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I suggest to create a free & paid registration-login as a full system, with ofcourse: payment methods (paypal, payza,western union, skrill, .....etc) it will pomp up your sales here.

Hey sanayar, nice request, we will think about it and how we could best build a feature like this. Do tou mean more like a subsribtion or a one time payment?

I think the both (subscription & one time payment)

Ok, thanks for your feedback. Do you have some examples for us, so we now what you are looking for in more detail. Thanks!

I boutht this plugin. but I can’t set your plugin, your plugin is not seen in board. What???

Hello, please contact us through support page thanks.

hey interested in buying Can you sign up or pre populate the form via Linkedin as well thanks

Currently no, maybe we add this option in the near future. Just keep an eye out ;)

Hi, your demo does not work. it say “You haven’t activated your Super Forms Plugin yet Please click here and enter you Purchase Code.”

Hey, thanks for letting us know, we have updated it, you should be able to check out our demo again :)


excon Purchased


Is there anyway to hide these forms when a user is logged in ? Or replace with a text.

Hi, you are logged i already….

Thanks for Support


excon Purchased

btw i use widget logic now to achieve this ;-)

Hello excon, not at the moment, but there has been requests for this so we added this to our feature list :)

Hi This plugin looks good, but I have a specific functionality to build to if its achieved then only I will buy it, I want when the user clicks on the login after login successfully it redirects back to the previous page where he was, does it provide such functionality? coz I bought UPME plugin and it was waste of money

Hello, good question. There is an option to redirect to an specific existing page or an custom URL, but there is no option to redirect the user to the page where they came from when they entered the login page. So unfortunately no :( I think it is a great feature that should be implemented as default inside the Super Forms plugin. So I have listed it on our repository to do list. But for now you will have to either search for an other plugin or wait I am afraid.

Hey there :)

Pre-Sale Question: Is it possible to integrate this with WooCommerce? I would need a custom designed login-page as well as registration page because the one out of the box from WooCommerce looks very bland and boring. Is this possible to have integrated or would we need some custom hacks from you to get this to work?

Thanks a lot and have a great week!

Hello! Hey, that’s cool! I did have problems before with other Front-End plugins, so I just want to make sure that this one can cope with the WooCommerce logic of having one page for registering and logging in.

I basically would love to have a seperate page for each action, and maybe the password recovery form as a link from the login form, so I just want to 100% make sure that I can do this with this plugin, since previous plugins failed in that area.

so if I go to the …/my-account page on WooCommerce, where currently the login and registration is located, I would need to have it be possible to split this into 2 pages without breaking anything and while maintaining the woocommerce functionality, I hope this makes sense!

Thanks a lot again and very much looking forward hearing back from you!

All the best, Vaya

P.S. The Meta is definitely an awesome feature!

Hey, I didn’t get a message you posted on this page, so didn’t even notice. But better late then never: yes this is possible without problem. This was actually ment for these purposes, just to register anyone on any page. Including custom meta data :)

Cool, thanks a lot and better late than never :D

Can’t believe I’ve just bought this and you have zero in the way of documentation.

Where is the builder page? I’ve installed the plugin and I don’t see it in any of the menus?


Hello MetalPotatoUK,

This is an Add-on for the plugin Super Forms, you cannot just install this plugin without having the Main plugin, you can find it here: http://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-drag-drop-form-builder/13979866

Can this allow users to sign up for a Multisite – sub blog creation?

The add-on will just register a regular user. So it will most likely register a new user for the site the form is currently located at. (we have not tested this, but that would make the most sense). We use the core functions of WordPress to register users. Thanks.


LarsHdg Purchased

Hello, A few Pre-sales questions if I may? Can you build your own register form with this add-on to Super-form, i.e. We would like to add most of the standard meta plus some extra, like an extra address (Street, no, zip, country) and phone number? And – are these registered data freely available to use ( can they easily be retrieved) , for instance for our synchronization with Mailchimp?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, yes you can redirect the user to a specific page, and you can use a tag in the URL as a parameter to retrieve the username. After this you can use the username to do anything custom on the page you redirecting. Other option could be to hook into the code, and do anything you’d like :)


LarsHdg Purchased

OK. – I think I’m getting the idea of how this can be utilized for our needs. So what I see is: 1) A login form with the basic WP meta. 2) After registration the user “X” is directed to a new form which then will hold the missing data – for instance how many houses do you own? If the user answers 2 – then he’ll be asked to enter the data for each of the cars. 3) And all the data is tied together as a relation to that specific user ID. Is that rightly understood?

And if so – how can House A change owner? Will user X then have to delete House A or can it bit “re-routed” to the new owner “Y” (if he has registered)? This could also be a backend task for an Admin; but the data needs to be visible and editable.

One more question. Can you hide and pre-select the “User role” status in the form-design?

Thanks again for your prompt answers :)


Yes thats correct but you must understand that it requires programming. You will not see any custom saved user meta by default.

I just wanted to make you understand this.

The plugin only handles the registration and redirect, nothing more!

So it’s totalky up to how you program it if the contact entries are tight together. I would just put it all in one form why not?

What is the difference? Only you would have to make sure custom user meta is visible in backend when editing a user.


meetpd Purchased


We have purchased plugin. It is working fine in local server. But while applying in live site it is not working.

I got the message Invalid Purchased code.

Hello, you can deactivate it on your test location. And reactivate on live site. If it doesn’t work contact us through support tab and provide us license. We will help you :)


meetpd Purchased

Yes. I just send you license code via Contact Author form. Please help.

Hi, sorry but when I install plugin I don’t see nothing into admin panel, where I found section?

Hi, you need Super Forms, please see description, thanks.

Can we only use this with Wordpress sites?

That’s correct.

Hi, is a captcha field also available?

Yes, google recaptcha

Please see the Super Forms main plugin page.

Your Super Forms and Log in add-on looks amazing! And i have pre purchase questions about it ;)

Did I understand correctly that after the registration the user will be able to fill out a form? I want to do a multistep form composed of 5 steps for registered users only.

If the user will close/leave the form at any step will the filled information be saved? Or the user will have to fill all the steps again?

Hi, thanks a lot :)

Regarding your question. Sorry but you can not hide the form or prevent the form from other users. Basically the front-end login is for logging in users and register them. Also the form won’t be saved so they will have to fill out completely, but we have had this request a couple of times so it will definitely be in one of our upcoming version. Thank you!

Hi, for some reason the plugin does two things that it should or should’t: 1) its not sending activation emails, when new accounts/users sign up, even this is set in the form settings. 2) if I set to “don’t send activation email” and to “activate the account” the login still gives out error message, that the account must be activated, even the user was activated via backend. All settings are checked several times. Do you provide support for those things? And one more thing: the forms actually don’t send emails at all, also no admin/notification emails

Hi, where are you changing these settings? Are you changing them on the global settings, because they won’t be affecting your form settings, please change the settings on form builder under “Form Settings > Register & Login”

Thanks for prompt reply! Sure, I did that – all changes are only made in the forms itself, not on global settings

Ok, please send support ticket and provide a temp admin login so we can find the reason and help you out with your issue.

Pre-Sale questions. I was wondering if I can upload data for condition logic registration form that would display selective option based on zip code that user has input. For example, user put zip code 12345 than it would display schools that located in that zip code area. I do have data for schools list based on zip codes.

Hi, no conditional logic have to be entered manually. You can also change the json code and generate conditional logic based on your data (but I don’t know if you can do this yourself).

I need to create a page where only those who log in can access. With this plugin I can do this?

No, only register and loggin, no form lock.

Hello, Pre-purchase question

Can your plugin allow me to automatically assign to my users a specific “role” which was created by another third party plugin upon registration?

Example: When users register, they will be automatically assigned to the “role” created by the third party plugin?

- GM

Hi, yes all roles that have been registered within wordpress and by other plugins are available for selecting in the settings.

using this plugin can user change data after submitting by loggin in

No, it’s only for logging in and registering new users.