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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you very much

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you dear.

Nice work! Just one question. Is it possible as admin to make multiple ftp connections, like one for and another for, while hosted on And is it then possible to assign users to only access

1st question yes you can create any amount of ftp connections. and 2nd question, for the moment users can access all the connections. But give three days time. I am now developing connection wise permissions system to this script. Thanks.

Your requirement is now updated. Now you can give permissions for FTP Accounts to users. See the demo now.

Great Work! Good Luck!!!

Thank you friend.

I just bought your script and I am having a hard time connecting to my ftp on my server. Please help

Please send me email with detailed issue faced to

Thank you for the help. This is a very nice script and well written I will be lookig for new stuff as you go.

Thank you

I wish you had some instructions included.

Documentation didn’t download with it. I looked and actually redownloaded it.

Never mind. I was looking for it outside the PHP 5 folder. Not within.

Ok. If you need any help just drop me a mail

This looks great! Pre-purchase questions. :)
  1. Can I allow ability for user to get direct link to an uploaded file, ie, right click? This is important to me.
  2. Also, can files be uploaded to Amazon S3?
  3. When a user logs in, they will see ONLY their own files, correct?
Thank you!


Sorry for delay in response. It was mid night here in Sri Lanka.

01. It depends on how your FTP account settings are. If your FTP account is created to access “ABC” folder, the software will show that directory and all sub directories on it.

02. Please ignore this part. It is my mistake. I was for old version, but in this version we have password update facility at User Account section. I will remove that part from documentation.

03. Actually it’s Server FTP Control system. This script will not override server permissions. So this is I hope nothing to do with this script. Anyway I’ll dig more into this…

If you have any issue please send me email to I will solve any issue ASAP.

Thank you Nelliwinne

Very good, thank you, nelliwinne! I’ll let you know if any issues- very happy with your support :)

You’re welcome.

Hi nelliwinne,

Sorry If my first question here is partly redundant with my previous post, but this time I ask less and more precise pre-purchase questions.

I expect to instal FTP Made Easy Pro ion my remote server (VPS) running distro Ubuntu 16.04…

I wish that a ftp user can connect from the script UI to solely a specific folder (e.g cedex16) accessible througt the path of my choice. But I don’t want this user to ever acces, vew or browse my server file system out of this folder.

- Q 1 : does FTP Made Easy Pro cover this, or do I have to restrict user access from shell commands ?

- Q2 : When creating a new FTP account, will the account connect my server in SFTP mode if the FTP Port parameter is set to 22 ?

- Q 3 : Can I fix upload / download quotas ?

- Q 4 – Would I find installation guidance in a README.txt file after the script download is achieved ?



Hi Thank you for inquiry.

FTP Made Easy Pro is working just as any other FTP Client (eg. File Zilla). Only difference is that Online FTP Client and have some great features which you do not find in any other ftp client eg. code editor, image thumb viewer. This script does not supersedes the server limitations. User can access only what FTP Account is allowed to do at your server.

1. Just create a ftp account and point it to specific folder at your server. Then connect it to the script. I recommend you to go to demo and do the same to understand how this works.) You can delete your ftp account after testing from demo).

2. You can use whatever port, just give the port when creating ftp account at FTP Made Easy PRO.

3. No. It’s limitation at server. This FTP Client does not have power over your server limitations.

4. Yes. There is a complete documentation with the package. Also note that if anything happens I’m here to help you to install it FREE of charge.


Hello, I am interested in this script, just need to know can this script connect to external ftp server and sync files (scheduled) to folder on shared server where is installed?

Yes, anytime. Generally I help for any client ASAP.

Hello, I buy your script but when I try to upload I get this message from server “The file you uploaded, PHP, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: {HEX}base64.inject.unclassed.6.UNOFFICIAL FOUND”

Please refer to the manual, do not upload the zip file itself, unzip the files and upload, if anything please send me email with screenshots of the error to my email


I have some questions.

1. when the user is given the login details to this application, these login details will be exclusive for this app and no need create the user login details inside the C Panel ?

2, If the login details required to create inside the C Panel, then, even we restrict users not to download or share the files, still they can use the same login details to access the system files through filezilla or so. In this case, how to protect the files ?

Hope to see your early response please.

Best Regards.

1. It’s like this, If you need directly use FTP Account, use Lite Version of this script. This PRO version is to control users to each FTP Accounts permissions. You definitely need to create FTP Accounts at CPanel (or Server Control Panel). This script does not create FTP Accounts inside the server, but controls existing accounts and data inside that FTP Folder. You can create accounts here and in your server separately but similarly. Please read the features of both this PRO version and LITE versions. Then you will understand how it works.

2. Only administrator can create and give permissions to users. Also only administrator can create FTP Account Settings so other users cannot see FTP Settings at their end. So it’s protected.

Thank you for your inquiry. Greetings

Hi, we’ve mailed you regarding the script that is not working after installation. Kindly solve this issue and as soon as possible.

It was late night here. I will reply

Hello Nelliwinne, we are still waiting. The issue is still not solved, so the Ftp Made Easy Pro is still not working at our end.

I sent you a mail with the issue. Please refer to my last email. You have installed wrong version and some fuctions are not installed at your server.

Please fix your live preview, It won’t login.

Thank you very much for your information. I corrected it. Now you can login.

I am trying to change the Settings page to add my company details. but i keep getting the message : Settings are locked !. Please set $SettingsLocked variable to “false” at “inc-main.php”.. But I have changed the settings in inc-main to false – $SettingsLocked=”false”; // true or false. please assist or advise asap in need to use this app now.

Ok. Please send me a support message with some screenshots of your inc.main.php file and settings tab.

sent email to support. Please respond.

I sent you.

demo not working pls fix

Fixed. Thanks. Now try.

Hello, is this still supported? Can it be used by non coder (zero coding skills) like me?

Yes. It’s supported script. To run this you will not need much coding knowledge. Anyway I can give you installation help if you need.

Really great! Is it possible to let users connect to specific subdirectorys on the ftp server only?

It will connect to the root of the FTP folder. If you need to access to specific folder, you will need to create ftp user for that folder.


I would like to backup my website using your software by remote download the files. So, is there away to add the option to add website control panel login details before downloading the files such that the password protected files from websites can be downloaded too?

2. Can your script support full download of Cpanel website such that a user only enter his website control penal details and the website get downloaded to to the destination server?

I will be happy to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie