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It seems not mobile frendly. Is any updates?

Nop sorry.

I need some help positioning the next arrow. I would like to have a 10px white border around the entire site, and the navigation arrows fixed to the left and right sides.

I currently have the arrows fixed to the right and left sides, but I cannot get the 10px border around the entire site. I tried editing the #background properties. Any suggestions?

Also, I am having trouble with window resizing, my website does not work like the preview. I tried downloading the new js script from a previous post, still same problem.


Great work!

I use the parameters 20×1 / 5 seconds / 20ms / Lineal

Is possible the effect to move only from left to Right continuously?

You’ll need to edit the effect in the js file. Or maybe create a new one.

Hi . please help me how i can set it in the wordpress website. because i cant access any documentation attached in the product.

okey i have seen it so here you have said this Create a div with an ID “background” the div will be in the home page or in the css style sheet because am using wordpress theme.

please will you mind to help me the pdf document so that i may just copy and paste the installation code directly. since this provided details demo is in image format.

Hey bud!

I just bought this library, but I’m having an issue… js error on line 236 of jquery.fsslider.js: “Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined “

What is this about?


Hi Twi,

I have the ffslider as part of a template I purchased. my website is www.muslimfoodies.co.uk…for some reason I cannot get the slider to resize the images. so they are not showing correctly on mobile devices. I have edited the style.css as well as my media queries.css The slider seems to be resizing but the images are not. Can you please assist and explain which part of the code I need to edit to get the slider to resize the images?

Thank you very much.

Hi, i implemented this great slide and all the css and js files in a Joomla template, but all i try, the background slide is always shown in front of the page. I didnt found any mistake. Can anyone please help me to fix that issue? Thank you!


Adding position relative to #content should work. (try adding a big z-index too if not working)

A few days later, with a free mind – i didnt implement the style.css! After checking all css files and applying of the definitions, i saw the mistake clear. Thank you very much for help!

Great! you’re welcome, enjoy!

Hi Kimonothemes

I’ve planned to purchase this slider, its looks awesome. but i need play/pause feature

Is there autoplay: flase and play/pause button feature is there??

Thanks for your interest and nice words. Sorry but it doesn’t have this functionality :/

Hi! I love the easy setup and the design in general very much – thanks a lot for your nice piece of code & design :-)

my client does not like the “crossover”-effects between the pictures; is it possible to just fade the pictures?

best wishes, lorenz

Hey! thanks for the kind words If you want just the image to fade, you could use 1×1 block and it will kinda fade. Doing it on the demo, I have like a “flash” effect, but I think you could comment out this from the js.

Hi, I have a quetion. I use a combination of all the effects?

This example All 3 Effects; http://codecanyon.net/item/fsslider-a-fullscreen-slider-for-your-background/full_screen_preview/158909

But I didn’t work. Please help me. Thanks.

I can’t download FSSlider for Joomla. Help me please.

This is a HTML/CS/JS file, it’s not meant to be working on Joomla right of the box. You’ll need to some custom work to make it compatible I think.

Im trying to figure out if I can add an border on the slider. I want to make it seem more like an grid effect when its changing slides on the “rand” effect.

Let me know if this is possible, please and thanks.

Hi! I guess you could put a border in css on .fss-background class:

.fss-background {
    border: 1px solid #000;


Hey, i have 0 clue how to integrate this into a shopify website can anybody help