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It will be available options to share with WhatsApp, instagram, for example.


will these ever be ios version

No it will take time

Great , 100% Thanks

Thanks a lot

I purchased this.. When i import, its giving error “Unable to resolve target ‘android-18’ ..

Can you tell me whats wrong ?

up date your android sdk….. goto windows=>Android SDK Manager

install all packages..

I can change the image size ?

no sorry

In the application you can make videos? or just photos?, the photos do separately or both at the same time?.

In case of any issue, pl. send DM

have you updated the app solving the image size errors, and the landscape mode?

yes, it has been updated now

It using admob SDK or Google play service lib?

admob sdk.

Can you make iOS version please

Not now

The app byself works on my Note 2, but the pictures don’t have the same screensize. How can I solve the issue?

Pl. DM the screenshots

What is “PI. DM”?

Direct Message

Can you do a small custom job on this app for me.? If so can I email you what I want?

Yes, sure

Hi can you customize for small change. i want take a picture but only one side. example :

left side we can take a picture with camera, but the other side (right) its a template, so we can provide the picture.



your cost for costumize is very expensive. iam disappointed buying this FrontBack.

We quoted you @ $10 per hour only

Can you add an customizable (when building) watermark?

If the app can output watermarked images with my logo i will buy it for sure

maybe it’s easier to watermark it with text… this way users are promoting the app also when the image is shared

For modifications, pl. send a DM

why this application was removed from google ply ? it contains a problem ?

No there is no problem, you can download/test APK from – http://mobilemerit.com/front-back-photo-app/

Testing the app in a real device, it works to take the first photo,then… when you touch to take the second (front one) the app closes and a error message says “unfortunately Front & Back has stopped”

Any idea ??

The images also seems to be streched… can this be fixed?

Out of memory on a 48000016-byte allocation

both pictures are taken and stored correctly, the issue is after this…

Tell us the device you are using and send the screenshots of the logcat…


if i want to add some feature like, frame, image edit and text did you can make it ?


Yes, pl. send project details by DM

where is documentation file? because in my Ecplise not work. something wrong in : SRC & RES. can you help me? because i have buy this item and not work actually.

Hello I wabt to buy this, you provide support if your code contains errors? Thx

Pl. send us the errors by DM

demo apk not found.please send me demo.

please check direct messege.

not received

I would like to return the product no feature back

I do not have a feature of the product I want to return the standard does not differ from the difference