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I create a new registration form, but the New Registration Notification doesn’t work, only works the User Registration Notification. I checked the check Enable registration notification.

What could be the problem?

Hello! I have a really serious issue regarding “Frontend User Pro” plugin: each user can only see their own uploaded files to folders, even admin users can not view files from other users (admins, editors …).

Thank you very much.

Hello, I would need the author to respond to the related issue. At the moment I have not received any response at all. I have contacted you by email, comments of the plugin…

Apparently the author is no longer providing the support that we PAID for! The last time he posted here was one month ago. I sent a support request last week and never got a reply. It’s a pity as it is otherwise a nice plugin. :o{

Does anyone have a list of shortcodes? The OP asked for one months ago and the author never responded. :o{

Unfortunately the author is unresponsive after acknowledging that the plugin does not have many features that you would read as being claimed to have in the comments section, as he has recently re-written the plugin from scratch, in his words.


I have a few questions before buying the plugin: - possible to create another role? - possible to associate levels with the wordpress role? - in the demo I did not manage to hide a widget following the level, how to do? - The forms adapts to all themes (button, input …) my theme is https://themeforest.net/item/vlog-video-blog-magazine-wordpress-theme/15968884?_ga=2.153080701.57349449.1507143484-929466218.1504985732


If this item is not supported, we should get it taken off the store.


I have a business which runs summer camps for kids. The parents book these camps online through an event booking plugin (WooEvents) on my wordpress powered site. I would now like to expand the functionality of the site so that a parent can create sub-accounts for each of their children and then book camps for those children. They should also be able to view the full history of each child’s attended camps from their user account page.

Is this functionality your plugin may have or is it customisable to allow for this?

Kind regards, Thomas