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Nice work, DigitalCenturySF


Does this one come with the sign up screen with the sea back gound? same as your image? https://buy-addons.com/store/images/starnews_full/18.png

yes, login page will kie this photo or you can change it to another image

All 3 News App you added, are they just copy of each other with color and name change? If it was something new you would have built on Ionic 2 i guess. Not sure whats the difference between all the apps you adding, please explain.

no, they are 3 difference apps based, you can install it for test 3 app. like wordpres has many many theme

Can it be used as a photo sharing App? The users can upload and share photos?

this is CHAT app, not social

Does it have RTLmode?


Hi! Any contact page and facebook login on your to-do list?

we are include this in next version

Is it ionic 1 or 2?

it is IONIC 1

what about mp3 audio file on posts? how it will play or view the audio control?

yes, if your site can emble audio and play on website, our app can play it. it is HTML player

Thanks, is it possible to add social login like Facebook, Twitter and Google?

yes, we are working for this

is this app will works on Wordpress Real estate listing website.

our website can work for any wordpress site, but Note: our app is NEWS app. so it only get POST from wordpress to display NEWS

error xcode buildtime : __/ios/Star News/Classes/MainViewController.h:28:9: ‘Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://buy-addons.com/store/support/
and give us your APP
so we can tracking your issue

I created a ticket, but no one answers!

Our developer will sort to check your ticket. we have many tickets. so your ticket will be checked soon

Can this work with a Directory Theme and show all the custom details in the listings?

if your post is standdard, our app will display all them


3loDesign Purchased

Hello, Why the bookmark is keep saying “loading..” and it will stuck on that? Thanks


3loDesign Purchased

Hello sir the problem is on ios and not on apk so kindly check it


3loDesign Purchased

I opened a ticket so please kindly check it thanks


does this app support voting ? lets say i have a poll between 3 celebrities, can a user vote ? when will Facebook login be integrated?

no, this app for NEWS app

hi, can you make the customization for me . contact me if you can

what is your customization?

Hello, in case of purchase, will we get the full source or just a framework? Thanks, Ignity

you can get FULL Source for this app

Hi there, you guys did an install for me on one of your app scripts like this before and the problem was, because my site uses Visual Composer for posts, the app was displaying the VC codes and shortcodes instead of the web content. Will you be able to do a customization service for me to enable web content and shortcodes in the posts?

we will checking this

hi tdmobile , do you have the backend build with php?

we use Wordpress tto manager users, articles, comemnt

Hi, i have some queries,

1. Which API plugin you are using ? ( JSON API or WP REST API ) 2. Bookmarks means full post with content + images can be saved and can read it offline ?


we are using REST API
2. no, app can not read offline

before purchasing, can the app shows custom post? for example, from WP-Job Listing plugin? The pull is it json based? Thank you and it looks very nice

sorry no, this app is NEWS app