Discussion on Fruit Sorting with Admob, StartApp and Leaderboards

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Can the admob be removed if i purchase it?

You can just dont fill Admob ID and it will be excluded

Hello, is there any documentation how to import or make any change ?

There is documentation how to import and configure ads, leaderboards etc

Cool game!!! ; -)

This project to eclipse??

does this game uses libgdx

No, it uses AndEngine

Is this on Android Studio?

where demo app? thanks :)

Hi Author.

About startapp ads. It’s include developer id and app id. Why in your game using only 1 ID? And this’s which one?

Please help me.

Thank you so much.

hi interested buying your game. Are you supporting as i see last omments answer was 3 months ago?


Hi, Yes sorry for that big delay.

Google Play Game Services don’t working.

Great job! GLWC

Hello sir, does you app game have admob banner?