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Hello, I want this app with some of customizations…. Can you help me on this??

i want buy this need confirm are you going to provide source also ?

Is it possible to add subcategories?

Is it possible to add another payment option?. When the buy button is clicked, product is added, it doesn’t go to nthe checkout page automatically, can that be done, and also in the checkout, , can another button (continue shopping) be enabled in th checkout in case customer wants to buy more products.


Yes possible but customization required… you can add me on skype : subhash.sanghani

If i buy this app,which web hosting you recommend for Backend and database?

You can you any Linux or Windows hosting… you need PHP 5.6 version installed in your hosting.

No way to add options to the products?

WHEN TO ADD THE PRODUCTS example: Product: juice option: 1L 5,00 USD, 2L 10,00 USD, 3 L 15,00 USD example: Product: PIZZA option: 30 CM 20.00 USD 40 CM 35 USD 70 CM 70 USD

No Variable price Options not in it.

You can add me on skype : subhash.sanghani for more discussion

Hi, I need to know if all the errors in your item are fixed…I said so because in your demo apk I can’t pass after pick an address to make a payment…always close the app.

Ok we will check issue and notified

ok, I am waiting your progress

Can we use your application with WordPress. We had the opportunity to update the display in the implementation of the products on the site.