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i want to buy this plugin. is the login form customizable enough in order to display it horizontally and the input label to be used as placeholder. because i want to use it in the navigation bar of my website

Hi, yes this is possible :) You can change it the way you like. Please consider trying it out first with the free trial versions: f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version

how do i make people to lgin or register?

Hi, you can install the demo/example forms from the marketplace to get you started, and you can also read the documentation for the add-on here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/front-end-register-login/

Hi, I’ve purchased this, the woocommerce and the calculator all to try and just get a form to submit and then take you to a paypal page to make a payment that matches the selected amount chosen.

Please visit this page for my example of what Im wanting it to do. http://d82.531.mwp.accessdomain.com/swim-lessons

Please let me know how this is possible. I don’t want to have to have a “cart” and go to the checkout page to fill out all of that stuff. Just want a paypal payment and form submission

Hi, sorry you will have to use WooCommerce to checkout with paypal, there is currently not yet a standalone Paypal add-on for Super Forms. But it’s on our list of priority upcoming add-ons.

Do you have any idea (rough idea?) of when the PayPal integration would be?

Also, is there a way to set up the WooCommerce to NOT go to the cart and straight to the checkout via a price/dropdown item/radio button that was selected on the form? Can it go to the checkout page, but NOT have the billing information? At that point it will forward to the PayPal page, correct?

Sorry, I’ve never used WooCommerce

Hi, the WooCommerce add-on has the option to set redirect to either: Cart or Checkout page. So yes you can do this.

Regarding the billing information, that’s something the add-on doesn’t handle, but there are ways to do this, but I can’t help you with this, it requires custom programming. Maybe there is a plugin for this available, but I don’t know.