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I installed it and discovered some tracking code that was inserted into EVERY page… <!- WiredMinds eMetrics tracking with Enterprise Edition V5.4 START -> What’s with that? Are you tracking my site without my permission? I need an explanation. Thanks. D

Hi. For the record, I may have jumped the gun. It’s my own ISP – Deluxe for Business that injects the code on load! It was just a coincidence that I discovered it when I installed your (great) product. My apologies. D

Hi dplenter,

no prob! Happy that you like the item!

Regards, tb

Hi! Is it possible to change the clouds and the background? Then another question: can I make the dark bar (with the content in it) a little bit larger in height?

Let me know!!

Greetz from Amsterdam ;)


Hoi idtvamsterdam!

Since this is plain html pimped with css and js it can be changed but you will need to have certain skills (depending on the things you try to change) to do so.

I could send you a test version if you want to check first. Please use http://www.themeforest.net/user/thunderbuddies#from to mail us.

Doei, tb

Thnx TB!

I purchased the page. I love it. And it works with my questions above. It looks great. Only thing is the countdown. I wanna set it on new years eve (1-1-2013) but it don’t changes! It’s keep saying: -39 days, -13 hours, -34 minutes, -... seconds. I change the date in query.freshline.Timer.js

what am I doing wrong??

already worked! thnx!!

Hi again,

sorry was not online earlier!

Happy to read you found the solution yourself!

Regards, tb

Is it possible to setup this countdown to work in the opposite direction?

We want to use it to display the number of days without a safety incident, so we would start at a certain date and work forwards, e.g. clock starts at 01/01/2010 and counts how many years/months/days/minutes have passed since that date.


Hello, is there anybody out there can answer my question ?

Thank you,


Just bought this…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi MaxThemes,

if you unzip it you will find a documentation along with an example page. You could change it to your needs and upload it to your server.

If you face problems configuring please contact our support over at http://freshline.ticksy.com

Regards, tb

Just read the documentation… It’s up!

I need answers now.

:) Please read the answer to your other comment.

Thank you for the quick reply.


I just purchased and installed your theme on my website. Everything seems to be working great except the About link and the description which is all jumbled up.

Can you kindly take a look at http://www.thebudgetmart.com and see what may have gone wrong?



looks like some clear fails before the details. Please go throught carefully the examples and your version to see where it breaks.

Some div clear or some other markup filas which breaks your version.

Thanks a lot,


One of the best countdown/under constructions script going, hats off to you thunderbuddies ;-)

My only gripe with it however is although it runs seemlessly in all browsers tested here (IE, FF. Safari etc) the script shows in Google Chrome but the countdown remains static and seconds dont move until you refresh the page, after a refresh the seconds change but remain static again and refuse to countdown automatically.

Is there a fix for this or just a bug in this browser ? Apart from this, AWESOME BUY ;-)

Can you please update this plugin? It is a really nice plugin but it is not working as expected. Thank you!

I have a question, I downloaded it, so far so good, how do i make sure it is set for Central Standard Time Zone (USA)?

Hey, I just purchased this amazing page, but I noticed that there is something wrong with the countdown. It seems it stops counting down when the clouds get initiated. It also only appears to not be working only on Google chrome. Any suggestions would be helpful as to get this working,


it seems it works if I use the jQuery version of 1.7.2 instead of the one included in the files here which was 1.6.2 , hope that helps someone else.

HELLO??? I sent you an email about the email form on your Coming Soon script not working for me? I was wondering if you received it and if you could help me find the issue? thank you

where i can see explain? thank you

Hello, nice theme ! Does it include full page just like in demo (with content) or just countdown screen.

Can you sell me your full site ?

Yes, Send us an email. Thanks


The live-demo of this countdown timer no longer shows the countdown but a full website..

Confusing. Perhaps its a mistake?