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i want to buy this plugin. is the login form customizable enough in order to display it horizontally and the input label to be used as placeholder. because i want to use it in the navigation bar of my website

Hi, yes this is possible :) You can change it the way you like. Please consider trying it out first with the free trial versions: f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version

how do i make people to lgin or register?

Hi, you can install the demo/example forms from the marketplace to get you started, and you can also read the documentation for the add-on here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/front-end-register-login/

Hi, I’ve purchased this, the woocommerce and the calculator all to try and just get a form to submit and then take you to a paypal page to make a payment that matches the selected amount chosen.

Please visit this page for my example of what Im wanting it to do. http://d82.531.mwp.accessdomain.com/swim-lessons

Please let me know how this is possible. I don’t want to have to have a “cart” and go to the checkout page to fill out all of that stuff. Just want a paypal payment and form submission

Hi, sorry you will have to use WooCommerce to checkout with paypal, there is currently not yet a standalone Paypal add-on for Super Forms. But it’s on our list of priority upcoming add-ons.

Do you have any idea (rough idea?) of when the PayPal integration would be?

Also, is there a way to set up the WooCommerce to NOT go to the cart and straight to the checkout via a price/dropdown item/radio button that was selected on the form? Can it go to the checkout page, but NOT have the billing information? At that point it will forward to the PayPal page, correct?

Sorry, I’ve never used WooCommerce

Hi, the WooCommerce add-on has the option to set redirect to either: Cart or Checkout page. So yes you can do this.

Regarding the billing information, that’s something the add-on doesn’t handle, but there are ways to do this, but I can’t help you with this, it requires custom programming. Maybe there is a plugin for this available, but I don’t know.

I tried your live demo and I raised a doubt since I saw that for the registration with activation of email and send a code that you must later place in the code field of the login … but that would happen if I want to place The activation of the accounts Automatic? I imagine in the mail with an activation code will be sent to my subscribers and therefore the field code would lose its function then it is not something necessary?

I would also like to know if it is possible to configure the page to which it directs my subscribers once they are accessed and also when they press logout

Ok, other thing that can work is: put activation code field inside a column element, then set column to be invisible. That will work

I do not want hide it, I want delete completly that field “code” can you told me if this is possible or I Have to use it for login/register

Completely removing isn’t an option, since we need it to do the check if the code is correct. If you don’t want to send activation code to email, but instantly activate the user you can of course do this, there is a setting for this. Other than that, no not possible.

HI, Is it possible (or do you have a plan) for mapping with xprofile BP ? Regards

Sorry, I don’t know what you are trying to say or mean. But if it’s not already possible it won’t be possible I am afraid.

You do not have a plan to register a member in the buddypress plugin ! OK

Register a member (wordpres user) you can do this with Register & Login add-on


Is it possible to set a user registration status to a custom one “pending activation”? I need to build a B2B webshop where dealers can register with some additional company details (VAT#, etc…) but they are not allowed to login until staff has approved the account. They also need to do some credit checks, update ERP etc… before the user can login and buy.

So far, I like the features from your plugins but this seems to be missing and there is not much available for WooCommerce.


Hi, actually there is such option, you can set the user status to “Pending”, this is a custom status added by the plugin :) So if it’s “Pending” or “Blocked” they are not able to login. You will have to set it to: “Active” manually to let them login. You will have to set the option to make sure the account is not activated automatically. We are also planning on some other features for the add-on such as: automatically set to active after payment completed (WC). And some others. But for now I guess you should be able to do what you want.