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Can you add Chartboost and AdMob in this?

Yes, I can do that but you will have to buy the game and contact me. I will implement this for you as well as make a video tutorial so that you understand how to do it yourself next time. :)

Tested in latest FireFox. It seems to be having trouble tracking the drags a lot. Can you look into this?

Would also be nice if it allowed for clicking 2 spots for swapping pieces.

Hmm, I don’t seen to be having issues on Mozilla; it works perfectly fine and fast.

However, yes, I can implement something that will smooth more the experience for customers for free.

Nice game man! : -)

Demo is not working

I’m currently moving to another hosting. Please contact me directly for a demo.

Demo does not work!!!

Hello. Sorry for this. To play the demo, click here:

Same issues with the HTML Gutspiller has.

Tested on many devices (Mac Book Pro, iMac, PC Win 7 and Win 8, iPad 2, Galaxy S4) with a wide range of Browsers – everywhere the same.

Created an desktop app and tested on different devices (PC and Mac) – also the same. I opened the .capx and ran the layout – also here.

And sometimes there are one or two “empty fields”

Is there a workaround to fix these issues?

Many Thanks.

I uploaded a screenshot:

I also uploaded your HTML-File here (play it for two or three times):

Link to the game

Sorry, the link to the Screen was not correct:

Hey CrystalEdgeStudio, anything new with these issues?

Okay CrystalEdgeStudio, another and last try to get support: anything new with these issues?

In every game, there are a couple of fruits that can’t be dragged. All my users report this problem. Can we expect a fix for this?

Where can I find a working demo for this game?

Hi. If I buy this game can I convert it on android and ios platforms as a native app?