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The Owner of this Script missed a Database table. Just create a new Database with the following tables in it:


Table -columns:
 'asked_by', `revealed_by`, `question`, `choice'

Sry not a Database! Just create the Table in your Database.

I setted up a new test and came up with this error:
[error_msg] => REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher

What is tghe Problem here?

I am working on it and it will be solved ASAP. Thanks

Is this script currently working right? I don’t want to purchase until I know.

Yes, it’s working fine, please review the app :)

OK. Thank you. One last question that anyone can answer who uses this script. Exactly how does it work? If one of my friends answers a question. Will only our mutual friends be included? Or will it ask questions about THEIR friends & friends of friends? In other-words, will this be viral or just stay among MY friends list? I ask because if I answer a question about ONE friend and it posts on my page. My other friends won’t know this friend and not bother clicking on it. So if they DO click on it. Will it ask questions about THEIR friends that aren’t on my friends list? If you know what I mean. Please give some input?

Hello, After installing this app you can only answer the question to your own friends list and that will be published on your friends wall (there’s an option for that if you want to publish or not). Thanks

I’m still waiting to test this app. My host is taking it’s time issuing my SSL cert. But setting it up. One question. Adding ads or banners is a little confusing. How do you add a banner to those php pages? Where do you put the code? Not much documentation regarding that. Plus a bit confusing when setting up the Facebook app. Your documentation is based on the old version. I just hope I get it correct.

I am updating this app and the documentation and soon it will be updated.

Go to ‘ads’ folder and update your ad in top.php

OK. Now I’m lost. I got my SSL and tried to test the script and all I get is this error.

The parameter app_id is required

Anyone know what this could be?

OK. I did everything right on the appid_id.php. So I had a friend that installs Facebook apps look at it and this is what he said:


1. You app settings are good to go 2. you have correctly configured the settings in PHP


1. The developer is using old PHP sdk which is not supported by new apps (reference

2. If you bought this app recently, i would say get a refund. If it was an old app, its not developer’s fault, fb SDK is updated

Note: In my view old v 1.0 has stopped working since now we have v 2.2 Reference:

There is nothing else i can do for you to make it work. Please contact the person from whom you purchased this app

So what do I do now?

I am updating the app, and it will be updated on Wednesday-12. Thanks

Great. I look forward to tomorrow. :-)

Well Wednesday the 12th has come and gone. When should we expect your update?

You know. I purchased this script 2 weeks ago and still haven’t been able to use it. You give promises of an update and your date has come and passed without a word from you. Well I am going to wait until the end of the weekend and if this isn’t up and running. I am going to request a full refund.. I was going to buy other scripts on here. But now I’m skeptical..

Please finish your update. I would REALLY like to use this script…At least say something so that we know what’s going on..

WTF? The author just vanish? So now I’m stuck with a non-working script. It’s been a month since we heard from him. Thank you VERY much…

Hi !! I want to know if this script currently working right? I don’t want to purchase until I know.

please fix demo!

I bought your source, but facebook developers interface has changed, i need help, do you have skype ?

is this script dead?

Live preview doesn’t show.

Any chance to get this updated? It doesn’t work anymore since it uses a very old PHP version.

Can I use this with like pages of celebrities?

hello, i purchase the script, but is old, please update

The idea seems good but does this still work?

Is this still working?