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Another fantastic addon.. Great Work Author… :)

Thank you :)

Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you !

Hello, can i integrate it with my existing centos ftp server? how?


Thank you for your interest.

It should work fine with your existing FTP server, you can define an optional path where Droppy should place the files on your FTP server so you can keep the files separated from your existing files.

Configuring your FTP server is pretty simple, just install this add-on on your existing Droppy setup and enter the FTP details of the centos server on the ftp settings page in the admin panel. (Some previews of this page can be seen in the screenshots).

I hope this will answer your questions, feel free to let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

I don’t have the droppy setup now. Please let me know the total requirements of that. Step by step how to. Thanks


With “Droppy setup” I mean you will need to have Droppy ( ) installed on your server, the product page of Droppy shows you all the requirements and the documentation included will walk you through the installation.

Hope this helps you out, feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.


Can i set up only one server for FTP or possible to set up multiple servers?


Currently the plugin allows you to connect to 1 FTP server for storage purpose, I will look into the possibilities of having multiple servers connected.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and or suggestions.


How FTP plugin woks? When a user upload files to server, first files saved in folder in main server than moving to FTP server? Also when user download files…Files moving to main server From ftp server than user downloading from main server?

I have replied to your ticket.

fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you !


It would be great if multiple ftp server. Uploads must be equally distributed among active ftp server. And files in which ftp server, download it must be done through the this server.

Thanx :grin:


Many thanks for your input.
I’ve had more requests like this and will be looking into the possibilities.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and/or suggestions.

Hey there,

Just curious whether this will allow uploading of folders? I know the people I’m buying for prefer to upload multiple folders and not have to zip each one.



Well you can drag and drop a folder into Droppy but this will just separate the files from each other so it will be a list of all the files in the specific directory, it doesn’t really keep the directory itself.

Feel free to test it out on

Hope this will answer your question, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi, congrats for this new plugin ! Is it possible to upload now a large file independently from the php.ini setting of the max_upload_size parameter ? Or is it still depending of it ? And are you planning to do a direct upload plugin to S3, bypassing the PHP settings ? This way I would have to bother configuring a S3 bucket to accept a SFTP connection ;-) Cheers

Hi Ted1972,

Thank you for your kind words.

I am afraid this wouldn’t be possible, mainly because both S3 and FTP do not provide a ZIP function on the other side, and we will need to zip the files first before sending them to their final destination (The external storage server).

Hope this will make things clear, please let me know if you have any further questions.

You finally did it :)

I am sure it was worth the wait ;), feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

hello in script Droppy – Premium Subscription

Can I The user register for free and add adsenes ads There is no need paypal thanks

I’ve replied your ticket.

Really good, luck with your sales :)

Thanks !

Pre-Buy Questions:

Is the following feature planned:

Multi-FTP Support:
  • In the Admin Panel we can add several different FTP Servers
  • Each Server have one option called “Allow Uploads”.
    • If this Option for this Server checked, the Script will/can Upload to this Server.
    • If disabled it will only be Downloadable from this Server (in case the Space of this FTP is currently Full).
  • When a User Uploads files, the Script automatic choose one of the FTP Servers which allows Uploads.

So we can can make several different FTPs to one big “space”.

And a Option to use current Server Space + FTPs together would be nice too.


Thank you for your interest in Droppy.

A Multi-FTP feature wasn’t planned yet, I can take a look into this and see what the possibilities are but I can’t guarantee it will be added yet.

Thanks for your suggestion, please let me know if you have any further questions and/or suggestions.

Hello Proxibolt, i have web hosting with limit upload_max_filesize and post_max_size only 32 MB

How work this addon ? It will work with a limit?

Thanks for answer Jirka

Hi Jirka,

I am afraid not, Droppy requires to upload the file to your web server first, this mainly because it needs to zip the files together and then send it to the FTP/S3 location, both FTP and S3 aren’t able to zip stored files so this needs to be done on the web server itself.

Short answer: No it will not bypass the upload limit.

Hope this answers your question, please let me know if you have any further questions.


1.Is it possible to start providing website backup services to my customers using your script?

What i want is to have droppy script, Amazon s3 droppy script, Droppy Premium subscription script and start providing my customers with website backup services using your ftp. Is it possible?

2.Can you also develop an addon script to provide automatic website backup to amazon s3 when using Droppy online file sharing script? It is really very important and i wish you can develop that script too.

3.Is it possible to have web preview to the files that i share through your script?

4.Can you also make it possible for one to either share files or use the script just to backup or store his videos,images,files and also be able to have web preview of the files stored?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you


Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for your interest in Droppy.

1. The FTP plugin of Droppy allows you to connect Droppy to an external FTP server to store the uploaded files, it doesn’t allow you to connect to Droppy by FTP or upload files using using FTP.

2. Droppy is a web application, I don’t think it would be possible to automatically backup local files using a website.

3. This wouldn’t be possible when you upload multiple files, but it should be possible for single file uploads, I will take a look into this, thanks for the suggestion.

4. The premium plugin allows users the view their uploaded files, but please keep in mind that Droppy is only a file sharing platform, it isn’t a file storage platform nor a backup service.

I hope this answers your questions.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

hello, i really interested in droppy.. i have some questions

1. my server only supports 500 mb maximum upload via script. ( but of course i can use ftp agent for larger files.

2 If i use droppy with ftp plugin it will works as ftp agent uploading? I mean i install main droppy to one server and plugin configured to my another server ( also have 500mb limit on script upload)

can i use this way to upload larger file.

If not , how can i upload 5GB with not too expensive or any other solution.?



My apologies for the wait.

1. The FTP plugin doesn’t work like that, the files are first being uploaded to your webserver and then moved to your FTP server. You can’t create a direct connection from Client -> FTP server because this will spoof your FTP credentials and allows anyone to access your FTP server.

2. See my answer at 1.

Please send an email to if you need any advice about your setup.

Thank you in advance.

hi. i already got premium and s3 plugins, in fact, i already installed them. what I see is that since i have s3 already, i don’t need ftp plugin. however, i’d like to know if you’ll recommend to have both or not. maybe i can copy twice the files (to s3 and to a secondary server by ftp) or maybe i can use free subscription by ftp and paid subscriptions by s3. i don’t know, please tell me what your opinion is. thanks.


Currently Droppy does not support multiple storage add-ons, so you can use S3 or FTP, but not both.

I hope that this answers your question, feel free to let me know if you have any further questions !