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i want to buy this plugin. is the login form customizable enough in order to display it horizontally and the input label to be used as placeholder. because i want to use it in the navigation bar of my website

Hi, yes this is possible :) You can change it the way you like. Please consider trying it out first with the free trial versions: f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version

how do i make people to lgin or register?

Hi, you can install the demo/example forms from the marketplace to get you started, and you can also read the documentation for the add-on here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/front-end-register-login/

Hi, I’ve purchased this, the woocommerce and the calculator all to try and just get a form to submit and then take you to a paypal page to make a payment that matches the selected amount chosen.

Please visit this page for my example of what Im wanting it to do. http://d82.531.mwp.accessdomain.com/swim-lessons

Please let me know how this is possible. I don’t want to have to have a “cart” and go to the checkout page to fill out all of that stuff. Just want a paypal payment and form submission

Hi, sorry you will have to use WooCommerce to checkout with paypal, there is currently not yet a standalone Paypal add-on for Super Forms. But it’s on our list of priority upcoming add-ons.

Do you have any idea (rough idea?) of when the PayPal integration would be?

Also, is there a way to set up the WooCommerce to NOT go to the cart and straight to the checkout via a price/dropdown item/radio button that was selected on the form? Can it go to the checkout page, but NOT have the billing information? At that point it will forward to the PayPal page, correct?

Sorry, I’ve never used WooCommerce

Hi, the WooCommerce add-on has the option to set redirect to either: Cart or Checkout page. So yes you can do this.

Regarding the billing information, that’s something the add-on doesn’t handle, but there are ways to do this, but I can’t help you with this, it requires custom programming. Maybe there is a plugin for this available, but I don’t know.

I tried your live demo and I raised a doubt since I saw that for the registration with activation of email and send a code that you must later place in the code field of the login … but that would happen if I want to place The activation of the accounts Automatic? I imagine in the mail with an activation code will be sent to my subscribers and therefore the field code would lose its function then it is not something necessary?

I would also like to know if it is possible to configure the page to which it directs my subscribers once they are accessed and also when they press logout

Ok, other thing that can work is: put activation code field inside a column element, then set column to be invisible. That will work

I do not want hide it, I want delete completly that field “code” can you told me if this is possible or I Have to use it for login/register

Completely removing isn’t an option, since we need it to do the check if the code is correct. If you don’t want to send activation code to email, but instantly activate the user you can of course do this, there is a setting for this. Other than that, no not possible.

HI, Is it possible (or do you have a plan) for mapping with xprofile BP ? Regards

Sorry, I don’t know what you are trying to say or mean. But if it’s not already possible it won’t be possible I am afraid.

You do not have a plan to register a member in the buddypress plugin ! OK

Register a member (wordpres user) you can do this with Register & Login add-on


Is it possible to set a user registration status to a custom one “pending activation”? I need to build a B2B webshop where dealers can register with some additional company details (VAT#, etc…) but they are not allowed to login until staff has approved the account. They also need to do some credit checks, update ERP etc… before the user can login and buy.

So far, I like the features from your plugins but this seems to be missing and there is not much available for WooCommerce.


Hi, actually there is such option, you can set the user status to “Pending”, this is a custom status added by the plugin :) So if it’s “Pending” or “Blocked” they are not able to login. You will have to set it to: “Active” manually to let them login. You will have to set the option to make sure the account is not activated automatically. We are also planning on some other features for the add-on such as: automatically set to active after payment completed (WC). And some others. But for now I guess you should be able to do what you want.


Activation or Admin both Mails are not working.

and Sometimes Register Forms says “Error Processing Data” but the user gets register at the back end .

But no mails are going and coming

kindly guide.

Hi Can you please check my form once

Hi, yes of course, but you have to provide me with login/and url to the form (send support email please).

Support Mail Sent


I purchased the Super Forms and the WooCommerce Checkout add-on but I have a question about this add-on before I buy it. I have a form (a paid service request form). If I add the user registration add-on will that means when a repetitive client login the personal info section on that form will be populated on that form?

No, if I understand you correctly you don’t need the add-on. You can use tags like: {user_email} and {user_display} to autopopulate fields with logged in user info. The add-on is only for registering and logging in users.

Ok. Thanks for replying but I have another question though. I have the SF + Woo add-on and they work with no issue. My issue is that the original form (client was using gravity forms) has 5 or 6 fields that are price fields and the total amount gets calculated based on the client selection. So currently that SF form is linked to a product that has a base price of let’s say A, but the client within the forms has the option to select more than 1 field that has a set price so will the check out add these selected priced fields to the total amount of the product when placing the order? I also assume that I need the dynamic price add-on. right?

Thanks for your question, this depends on your product, is it a standard product or variable product? If standard then you will need dynamic pricing because this won’t be possible otherwise, another thing is that you might need calculator add-on for super forms. I don’t know exactly what you are after but here is a good example of such a form (in case you haven’t seen it yet): http://f4d.nl/super-forms/documentation/wordpress-site-setup/

Hello feeling4design, I’m looking for a plugin that allow me to give my new users to choose from specific 5 custom roles (all with ‘subscriber’ permissions) when registering. I need that to give them access to 1 of 5 different kinds of contents just for those 5 custom roles. I hope I did explain myself clearly. Would Frontend Register Login allow me to do this? Thank you.

Yes, you can add a field named: user_role With the slug of the role as the option value on dropdown.


I installed the plugin but I do not see any tab to set, how do I have to do ??? thank you to reply before the review



Note: the plugin is an Add-on for super forms. You need Super Forms in order to use it.

You can purchase Super Forms here: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-drag-drop-form-builder/13979866

Simple question (I think): I use your plugin to allow my user to register on my support site. I put in the form some field like VAT ID, Name of their company, etc. Where I should find this informations? (I know there is a form submissions archive, but is too difficult to find the right user).

Hi, the information can be found under Contact Entries. But if you register a new user you can find the info under Users also. But if you use custom field data, you must make sure to save it as custom user meta. And your wordpress must support these fields in order for it to display in the back-end. Super Forms simply handles saving the data, nothing more.

Thank you. And what do you mean with “save it as custom user meta”? There is an option?

Yes, you can set this under Form Settings > Front-end Register & Login when editing the form.


A person registers on the site by completing the mandatory fields of wordpress (username, email). After validation and at the 1st connection, it arrives on a page with a form that includes the few mandatory fields of budddypress https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress/ I need this addon or I can do it with the plugin (Super Forms) only?


If you require to register a new user, you need this add-on yes. But you must understand that Super Forms + this add-on can not edit / update an already registered user. Just so you know.

Pre sale Question! Hi!! is it possible to have an input – example Id Number – in the registration form, that validate if this Id exist and then the user can continuous with the registration form? For example, if this Id exists in the system then the user can finish the register, if not, it couldn’t. Thanks!

Ok but where is this registration ID saved?

Hi!!! in a sql table or if it better in a php, we have 50 ID numbers so we need to match the Id input with this id, if the user fill with correct Id, then can continuous the register. THANKS!!!

You can do it with PHP, you can hook into super forms. You can find all hooks here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/knowledge-base-category/developers/


dagraph Purchased


I buy the plugin, it is fun !

1. I would like to be able to insert a link directly in the mail to receive by the admin to activate by clicking without having to connect and enter the menu of the back office.

2. Is it possible to not insert a new user in Wordpress, until the validation of the user in your plugin? Today adding in your plugin and wordpress users is automatic.

Thank you

Hi, both are not possible, but I have noted them as future improvements for the add-on, thanks for your feedback. If you really need them now you can hire use to do the job. Otherwise it might take a while before it’s being added.


I bought a directory theme from this site:

https://www.ait-themes.club and wonder if your form is compartible with that theme. Basically, I dont want the plugins to create any profile which may overwrite the built in profile containing free and paid packages; I just want a simply plugins which can create custom forms which i can place anywhere on my website; I need the followings:

-simple registration form containing only username, email and password fields with required confirmation email sent to user upon registration

-login form -reset password form -No new profile is created automatically upon registration

-Email confirmation sent to users upon registration to avoid spams -Google reCaptcha

-Can the registration form be created based on a user’s role(s) created by Wordpress and that theme?

-Can it be translated to another language?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



-simple registration form containing only username, email and password fields with required confirmation email sent to user upon registration:
Yes, with register & login add-on you can.

-login form -reset password form -No new profile is created automatically upon registration:
Yes with register & login add-on you can.

-Email confirmation sent to users upon registration to avoid spams -Google reCaptcha:
Both you can do.

-Can the registration form be created based on a user’s role(s) created by Wordpress and that theme?:
I don’t understand this question. but you can register user and select user role that exists for users. (register&login add-on)

-Can it be translated to another language?
Yes you can duplicate form and change to different language and put shortcode on correct language page. the back-end can also be translated with translation files.

Hi i would like to ask a couple of question about this add-on.

- Can this add on lock the entire website to users only? even if the non-login user go to a different url (not home) they will be redirected to login/register page.

-if someone register in the website, an email will be sent to them about “admin will approve registration within 48 hours”. until then they cannot login or visit any page within the site.

-if user sent any type of form (sample: booking form), all copy of entries for this specific user can be viewed on a page where they can check its status. similar to “contact entries” except they cannot view other user’s submitted forms.

-information that they filled up upon registration (Sample: company name and details) can be added to any form they want to fill in using {field_names}

i hope this add-on can do the first 3 questions. or is there any custom settings or codes to be added for those 3 to be accomplished.

Thank you!

1. no it will only lock the form not the rest of the page or other pages

2. no, it will only disallow them to login to their account until admin verified/approved their account, so unless you have a other plugin that blocks everything until user is logged in you can do what you want.

3. No they won’t be able to see their submissions in their account. This is something that only the admin can see in the back-end. Maybe in future we add this possibility.

4. Yes you can use tags to retrieve current logged in user data and even custom user meta data (with latest version of super forms).

So only 2 and 4 are possible.

what if i added a woocommerce add-on will i be able to achieve question no. 3??

Hmmm well, what they will see is an order with a product, and if you provide some meta data for that product they will see that too, but any other fields they won’t see. So I am not sure what you require to be parsed via the form and afterwards retrieved by the user via their dashboard/profile.

Only thing that woocommerce add-on does, is adds products to the cart after form is submitted with some optionally meta data per product. And then redirect user to the cart or checkout page. The rest is done by woocommerce so anything that woocommerce can do is possible. But you have to understand that if you have just a bunch of fields in your form they will not be saved to the order itself.

Hello, about to buy but i have a few questions..

1. can i use this with feedburner ? feedburner has a code to add to a custom signup form…

2. can i change the fonts, color of the fonts and the background color of the sub. buttom?

3.i tried the demo…and it never sent an email back to me…is there something else i need to go along with your plugin? like another plugin?

4. when someone sends a file, where does it go?...to admin email? or to back end of wordpress?

Thank You …cheers


1. In what way would you want to use feedburner with super forms if I may ask? ps. there is no option to connect with feedburner. I don’t know if the zapier add-on with a zapier account could help in this case? https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-zapier/19483649

2. Yes you can change all of this

3. If you didn’t receive any emails, this could either be one of the following problems: https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/faq?id=why-is-my-form-not-sending-emails

4. It will be saved in your media library and attached inside emails.


How can I add log-out link to the menu. I have a separate plugin to lock the whole site for users who are not logged in (It hides the whole content including menu options) . and im wondering how can i let users log-out of the website

Normally you can logout via the menu bar at the top. This add-on does not provide a logout button of some sort. It only let’s users login and register via your form. Your theme should handle the logout part, but wordpress by default has a logout link. If your theme or plugin hides everything you should reconsider using that plugin.

I’m looking for some information on how to get Registration with Activation working. Let me start by saying you have a great suite of products. My biggest issue right now is that I’m unable to get the activation working.

I have a registration form set to send a user an activation email. I want to ensure that users are using good email addresses before letting them login.

An email is sent to the user’s email address and they click the link and it takes them to the login page/form. Currently building this local so the link takes them to http://localhost:8888/login/?code=o3MOtfG0

The activation code is automatically plugged into the form and the user then needs to enter their user login and password.. I’m assuming this should activate them, but all I get is “ERROR: The password you entered for the username xxxxx is incorrect.”

Any idea on how to fix this. I know the username and password are correct. I can see the user in super form contacts and Wordpress users.

One other thing, I’m letting the user enter their password in the registration form? Is this possible or do I need to use a generated password? If so, how?

If you get the error password incorrect, and you are sure the username is correct it means that the password is incorrect basically. If no user_pass field exists it will generate one on the fly. Maybe that’s what is happening? If you let it generate a password it can be retrieved in your email with the tag: {register_generated_password}

I set all “User login status after registration” to PENDING and checked “Send approve email when account is activated by admin” but after i saved it, it automatically goes unchecked. i tried several times but everytime i saved it goes unchecked for “Send approve email when account is activated by admin”. how can i fix this..

Hi, hmmm that’s weird. What versions are you running? Have you tried updating to the latest versions for both of them? You can check this via: Dashboard > Updates > Check again.

If it doesn’t solve the problem please contact support via “Support” TAB on this page and provide site details and all other info required. Thanks.

already sent an email, regarding this problem.