Discussion on SmartEnd CMS for multipurpose & real estate with Restful API

Discussion on SmartEnd CMS for multipurpose & real estate with Restful API

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hello whee can people regidter am not able to see an just seeing where admin can login

Sorry for the late reply
By default public registration is not enabled and you can enable from login settings as I mentioned.
I have enabled it for you to test on the demo you can find it now on the login page here Or via this link:

You can change the permissions for these new accounts to specific site sections or specific roles from:
Dashboard >> Website Settings >> Users & Permissions
Edit the “Limited User” group to update roles.
You can also set a custom admin homepage for this group.
Hope this helps. Regards

am alo getting the error below when i try to run php artisan serve php artisan serve PHP Warning: require(/opt/lampp/htdocs/please/codecanyon-21110285-frontend-template-for-multipurpose-real-estate/smartend/core/vendor/composer/../symfony/polyfill-mbstring/bootstrap.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /opt/lampp/htdocs/please/codecanyon-21110285-frontend-template-for-multipurpose-real-estate/smartend/core/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php on line 71 PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ’/opt/lampp/htdocs/please/codecanyon-21110285-frontend-template-for-multipurpose-real-estate/smartend/core/vendor/composer/../symfony/polyfill-mbstring/bootstrap.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in /opt/lampp/htdocs/please/codecanyon-21110285-frontend-template-for-multipurpose-real-estate/smartend/core/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php on line 71

For more support please contact me directly with you purchase code from here or via email

hello, after installation I get this error htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given (View: C:\xampp3\htdocs\multipurpose-real-estate\smartend\core\resources\views\frontEnd\includes\menu.blade.php)

Hi, you are welcome.
What is the PHP version?
You can send me the full error details and we can direct contact from here

Good Luck, Sees your demo not working. pls mail me to

Please after installed all the site is cms not realstate ? please help me in it

Hi, you are welcome.
For a fresh installation it is just install it empty.
You need to import the “Demo” contents to see it exactly like the real-estate Demo.

1- From PhpMyAdmin drop all tables then, Import Demo DB “demo_data.sql” file.
2- Replace “uploads” folder on your project root with one included on demo fontents.

If you want me to complete this step for you, You can send me your website details directly from here

is there a demo I can access for the dashboard?

You can check the dashboard from here:
Login Email:
Password: admin

Presale Question: I love your script and will like to buy it but i need now if i will be able to achieve 2 things below.

1. I want a system where i can be the only one adding properties / real estate but i want a situation where i can have a before and after pictures besides each other. I want where i can list an old building / property and beside i put a pictorial view of what it will look like after renovations.

2. I want users to be able to buy property and pay with my country local currency. if those 2 are achievable then am buying it right away

Hi, you are welcome.
1. You can manage page contents from the page text editor and add pictures, videos ..etc.
2. No payment available.

Hi, i don’t see a folder for the “installer” in the Download for the “SmartEnd” template. I’m getting a 404 after the install. see for yourself

thanks for the help!

thanks for the info. after looking at the server there is no htaccess file. where do i find this?

You can find it on the main folder of smartend script. It may be hidden if don’t see it, show hidden files and it will appear.

thanks again

I did not find the install folder in the code I downloaded. Help me install the script, please.

No problem,
You can install it on local as I mentioned.
Then when you want to migrate it to online, You can update the configuration file on ”/core/.env” and change DB connection and app url.
If you have any questions you can direct contact me from here

When I submit contact form it says following

Sending contact messages is working via Ajax & JS.
You may have an error on JS so you need to check:
- Google reCaptcha settings
- Google Maps Settings
You can use inspect to view the js error in the contact page.

Hello how to fix this problem in map (Sorry! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.)

You can download this file Extract and replace it on this path
This will resolve this issue for you. Regards

thank you add google map API geting this error SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘ar_box_status’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: update `smartend_webmaster_settings` set `languages_ar_status` = ?, `mail_encryption` = ?, `nocaptcha_secret` = ?, `nocaptcha_sitekey` = ?, `google_tags_id` = ?, `google_analytics_code` = ?, `login_facebook_client_id` = ?, `login_facebook_client_secret` = ?, `login_twitter_client_id` = ?, `login_twitter_client_secret` = ?, `login_google_client_id` = ?, `login_google_client_secret` = ?, `login_linkedin_client_id` = ?, `login_linkedin_client_secret` = ?, `login_github_client_id` = ?, `login_github_client_secret` = ?, `login_bitbucket_client_id` = ?, `login_bitbucket_client_secret` = ?, `ar_box_status` = 0, `en_box_status` = 0, `smartend_webmaster_settings`.`updated_at` = 2021-09-23 23:04:16 where `id` = 1)

Can you direct contact me with your website details to check your script and php version to know why you are facing like these issue.
Hello purchase code 94b2c8b9-d1b4-4b60-ab7c-e00b7cbf9ffd the Purchased and install script looks different than what you advertised. and I do not know how to list properties could you please have a look to my installed script on this link and tell me how to list properties

after doing this both choice in admin control panel become (Rent) as ((Rent properties)and( PropertiesForRent) So no Sale.

Sorry for the type error. It should be
    'PropertiesForSale' => 'Sale Properties',
    'PropertiesForRent' => 'Rent Properties',
    'PropertiesForSale' => 'عقارات للبيع',
    'PropertiesForRent' => 'عقارات للإيجار',
hello sir I miss the dropdown menu of (for rent)(for sell) in my today installed website could you please let me know how to get that working

Hi, You are welcome.
It is recommended to import the Demo Data this will create all menus for you and make it typically like website demo.

How to install Demo Contents:
- Install SmartEnd System via installation wizard normally.
- Import Demo DB “demo_data.sql” file to your DB via phpMyAdmin.
- Replace “uploads” folder on your project root by the one attached with Demo Data.

This will quick help you in creating all menus and all other data.
If you need help or face any issue you can also direct contact me from her

hi just intrested in your real estate which cost $ 30 I want to use it in the UK , so want the currency to be £ and the API UK also I i want to ask if there is any possibility to take online payment or deposit thanks

Hi, you are welcome.
There is no payment available. This is a general CMS script customized to real estate theme. Currency on price is just a text you can change to what you want.
You can check the main Smartend Script also. It is support multi languages and some extra features ( But also no online payment available ).

havent seen any payment gateway..can users feature their products?

Hi, There is no payment available. Products is just a general posts.

can the “Visits” field in a listing in listing results be switched off or changed to anything else?

No, You can not hide it ( unless you remove this part from code)
But you can hide it easily using CSS code.
You can add this code:

.listing div.item .visits{ 
display:none !important;
.listing div.item .comments{ 
width:100% !important;
left:0 !important;
border:0 !important;
From Dashboard >> Webmaster >> General Settings >> Google Tags
Hope this helps.

I Buy your template 1. I install your template i change content to dashboard but its not change Frontend. 2. then language its not change 3. later again i login to dashboard i can’t login 4. then analysis its not show our location its show different location Can you fix this issues

Hi, I have received and replied to your email. I will continue contacting you via email. Regards

Hi, I would like to buy your script but I see you use Google Maps API, will you add openstreetmaps in your script?. Thks

Hi, openstreetmaps is not available on Smartend now. Maps working only via Google maps.
I will take your suggestion for openstreetmaps into account in upcoming releases.

Hi Mondi, I’ve sent you ftp access this morning. Have you checked it yet?

I’ve sent the reply to your Email. You are welcome.

there’s no search field ? for example Searching 2 beds and 1 bathrooms etc..

No advanced search available. The available search is very simple for search in titles and details only.

I’m using postgresql and it was successfully installed with setup wizard. When I try to input and save it (admin form page), I’ve got an error message: “Carbon\Exceptions\InvalidFormatException Trailing Data”. Thanks

Hi, I didn’t test it with Postgresql before so you may face issues with it like this one for different time format so it is recommended to use it with MySQL. Regards

Unfortunately my company doesn’t recommend it, can you fix it? Thanks

Ok, You can direct contact me from her with your website & host login details. I will check every thing with you and do my best. Regards

can i use it for 3 langues?

This still not support multi languages come only ( English & Arabic ). You will need to update source code and DB manually to add more languages. ( So you need to have a good knowledege with PHP & Laravel framework ).

It has the all the same features of real state script and more. But with different frontend style and view.
You can add all property details, maps, files, photos and custom fields as you want.


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