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Hi your plugin allow email notification translation with WPML? we want send in french & english e-mail to our new users ?

Be careful except the fact there is no support, even if my settings are ok now the plugin dont approve my users. I have to go into users section and approve the manually :(


Would you please be kind and help me with the following. I need to understand if your plugin will be a good fit for what I need or not.

- I have a website and I am the only Root (SuperAdmin) who can access /wp-admin (non of my other customers will access it)

- I will add an Admin and this Admin will have his normal Users.

- I will have multiple Admins and these Admins will have their own Users.

- Non of the Admins will be able to see content from other Admins

- The Users will see only the Users whom all share the same Admin and content.

- Admins will add their own users from frontend.

Is this possible to achieve this functionality ? I can buy multiple plugins if necessary…

Thank you very much.

Hi, I have installed the plugin and created the login form by email and password. But it is showing me “null” above the form after putting the email and password…Please help with this….

Can you help with solution please…..

Can you post a link with all demo template on real page and not the demo to the admin panel, thanks


Simple question. Does your form plugin allow to create a registration form with custom fields for which I can specify user meta? For instance, I use a real estate plugin. Users can save their address, phone & fax number. I want to allow the users to saved those information directly in the registration form. Then when they access to their profile page (managed by the real estate solution) they’ll be able to see the information filled during registration. Thanks.

No more support to this plugin ! Don’t buy it !

This is a pre-sales Questions,

1- My site is already done, just needed or want to charge for membership level. But to create forms? What go to happen to all my default pages? You mean I have to start from day-one to recreate everything?

2- My site is buddypress members, how can this membership plugin can tied to the BP users (profile, members page, activity)? Do I have to map it or what?

3- It’s there a browse upload photo at the registration page? No, I am not a programmer can make that happen?

4- Approve or Disapprove for register? What about auto approve to activate their new account thru their email?

5- Wish List? What wish list to do for a social site? I am not selling product tho…........

Please advise, thanks

Refer to Fulviods,

No more support for this plugin? Ya, I saw customers asked for many help and has been many days without answer back! How can codecanyon allow that? They should contact the author!

Well, I just put a pre-sales Questions, well I guessed forgetting then. No go for me even he answered my Q,s.. Ya buy it and no support after!!! Not a chance for me to take!!!

Hope you get for your refund back!!!

Presale question. I like your plugin. Is it compatible with kuteshop kutetheme? I went through your demo but still unsure how to set conditional menu. Please direct me to your documentation. Thank you.

supported payment gateways for recurring membership subscription have bitcoin and paypal ? I need both


I bought a directory theme from this site:


and wonder if your form is compartible with that theme. Basically, I dont want the plugins to create any profile which may overwrite the built in profile containing free and paid packages; I just want a simply plugins which can create custom forms which i can place anywhere on my website; I need the followings:

-registration form -login form -reset password form -No new profile is created automatically upon registration -Email confirmation sent to users upon registration to avoid spams

based on a user’s role(s) created by Wordpress and that theme.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards Thon

Hi, please is there provision to manage investors profile and show progress on your platform? Working on a project where clients are to invest and see their investment progress on their dashboard. need a template for this function.

Please can i get a refund back, I had messaged over 3 times on issues i had with the plugin. No support – worse of it all Its generates errors and breaks the layout of the theme i use. Worse of it all it affects the buddy-press profile page. I had already requested the refund. Hope to hear from you now. Regards