freshD - 3D Parallax jQuery Plugin with Editor

freshD - 3D Parallax jQuery Plugin with Editor

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Update V1.2

  • Refresh/Reload Site Bug in Webkit Browsers removed

Update V1.1

  • Animation starts aligned to center after first loading
  • If Parallax World is not in Window Viewport (scrolled out of sight), it stops moving to save more CPU time for all other items on the page

What is it?

freshD – The jQuery 3D Parallax Plugin magically animates your objects in a dynamic created 3D world. For those of you who don’t know what Parallax is, the best way to describe it is the way objects in the background tend to move less than objects closer to the viewer, the most front objects also transform themselves to the viewer’s point of view. Here’s a wiki link for something more indepth.

But it cannot really be described, so please check out the examples and move your mouse to all directions to experience the freshD feeling!

What makes this item so special?

Well, since it needs quite some configuration for putting the elements on the screen so that they move in smooth 3D motion we added a WYSIWYG configuration system. Open it in a browser, customize your freshD Parallax world and paste the resulting HTML in your Site.

Also this is not one of the typical Parallax plugins. It does not only move sideways it got real depth. Move the mouse in all directions to see the items move, zoom and transform (skew).

   Video Tutorial

Does it work in all browsers?

It does work in all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Safari, IE9) in the superawesome version! The mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Androids can use the automatic start version. Only in IE8 you got a minor fallback since no skewing is possible (but that does hardly stop the freshD magic).

Is it hard to implement?

No! When using the configuration system it is very comfortable and results in copying some files/text to your server. The plugin itself is as easy to install as every jQuery plugin you know.

What are the Features?

  • Unlimited amount of 3D objects
  • Link every object to an URL via <a href=”..”>
  • jQuery Conflict free plugin
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Easy installation in your Website
  • Flash style motion
  • Any Image Size
  • Special Easing
  • Example Pages included
  • CrossBrowser compatible
  • Mobile Version onboard

Thank you for your time!!

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