Discussion on Fresh Tooltips

Discussion on Fresh Tooltips

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Wow. I’m glad I read the comments before buying. The description is horribly inaccurate.

I think the designer is unaware that pure CSS tooltips are FUNCTIONAL. It’s possible to have CSS-only FUNCTIONALITY. Providing the markup for the visual elements is absolutely not sufficient. This is something that only looks like a tooltip but doesn’t work.

How would you like a CSS tab control that didn’t actually work? Or a CSS drop down menu that didn’t actually work?

Give me a break. Change the description or take this crap off CodeCanyon.

Bad!!! Mislead – Envato Need to think about this !

My First bad impression on Envato@#$%

People are in a rush very often. I am not necessarily going to check whether I am in the CSS or JS section. A tooltip solution is a JS and CSS solution. Just supplying the CSS is not a solution. If I was alone in thinking this I might not post my thoughts but a LOT of people seem to be saying this. You need to make it a lot clearer. You don’t make it clear.

My issue with Envato billing is similar. It’s not a good way to sell things. I’ve got $2 in an Envato account that I shall never use. It’s not the money, it’s the fact that that I am annoyed. Very annoyed.

Graphically nice tooltip but very very awful description. This item was not fit for use – people are looking for a JS tooltip solution and not just the CSS .

YES it does say that in the writing but the description of this solution is bleak and misleading. I got in touch with Envato for a refund (no joy) – $3 isn’t a big deal – it’s just the feeling of being misled that I do not appreciate. That coupled with the fact that you have to place a minimum of $5 in an Envato account before you buy something leads me to feel very snubbed by both author and company.

I’ll not be buying anything again from Envato or FreshFace and given the opportunity I’ll be posting similar reviews where I see fit.

Very annoyed and let down.

Graphically nice tooltip but very very awful description. This item was not fit for use – people are looking for a JS tooltip solution and not just the CSS .

Then what are you doing in CSS category? :) Switch yourself to JS category, there is a navigation on top of this site you know.

 YES it does say that in the writing but the description of this solution is bleak and misleading. I got in touch with Envato for a refund (no joy) – $3 isn’t a big deal – it’s just the feeling of being misled that I do not appreciate.

They won’t refund you because it works as advertised, simple as that. Your assumption led you to this situation, next time you will be more careful and read the description, watch the video, see the list of included files, check if you are in correct section and read comments and reviews. By not doing these steps you are basically saying that $3 is nothing to you and me not being polite means $3 is nothing to me as well.

That coupled with the fact that you have to place a minimum of $5 in an Envato account before you buy something leads me to feel very snubbed by both author and company.

Yes, $5 minimum. You could also pay with a card/paypal without having to deposit anything to your account if you wish, but there is a flat fee of approx $3 per payment (which takes paypal or credit card company from Envato later)

Thanks and cheers! :)


Read before you buy please, it’s not my fault.

You should just create a complete solution for people. Have you thought about that? Instead of telling people it’s not a complete solution, make it one. Charge more. We’d all be appreciative.

You are right, but too bad other comments and ratings are not as nice and rightful as yours, you know. Thanks for understanding.

Hey Freshface,

You shouldn’t have to defend yourself, you can’t be held responsible for people’s lack of ability or desire (or both) to READ .

I read it, but that’s because I learned to read before I even started school, i know, a rare thing these days.

Either way, stop defending yourself against idiots.

However, you have really nicne stuff, and from a design perspective very relevant and usable…

it would benefit you IMMENSELY if you made things like this working.

I’m just sayin’.

Hi there!

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate you stood out of the crowd to tell me.

Sorry, this file stays as it is for the time being. I have no plans to add any new features at the moment as we are swamped with other work.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Anyway to display these on image maps? So when a user hovers these display?

Hi there!

If you are building your own map app, then you will need to write your own javascript for the tooltips as well. There are plenty of tutorials on google if you are looking for a help with this but the chance you will find a code you can just copy and paste isn’t very high in your particular case.

Thanks and cheers! :)


It’s stated on item description that this item is CSS only and doesn’t contain any JS scripts, quote:

This item is CSS only in CSS category. JS script is not included, but you can very easily google some free script with tutorial.

and that the files included are as follows:


Lastly, one would think that after 100+ purchases you understand that you actually need to look at what category the item is in. It’s the same issue when users buy HTML template thinking it’s WordPress theme and then start yelling at you for no reason. Again people, read categories, thank you :)

P.S: One more thing, do you really think I will write “non-functional” under any of my products? Are you serious?

Bought. Unhappy.

Should be labeled “Non-functional tooltips in CSS ”.

Your description of them is vague at best. Including tooltip in the title leads one to assume it’s a functioning tooltip.

I shouldn’t have to read an entire all the comments on code snippets to get an understanding of what they are. You could simply state what it is in the items description.

You should realize many are getting to your item by doing a search on codecanyon, which puts your “tooltips” with actual functioning tooltips.

It’s like calling an item a CSS no image button, and then providing the css with no button code or functionality. It’s the raw CSS , but not a button. Just like your code is the raw CSS to create a tooltip, but it is, in no other way considered a tooltip.

Hi Freshface,

I too was getting ready to buy this and I’m glad I read the comments.

Price is not an objection to me as I have bought many items here. I come to CodeCanyon for solutions.

Your design is very nice.

I work in both development and sales and I can say you’re missing the boat on the sales side. You’re text is indeed very misleading and your replies are only pissing off your purchasers even more. Help them rather than defending your position. Haven’t you ever heard the “customer is always right”?

If you follow these two recommendations, you’ll stop pissing people off and you’ll most likely increase your sales…

1 – As others have indicated, state that it is the “CSS styling for an awesome designer tooltip and is non functional without a javascript”.

2 – Either provide a link to the free javascript code that you mentioned or include the javascript in your zip file. (obviously, if you include the js, you can ignore #1… which is what I would recommend)

Seriously, if you follow these two tips, your sales will increase. I would be a buyer. I don’t have time to go chase down examples as most people on here don’t either. I hope my message is taken as trying to help you and not as criticism. Seriously, your design is a great design! One of the best on here… but incomplete without a working example. Your other items you’ve done are excellent too!

Good luck!

Hi there!

Thanks for your input, I appreciate your time.

I do agree on all your points but he are the humble facts:

1) I am just a designer and these CSS items were just my little 3 days project – I do not know Javascript. That’s why I can’t follow your requests.

2) I do not have any other projects where I could benefit from learning JS – I have tons of other projects which keeps me busy and keeps me learning (a different) new stuff

3) I do not have the time nor energy to look for a partner who could implement such functionality – it would not be worth the time spent for my partner.

4) Again, it’s CSS item in CSS category. I replied to your requests by saying that such enhancement won’t happen.

5) Since I followed all the rules around here exactly, replied to all your messages, then I think there is absolutely no reason to bash me, or my item or giving it 4 stars. This is a 5 star product as is – top notch design, top notch CSS – so what else do you rate? Please do not confuse your sadness with item features and quality.

6) If you think giving this product 4 stars just because you miss some functionality that is clearly noted on the item page and comments, then you are out of your mind and please do not buy it.

7) Yes, customer is always right – in the “real business”. But I do not look at my CSS items as something “for sale”. These CSS items were just a fun project for me with no intention to earn money from it. Yes, it earns a little money, but that’s just to cover those 3 days I spent on it. These CSS items (all four combined) represents 0,5% of my income. So your point about increasing their sales is a little laughable. There is no “real business” here. I hope you understand my point of view. That’s why I don’t bend over backwards just to give you such update. If it was easy for me, you would have such update in a heartbeat, but unfortunately it is not easy for me.

To sum it up, the final decision if the update will come or not is made by me, not you guys. I have been completely transparent with everything – there is absolutely no intention from me to hide something from you.

@all Please do not ask again about this, buy if you like, do not buy if you don’t – as simple as that. I am really sorry, but the update is not coming because I do not have enough skills or time to learn them. I hope you can understand that. Don’t be sad please.

One more thing, if you think that I am pissing people off just by declining their feature request, then I will just delete this item because I don’t want to piss people off.

Lastly, would you care to point out what exactly is misleading in my text? I don’t think there is anything misleading in my text. In fact, I think that everyone who does not understand it and still thinks that this item includes any scripting must be a little “special” if you know what I mean.

yeah i was going to buy this item and i’m glad i read the comments. very lame to just be an image/css and call it a tooltip.

should rename it to handicapped tooltip.

Next time just read the name of this category or item descriptions ;)

I sell HTML /CSS3 tooltip for just a $3

you can buy Photoshop-only tooltip here for $4:

and it’s of course without – - – wait for it – - – JQuery… the author don’t even mention it there – how rude, right?

Anyway, one thing is to politely request this feature to be available as an extra bonus, the other is bashing me all over again because of something that’s obviously not my fault…

and I really don’t know who’s fault is that you expect JQuery in the CSS category…

The only thing that’s handicapped here are your eyes :nerdy: cheers.

Is there a class for this item like if I mouse over text the tool tip appears? Or maybe text?

Hi mate!

Thanks for your interest in my product. But no, there is only html+css. But you should be able to do some :hover action via css on your links too, would require only a very little modification. Cheers! :)

Naaah… Your description is definitely not enough.

Your description – “P.S: This item is CSS only in CSS category. JS script is not included, but you can very easily google some free script with tutorial.”

What your description should be – “\\ Fresh Tooltips is a CSS style only, and is not an actual working tooltip. There are no mouseover events tied to these tooltips. There are many resources to tie the beautiful Fresh Tootips style to a mouseover event using css or js.

Your CSS coding prowess is not in question, the tooltips are beautiful. Your description/disclaimer is vague, at best, and needs to be changed and more prominent on the page.

I’m not hatin’, I just would assume you don’t want to piss people off, right?

You basically rephrased what I’ve already wrote there. I am pretty sure that if you would actually read the item description before your purchase, you would understand it and won’t buy it if you need it scripted. Or if you’ve read it, what part of “JS script is not included” you didn’t understand? There is the JavaScript category for scripted items – you are now in CSS category. I would love to send you the script for free even after your mis-purchase, but unfortunately I just don’t have one, sorry :(

To help you guys, I’ve just wrapped in it < strong > so it’s more visible. There are only a few lines of text in item description, so it’s not like it’s at the bottom of a page or something like that.

Jeeez, I got duped into thinking that this was an actual Tooltip. Kind of misleading, still. I appreciate the style and design, I’m another person pissed into thinking that it was an actual CSS -based tooltip. The definition of “Tooltip” actually relates to a mouseover event… not just the actual object and it’s styling. Dude, just change your description and please warn people that this is not actually a tooltip, but ONLY A TOOLTIP STYLE . It’s only $3, but I don’t know many people that just throw $3 out the window without caring at all…

Sorry, but it’s already written in item descriptions for weeks now – check for yourself.

So many people bought this here as a functional tooltip, so you shouldn’t ask people for excess payment, at least you should direct us to an example js we can apply this.

For the ones who’re going to by: Please understand this is not a FUNCTIONAL TOOLTIP , just a CSS design for it.

Hi there!

Please read the short item description before purchase, it clearly says:

This item is CSS only in CSS category. JS script is not included, but you can very easily google some free script with tutorial.

Not to mentioned it’s been discussed over and over in comments here…

You guys gave me the 4 star rating even when there is nothing wrong with the item, it’s a high quality build that took many hours to create and perfect in both design and coding.

And you can buy the whole set for only $3 (hamburger price). If it would include scripting, it would be much more money, plus I can’t include scripts into CSS category according to the Site Manager like I’ve said before.

I also can’t suggest you a tutorial since it comes down to a personal preference, each script is unique in some way. Google is your friend in this case, there are tons of easy tutorials for this.

Thanks for understanding and cheers! :)

Would you be able to create the script for me using your design for an additional payment?

Would be a great help!

Sure, just shoot me an email with your request and how much you are willing to pay for it. I don’t freelance, I just want to help you so say your price and I will just do it without questions. Thanks and cheers Mash! :) fresh


I am not complaining to you. I am just letting you know my opinion.

Also, a car is not generally expected to fly. So I do not see that as a valid example. However, a car is generally expected to normally run on the road.

So when one buys a car from a show room, and gets upset that it does not run but rather is just a shell with no engine in it. It is quite natural for that buyer to be upset.

If I were in your position, I would have probably change the description of the item to say that is does NOT include the script and that is just a design CSS .

But I appreciate your feedback and your suggestion to complain to the proper channels.

Thanks, Mash

Also, a car is not generally expected to fly.

...just like an item in CSS category for $3 ;) atleast imo, newcomers can get confused I understand, but you are not newcomer. I will edit the item description now, thanks for the tip. If you ever decide to email Jeffrey (sm), please let me know how did that went. You can say I am willing to include a script I he will say that I can do that.

Best regards, fresh


Thank you for your feedback.

The question is not about price. I was not looking for nor did I buy your item because it was the cheapest. I have purchased many items on the Envato network and do not always looks for the cheapest. I look for solutions. Your item seems to provide a tooltip solution.

Your item did NOT mention anywhere that it is design ONLY and NO script is included.

I have been mislead.

Thanks, Mash

Hi Mash!

It’s like asking a car dealer to provide an information that his car from car category really doesn’t fly. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Your mislead is not my fault. I have done exactly what codecanyon rules required me to do. Feel free to shoot an email to saying you are not happy, I am sure they will try to be some help. In this place in time, I can’t do anything to help you, I am really sorry :( You need to put your complaint into proper channels (envato).

Had the same problem as BabyFlash. I purchased this item thinking it would be a fully functional Tooltip. But it is just a CSS tooltip “image” that sits on your web page and not in a mouse over etc.

I read through these comments and realize that this is a just a CSS category but I think that bull butter! When users are looking for a tool tip and come upon this item via search, I am not sure any one will look to see if this is a CSS only category and hence make the assumption that this would just be a static tooltip “image” like thingy sitting on the page.

I have been mislead.


I understand your frustration but I’ve been officially told by the Site Manager that we authors and not supposed to include any scripts into css category items. Second reason is quite low price here in css category.

There are plenty of free tooltip scripts on the web with easy integration. If my item would have script, I would offer a very very similar solution the the ones you can find for free on google. What you won’t find on google for free is this nice design. My tooltip is just a single div, that’s all. So the integration to a free googled script should be as easy as if I would offer my own solution (which would of course bump up the price too).


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