & “Test Connection” are not working.

Maybe because of the hardcoded “test-db” string in index.blade of the install view!?

I get the following error after clicking on “Test Connection” or “Install the system”

POST http://localhost/test-db 404 (Not Found) k.cors.a.crossDomain.send @ jquery.js:8630 n.extend.ajax @ jquery.js:8166 (anonymous function) @ install:480 n.event.dispatch @ jquery.js:4435 r.handle @ jquery.js:4121

Can you please have a look at this?

Thanks in advance.

hello, how the users can check how many referrals they have?

Hi for the current version of the software they get email only when they refer enough referrals to inform them they win the prize.

We plan to add users to receive email for every new referred referal and their total of referred users.


for now the user get email when he refer total users configurated from the admin – email contain your text and prize which he win.

Hi, I want to be sure if this module is fully compatible with Laravel 5.3, thanks

Can you sell us the version compatible with Laravel 5.3?, how much would it cost?

Hi can you send us a ticket and lets chat privately here https://webmicrodesignstudio.freshdesk.com/support/home

I already created a ticket, in my name: John William Moreno Vergel

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales

Is there live admin demo?

Yes in description of the product:


link: http://growth.microdesign-web.com/admin email: admin@admin.com pass: 123456

I am interested, is there any user side demo available? do you offer installation support?

1. Everything is updated in the HTML files 2. I`ll add them when install the system 3. Often Every standart contact us page contain map – that is why there is ready to use google map integration

OK i will place order with free installation request. Thank you

Thanks – please go to our system and submit new ticket with your hosting credentials after purchase

Waiting for installation for two days.

please fix demo on submit of email..says “oops something went wrong”

Hi thanks for let me know – it was complex SMTP problem on my server.

Pre Sales question: With the extended license how will I add a new customer? I will get an admin panel or sign up url? Or both?

Yes the system have a admin panel – details are in the details of the item.

If you need more details please submit an support ticket and we can discuss your needs.

Hi, do site visitors set up their own referral links to use with their own offers? I don’t see a sign up page Or is it just for user use on their own site

On other words, can visitors sign up for free account and set up referral campaigns for their own site? Seems like this because why would there be landing page/backend?

You also need an IP trigger for pop up. It pops up over and over instead of just once upon exit. People will leave site the way it is now

I`m not sure what you exactly ask. You see the demo this is what it doing.

About the popup there are settings in the code about this.

It’s pretty clear but sorry, I rephrase…

Can end users sign up to use system? Someone else asked and you mentioned to read description. Your description DOESN’T ANSWER THIS QUESTION. It doesn’t answer many for that matter. Can you give us more info please? It will help your sales too :) I’m ready to buy this

Answer to your question:

The system only provide signup with emails. Many startups have pages like this to subscribe users for when they open something.

After signup they have a referal link generated from the system after share a user can receive referals with this link.


dbanici Purchased

I need support, install failed. First unzipping a few items was impossible (path too long error) then on install page I have table name field (I assume is database name, but I don’t know) – and then (after I created database, created SumoMe, MailChimp, etc accounts and inserted the code / tokens) it crashed with some error. SOmething that doesn’t work is useless. It’s been more than 24 hrs, I have yet to hear from support. What do I do? Who do I talk to? I’ll pay for install, but I need someone to answer!!!!