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Nice job, god luck ;)

Thanks a lot :)


1.Can you turn off the shadow effect on the slider?

2. Do you have full control over the text stlye/size/etc that you can overlay on each slide?

3. Can you make the video slider go horizontally rather than vertically?

Hi, can you give me access to your website? I’ll look at the issue. It shouldn’t cause such bug. Send details to support@edarco.net


I’ve checked, there was a css style conflict with your other plugin. I fixed that, so it’s working fine now!

Regards edarco

Thanks so much!

Is it compatible with WP 4.2.2? Does it support Greek alphabet?


Yes – it is fully compatible with WP 4.2.2 and supports any unicode character – checked also Greek alphabet.



Both the theme and the plugin use the same script for image resizing.

The plugin has a check to see if that script already exists to avoid this error if other plugins use it.

But the theme does not do that check and since the WordPress calls the plugin first then no check can be done in the plugin to avoid it.

I can reccomend you a solution to simply remove it from the plugin, it’s in freshslider/aq_resizer.php file. At line 195 you’ll see
if(!function_exists('aq_resize')) {
Just change it to
if(!function_exists('aq_resize') && 1 == 2 ) {

Or you can send over your WP admin info to support@edarco.net and I’ll sort that out for you.

Regards Edarco

HTML5 Background video not working.

I inserted all video types.

Please help me.

I can’t seem to embed my own videos hosted on my own server?

Hi, please give me access to your site to check, or send the videos urls to support@edarco.net

Hello I’ve got a problem when insert the link for videos, from youtube. Dialog boxe says video could not be found. Actually the video is on youtube so I don’t understand what’s wrong. The say thing happen when I want to put a link for button. The links never works… Could you please help me !

Hi, Please let me see the video urls. You can send them to support@edarco.net

I have the same problem with videos it always says the YouTube video can’t be found. I even went through and converted my video to a mp4 format. The Video feature was the whole reason I purchased this plugin and I’m pretty bummed.

Hi. Thanks. Will check the issue. Can you send details to support@edarco.net ? Particularly – please mention the URL you try to add and the place – as layer of slide background? Regards

I’m having the same issue with YouTube videos as the users below. It keeps saying “video can’t be found”. The video feature was the reason I got this, please help me solve this issue.

Hi, please gime me the url address you use (Youtube address). You can send details to support@edarco.net . Besides, it will be more effective if you give me access also to your admin panel – to see the issue at your side.

Regards Edarco

Hi, I Sent the details to the email you provided. Thanks!

Hi, thanks. Already checked. I released an update – as soon as CodeCanyon accepts it – you will get a notice.



Would it be possible (easy for CSS beginner :) ) to change the style of the slider to look like this: http://medusa.ee/example_fresh.png


I try to use the FreshSlider shortcode with the Rise theme, but the Parallax pictures are not working after I entered the Slider shortcode. Parallax that are above the slider are fine. http://dev.medusa.ee/atiim/ Any ideas on how to fix it?

If I deactivate the CSS Transitions then it works :) So for me this problem is solved, but will need a little support with the custom slider styling…

:) Very good backend! Last question. I have it almost as I want it to be, slide and text side by side, but I would like the thumbnails to be on top of the text also, not only slider width. Can You point me to the right direction?

Support would be really cool ;)

Support would be really cool ;)

Hi, Sorry for late answer.

Unfortunately, the current version of the plugin does not support this functionality (thumbnails to be on top of the text also), but I will bear this in mind in the coming updates.


I can’t find any documentation on how to use the slider. I am having a hard time understanding how to get the slider to autoplay as well as how the intervals work.


Actually I have figured it out and the only problem is the black border around the youtube video.

Sorry actually the slider doesn’t seem to be starting on it’s own as well. God I am so close to getting this done.

Hi, sorry for late answer.

Actually I’m updating now the online documentation for the slider. As soon as it is ready – I will write to you. In order to enable the autoplay function:

Create Slider > Slider Options > Auto Change Options > check Auto Change checkbox.

There you’ll find:

Change Interval number – interval between slides changes (in miliseconds) Infinite Auto Change checkbox – infinite loop of auto change (don’t stop auto change at the last slide). Pause On Over checkbobx – pause auto change timeout when you hover over slider Stop On Click checkbox – disable auto change once you click on the slider

Regards Edarco

Hi. I’ve purchased Freshslider. I’ve my my slide that I want to insert but when I try to add the slider it never appears.

Hi, please give me access to your site – I’ll check the issue. support@edarco.net


I think the slider is set to begin when the browser tab is activated. It doesn’t start to play if the tab is already active when the page loads. I have to switch to another tab and re-open the slider tab. Can u fix asap.


I am interested in purchasing your plugin but I wanted to know one thing before I do.

Does the animation allows for something like this site: http://www.renklibeyaz.com/thisway/

I wanted the image in the background to be able to move a bit similar to the site above. Your plugin seems to be similar to the gallery on that site which is why I’m interested in purchasing your plugin.

I await for your reply back. Thanks.

Can you kindly reply to my question above? I need an answer so I can either purchase your plugin or move onto another. Thanks.

Is it possible to replicate the slider you see here (http:// www. pricesanond. com/ the custom categories slider in the left bottom, not the main image slider) using this plugin?

It shows the latest post from each category of the site …

Thanks in advance.


We’ve had this running for a while now and it’s suddenly throwing the following error when trying to activate it:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/freshslider/freshslider-form.php on line 1761

I’ve downloaded the plugin again and it’s still showing the same error, but initially it had been working.

The server is running PHP 5.6.17 on an AWS Linux server and WordPress 4.4.2-en_GB

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. No other plugins are conflicting so I’m not sure what it is!

Kind regards, Ash

Hi, please give me access to your dashboard, I will try to find and fix the issue. You can send details to support@edarco.net

Regards Edarco

Hi, I edited the plugin’s file. Now it works. I will issue an update very soon.

Regards Edarco

Same problem here:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/html/.../wp-content/plugins/freshslider/freshslider-form.php on line 1761

I can not activate it.

I changed line 225 from: <? to <?php in the file and now I can activate it.

Now I am going to test it.

Yes, now it works fine. A pint of lager for me please! :-)

Hi, thanks, I’m glad that you managed. Anyway, I will issue an update.


Hi edarco i have a pre sale question, I am creating 360 virtual tours and i want to place your slider in a certain area in my header, would it possible to that with your plugin? my site is http://scorpiondesigns.com.au and i would like to know if your slider will fit under the main menu in the header? Very nice plugin you have there, I love it.

You know what edarco? don’t bother answering my question because i am getting another plugin else where and better SUPPORT because it looks like you only give support every 2 months, I am not prepared to wait that long, now i see why you have only sold 28 plugins in a 15 month period, and you have lost me as a buyer bye bye.