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what is the difference between Star News and daily news apps?

hello, it is 2 other app use to connect to wordpress

sorry, not clear

hi, it is 2 differences app, they used the same technology

this item suitable “VideoTube – A Responsive Video WordPress Theme” Template? my site is fully video shareing site.. https://themeforest.net/item/videotube-a-responsive-video-wordpress-theme/7214445

Our app can work for every theme, but this app only show NEWS from wordpress.

Does it support AdSense/Admob? And what are requirements to using it?

admod is supported in this app. you only create a banner ADS and enter your Bannder ID to mobile app, it will work

is this android studio project?

No it is Ionic project

how we can have also an offline version? how its possible?

We still is working for this feature


Can we create both iOS and Android App using this?

Can we create app for WooCommerce?


Can we create both iOS and Android App using this?
>> Yes
Can we create app for WooCommerce?
>> No, this is NEWS app

Is it possible to display only the Latest tab and feature in the home- and remove (photo- and video tab) from home ?

yes, it is simple. our developer can customize this for help you after you bought this item

Hi, i purchased this code but not used. i have json api plugin installed. i want to to work with this plugin only, is it possible ? without installing any extra plugins.

No, our app only work for our plugins

Android or IOS can not be loaded after the start of the APP page

Hi, our demo app is working as well, I think you have mistake while install this app.
Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your license + APK debug
so we can tracking your issue

which IONIC version are you using? If not the latest are you planning to upgrade any time soon?

Awesome! thanks! I’ll purchase it and give it try, and let you know if I run into any issues

Would it be possible to add Subscription payment to this? Does your Fox News app also using Ionic1?

Yes, fox news is ionic 1

I want to buy this app script … did it will work android 8 also ? ... just replacing the url of website is fine for this app ?? Please reply

Hi, our app work for Android 8+. You need use this, read our document to setting on your wordpress. then upload your app to Goolge Play. thanks.

i cannot find settings.js file

Hi, it is in www/js/setting.js


fruch17 Purchased

What is the login functionality?


fruch17 Purchased

My friend, i was testing your app but i notice that some videos said that the app cant show it because the app not have privileges , why this happens ?


fruch17 Purchased

Hello friend, buy the app, and I am trying to configure the parameters, but I notice that my code is different from the code that appears in the installation document, and also has no place to configure the Admob. Can you send me a new installation document .

This is the setting.js from the source code:

var url = “http://taydomailer.com/mobileapp/starnews/”; var jsonVer = “wp-json/wp/v2/posts”; var endPointCategory = ‘wp-json/wp/v2/categories’; var endPointPost = ‘wp-json/wp/v2/posts’ var endPointGetUser = ‘wp-json/mobiconnector/user/get_info?username’; var endPointGetComment = ‘wp-json/wp/v2/comments’; var hostName = url + jsonVer; var per_page = 10; var your_appId =’8161bddc-b2c8-4baa-96c1-91fd8eebbf4f’; var your_googleProject=’818366012470’; var version = ‘1.0.3’; var android_packageName=”com.taydotech.starnews”; var apple_id=””; var date_format = “dd-mm-yyyyy”; var google_analytics = “UA-85795435-2”; var rtl_language = false; /* true: open external link in inappbrowser false: open external link from browser on device */ var open_link_inappbrowser = true;


Hi, We replied your ticket on http://taydoapp.com/support/

Hi, interested about this script and have some question. My site include buddypress, front end submission (snax – bimber) and also woocommerce (or dokan marketplace plugin). Can all include all in this app? Or atleast the buddypress and front end submission..

Hi, sorry no. there plugins only work on website. this item is mobile app. your app will like our demo

Setting.js is different in document and the source , unable to figure out.

Not received any message from your end

Please recheck your ticket

Hello sir I want to purchase your app. But I have a question. How to create apps from this source code? by phone gap online build or other platform. I am familiar with android studio. Please tell me. I also want to purchase your woocommerce app. Thanks

Hello, please read our document to install this for your app. We do not use Phonegap, so our item will not work on phonegap build. But we have another Build Tools: http://deployapp.net/