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Any chance of adding bombs so there’s something to avoid as well?


thank you,Will consider to add

More great work! Congratulations!

A doubt, the fruits are frame by frame? Because they look 3d.

yes use sprite sheet,frame by frame

Nice game! I second the Gutspiller suggestion. Adding bombs will make the game far more challenging and fun.

thank you

Nice game! It would be great, if you could implement bombs.

update,have add bombs.

Could you update the preview version with the new one? I want to try the bombs. So i will certainlly purchase it :)

Hi Nice work! It works well with all desktop any plan to make it Responsive to mobile devices? Thanks.

How to build this code? Can we use what tool to build?

thank for Purchased construct2 to build,

you have the vectors of logo and graphs? Eg .psd .ai .cdr

Dear Great Author, may I know if it is possible to add fruits to the game? Currently it only has a total of 3 fruits but I would like to have 6.

Looking forward for your kind advise on the matter.

hi you can add use construct2