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pramji Purchased

hello, in application after select Product show Stop application and try Send Notification not show anything in mobile and have problem in Generating a Signed APK


pramji Purchased

hi , i fix Generating a Signed APK but have problem in 1- Send Notification not work 2- in Arabic interface after select Product show Stop application

Hi is possible to integrate your ios version to this script?

yes in single admin panel to work Android And iOS.

Dear sir i have purchased this template. am not a developer. Please guide me how to edit and upload in play store….

First Read documentation file and go to step by step instruction. if any query please add me in skype : jayeshkotadiya1990

Dear sir i have purchased this template. am not a developer. Please guide me how to edit and upload in play store….

give me your email ID?

The demo is craching after submitting order (after personal information form).

Hi i would like to pay your app but what about payment can i add bank transfer or pay with visa/master card? can i add some sound when user click add to cart?

The application do not login even with register successful and used phone number and password i want to run it from the emulator on local server

give me team-viewer. we check it to send team-viewer id and password in my mail id : jayeshkotadiya1990@gmail.com

Ok i did

I am not getting notifications in any form….mail or sms

You are replying neither solving the issue I mentioned…...Either solve the issue r refund my money. I am not getting notification from the script

give me team viewer, we fix it

My developer this work & he is out of station right now…..so we can not use teamviewer…....you please correct the script and send me

I need an IOS app for this. Any suggestion?

when i add new category and new product .. image don’t show and product list don’t update.. Is it bug ? if bug then fix it as soon as possible otherwise Help to solve this issues.. when u will available Team viewer ..confirm me India time , i will waiting for your response . my mail = info.programextended@gmail.com

Thank You

okay give me team viewer right now

hi bro I have purchased your app I want to change all the images but there are not images for replace. May I know how I can replace all the images to my own images. I want to do this urgent please help me as soon as possible thanks

Hi bro I want to change images inside the app and on admin panel. Like we fetch images from server so I could not found the images on server. The images showing in the application on header and products like onion where are saved those images I have search that is not in the admin folder and when I turn off the wifi there are no images showing in the app just show the loader.

Go to admin panel -> fruitmarket\userfiles\products inside folder there are four image folder in there 1.big 2.icon 3. origional 4.small

Thank you for the reply I have got it. But I want to customize the code and there are no comments in the code how can I understand the code? How do I customize? I need to add feature for the separate login like agent who will deliver the package on COD and on the spot delivery boy will update the status that package has delivered and payment has received I need this feature in the fruitmarket app so can you guys write the code for me for both android and server side how much will you charge? you can email me as well.

hi sir,i just buy this product…do have experiance coding,can you show me how to install…my skpye janequina@yahoo.com and my email dmillionapps@gmail.com

can you send me the tutorial..thank you

Hi there. I have a couple of pre buy questions. Would be great if we could clarify my doubts. First of all, I would not need a pay option, can this be turned off completely and instead be sent the order form as is to the admin. Second of all how easy is it to edit the basic design like colours, text strings in the application? I also have doubts how would the app communicate with our website (or at all)? Do we have to run anything on a server/ our web hosting? Thanks for getting in touch! Saludos!

1. yes disable pay option in app. 2.you can change color code in color.xml file and text in string.xml. 3.you can run in localhost and Linux web hosting required. 4.App connect backend admin pane. Thanks

Thnx a lot! Regarding to 3 and 4 I am totally lost, we have a hosted page. How would I be able to identify whether it is possible to run the app or not? Sorry for asking, I am really interested but a total newby to apps, it hard to imagine me what to dio with the archives to get it done, is there any pre buy documentation to at least walk thorugh the scenario….would like to try to integrate your ios and android app in our bakery structure…

is check out function worked well? I tried the demo apk always failed to check out and force to stop/close, and last list order data in admin panel since 2017-06-20 and no new data.

I will purchase if its work well

yes work fine. if any issue then we fix it. Thanks