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Thank you dear.

What is the requirement to install this script? Can you share the documentation ?

Requirement is PHP 5 or 7.

Documentation is here:



I´ve tried your demo; it fails with our FTP credentials. Should the demo be able to access external servers?


The demo is open to external servers. So it should work. Do you get any error?. If yes send me a screenshot to my email “” please.

Him I´ve tried again, seems to work. Guess my fualt.

But I got an error message (script still working):

Warning: ftp_login(): Bad sequence of commands in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 24

Just to let you know…

BTW: Is there really a limit to 256MB upload? Or is it restricted by .htaccess / php.ini?

Thank you. There is 256mb limit. But you can change the limit in line 296 in dropzone.js file at javascript file set. If you cannot find it I can help with it. (But if there is a server limit of uploading FTP File this will override.)

After I login I get a “Warning: ftp_login(): You’re already logged in in /home/peadmn/public_html/fme/Connections/sys.php on line 20” error on every page and the script tells me that no files are found even though I know there are files and folders there. This is happening on every ftp site I try to access. Thank you in advance for a fast replay.

I sent you alternative version of admin.php file. Please check your email

Just sent you a pm with my sincere thanks for all of your superior help/support. The script is working fine now so thanks again. To anyone reading this at envato this developer has some of the best support I’ve ever experienced on envato or anywhere else. I highly recommend his products/scripts!

You’re welcome friend. Thank you for your great comment here

Is this script easy to translate into Dutch?

Also please note that if you face any issue with transating no worries I am open to help through email.

You’re welcome

Your demo does not work. It simply refreshes the page upon logging in to your ftptest account.

I do not see any issue in my side. What’s exactly your error? I can see uploaded files there. Please send me screenshot to my email

Before purchasing i want to verify one thing about your script.

With your script , is it possible to edit and save the PHP code which is inside my web(server) directly using the browser itself ? like in and ?

Is your script slimier to this on-line software ==> ?


Thank you for your inquiry.

1. You can edit scripts like txt, html, php, js and similar text based files. Please refer to demo. There is a folder called “test” and inside that you can see “documenter_style.css” file. Please use edit button to edit that css file. I hope this will help you to understand the script.

2. This is not similar to what have you given here.. This is a FTP Client software with code editor. And this is online or web based FTP Client. IF you want to have a WYSIWYG Editor you can use my editor script here

If you have any other issue, you’re welcome to mention it here.

Thank you for your prompt response.

I do know nothing about php coding ,so ,what my real requirement is to customize the appearance of my web site being in the browser interface or something smiler tool ready for me . The key point here is that , before applying the change to the codes i must see the changes.(trial and error method)

I think most browsers doing the job (see this image ) but the browser fails to save the changers as there is no access to ftp .?

Have you got any script similar to what i mentioned above? what scrip do you recommend for me. any idea?

Will “WYSIWYG Editor” will do the job without entering into my cpanel ?


Well it’s something different than you expect, you must need to write a CMS for your website. You can something using WYSIWYG Editor, but you need to have little high knowledge about PHP and Databases. Anyway I can help you with it as a custom work anyway. If you’re interested in custom work, please send me your website link to my email

FOI: If you do not have any coding knowledge, I recommond you to be carefull to buy a script to do your thing, because most of scripts require at least little knowledge of coding.

Thanks Nelliwinne.

Hi, I am getting Warning: ftp_login(): Invalid user name. in message while my login details are correct. I am successfully login through firezilla and cuteFTP. see screenshot. Thanks

Please check whether you have entered correct inputs. I might help you further if I can access your installation. It’s better if you can send me Support Message using above support tab with those information.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO UPLOAD “MP4” FILES ? and it will play by your program ?

Audio or Video?

Yes. It’s possible. I changed few things in the script. Now upload and see.