Full Features Groups PRO

Full Features Groups PRO


Using our module you can easily display product features groups on product. This module also displays the list of features, aligned with the selected category, in administration panel on the product page. Assign several values to one product feature.

The benefits for Merchants

This module can make product page looking better and can regularize the features block. The customer will be able to hide or show the selected groups on the comparison page . Filling in the product features will be faster and easier with this module, because you will see only those features that are necessary for the product category. Also to one feature of a product you can assign multiple values depending on product modification. For example: width of your product in modification A = 100 m, but in modification B = 120 m. And both can be shown on the same page of the product.


- Features groups for categories
- Hide/show of repeating features in different groups, i.e. you can create groups with several different or same features.
- Hide/show by click on the group name on the comparison page.
- Changing the feature display order in the group.
- Groups are visually separated on the comparison page.
- The immediate incorporation in HTML template, using Bootstrap 3.
- Multilingual stores can use this module.
- The features list will become more compact and the features for the exact category only will be shown.
- On product page one feature can have several values.
- Products comparison can be performed by standard features or using one value of the feature using this custom module.

Benefits for customers

Customers can see different values of each feature in different product modifications.


In order to install this module, click first on “Add new module” at modules tab on the back office. You will find it in the upper right corner. After that, click on “Upload file” and select the packaged file you have downloaded from Addons Prestashop. When your module appears in modules list сlick on “Install”, and “Configure” next.

You can also upload .zip file and upload it into your modules directory. Then you can install and configure module from modules admin.

- How to Deactivate

Click the button Disable in Modules -> Front Office Features. To remove the extension from the server, press Delete in Modules -> Front Office Features

- How to Configure

To configure the module log into Prestashop admin panel and go to Modules -> Modules -> Full Feature Group PRO -> Configure.


We recommend this module to those who has many features in one store. To easily manage them.


FrontEnd Demo
Admin Demo
Password: demodemo