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You have really good game but same here! You have to add more feature to make better game who sells more and more.

- add more characters to the game to unlock - add more different background - if you can add reward video so your buyer can earn real money.

Good luck,.

Thank you for feedback. We will update the new version soon. Hopefully your support.

Iam working with mobile marketing and if you follow my tip, you gonna to make good games and sell more.. you can reach me at

Good luck.

After purchasing we get Xcode source OR unity source ? I know how to upload from Xcode but don’t know unity. Is that clear documentation added ?

This game is made with Unity, easy build to Xcode project and publish to Appstore.In documents including instructions on how to export to Xcode project and you can publish to Appstore.

I like your another game, the zombie one hope you gonna to sell it here too ?


sure , I ‘ll put up codecanyon in the shortest time .

Very nice, I think I gonna to buy this game in ios and even andriod….

if you just can add reward video to the game for example, when you die the player offers to see video ad and after that you can continue playing or see reward video ads to collect points to unlock some characters… that can be awesome… of course if you can or it possible. Thanks

Hi, its nice code. Purchased but not sure where to change Chartboost id.

You wrote – ” Go back to Unity, go to Chartboost->Edit Settings,fill iOS App ID and App Signature above.”

But I don’t see Chartboost,Edit Settings button in my Unity. Where to open ? Please tell.

Hello, Bestfreeiosgame, Which version of Unity are you running? This project was included Chartboost SDK.If don’t see Chartboost settings, please download Chartboost SDK for Unity from here. and reimport package into project.If you have any question, please contact me: or I will support you directly.Thanks
This is the location of Chartboost menu:

Thank You. Its there. Thank you. Looks like chartboost unity idk is not latest one. How to re-import ? I am new to Unity

I see it is in unity. Can I compile it for Android too?

yes, you can compile it for android, it’s very easy

Today buy the code, but the document info is incomplete does not show the images of examples

can you help me?

Thanks, I send a email. you mail si i guess

Documentation is broken, there is no example images.

Hello Sevelina, I have updated a new version, the document has been corrected. I’m sorry about this problem.

Thank you for this update! What about Google Play leaderboards? How to setup it?

This template don’t support for leaderboard on GooglePlay. Regards!

game has 64 bit support, ios9.x and iphone6s plus screen resolution support? also does it have gamecentre?

Yes, this game supports all ios devices, 64bit, and leaderboard with gamecenter.

hello, do you use unity free or pro ?

hey, you can using unity free with splash screen “Made by Unity”.

the upgrade to IOS 10 when it will be available?

Hi thanks but i have new xcode version and does not accept my ios compilation, sends error an e-mail

“This app Attempts to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app’s Info.plist must Contain an NSCameraUsageDescription key with a string value to the user explaining how the app use esta data.”

attempt to modify the info.plist is modified but the app again throws up the same error, I have the last verison of xcode and previously had passed. Maybe you can help

Thank you for reporting this issue, i’ll check it out and fixed this.

please I’m still waiting IOS upgrade to 10 ¿when available? best regards

Hi, Leader-board with Google Play is supported on this game? Do you provide documentation about how to change the images and backgrounds on this game? Is PNG images or sprite files?

Hi, Any Update?