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Nice job (again)! :-)

Haha, thanks! :)

excellent work super kid!

That is some CSS awesomeness here

Cool! I am so tempted to create one such item!

FYI I have loaded your files on to my server (as they were downloaded) and tested it using Adobe BrowserLab (cross-browser tester) and found that it does not work/render in IE 7 or 8.

Those who visit theme forest and your demos are not your average user. You need to compromise and realize that “real” companies use IE in the office space. I bet that has very little traffic from IE users, but that does not mean that IE is not real. Don’t forget, I purchased your code and just said that it does not render in IE. It’s well worth the price, I would go as far to say it’s a good deal, but you should state in the details that it’s not for IE users.

If you click on “Images” on item page, there are screenshots from different browsers.

Regarding me using the “real browser” phrase, it was a little overrated, I know. I completely understand business segment and others are much more visited from IEs. But for instance webdesign related segments and many others not—and that was my point. I think every one of us should decide whether or not to use CSS3 on their own.

Just purchased the “FreshFace Trilogy” (Fresh Borders, Fresh Forms, Fresh Tooltips)

Excellent work at a bargain price.


BTW , You know you’ve got something mighty fine when DDStudios likes it :)

Wow! Thanks a bunch for your support, I am glad you find them all excellent :)

To be honest, it’s not/won’t be a trilogy… The another FRESH BUTTONS collection should be approved today :P So it will be more like quadrilogy. Stay tuned!

P.S. Let me know if you would like me to design another collections and which.

just to clarify: could you please include a comparizon screenshot to show the differences between those buttons being rendered on FF/Chrome and IE 6 /7 please?

Looks good man…how are the buttons coming along?

Thanks mate!

It’s all part of one fresh collection so I think it will fit nicely.

I agree with TaoKing, it would be nice if it was explicitly stated that the included CSS3 doesn’t produce the desired ‘transparent’ effect within IE. I was sad to find this to be true and had to use another method. I’ll use the ‘white’ version for this project and save the ‘transparent’ version for another project. Thanks anyway for a nice-looking form field in most browsers.


I agree too, but it’s already explicitly “said” in this screenshot:

If you click IMAGES above, you can see screenshots from every major browser. I think it’s the ideal solution, because describing everything with words would be just pain. Image can make up for thousand words.

I was wondering if this would work in the new IE9 .

Hello, I need to get some info before buying the script.

I would like to show a form field as well as all buttons that are on the search part of my site (on top of the page)

look like the search that is on top of this page

do you think your script can help do that… ? could you help me achieve that result ?

thanks a lot.

Hi there!

This isn’t script, it’s html/css only. All scripting has to be done by you. Regarding your question, you need to position your divs with position:absolute and relative. Google some tutorials on this, should be easy. If you will have any troubles along the way, just contact me. Cheers! :)